The Numbers, Unlike Keith Ellison, Don’t Lie

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

There have been a spate of shootings in Minneapolis. Liberals reflexively trot out the same tired solutions: close the gun show loophole and tax ammunition to make it more expensive and therefore harder to obtain. No guns, no bullets, no shootings. Simple, right?

It occurs to me there’s a real-world way to obtain empirical data to test these theories. I’m all about the SCIENCE. Show me the numbers.

Dictator-for-Life Walz issued Executive Order 20-4 closing public accommodations during the pandemic. His order had the effect of cancelling all gun shows as nobody could rent a hall to hold a public gathering. No gun shows are scheduled until the end of June 2021. Okay – loophole closed 15 months. Any measurable effect on criminals’ ability to acquire firearms to commit shootings? Are there fewer guns on the streets? Fewer people being shot, car-jacked, robbed at gunpoint? What are the numbers?

Ammunition shelves have been bare since before the election. 9mm pistol ammunition which cost $0.20 per round last June peaked at $0.70 and is holding around $0.50 now, but only on the web. There is none on the shelf. If price and scarcity affected criminal shooting patterns, we should be seeing it. Are we? Criminals conserving ammo? Firing fewer shots? Switching to knives or bats because bullets aren’t available? What are the numbers?

Or do the numbers show that criminals can get guns and ammunition pretty much at will, meaning those same tired solutions don’t work in the real world any more than Prohibition or the War on Drugs worked in the real world? It’s important to know the numbers, because if we have empirical evidence showing those same tired solutions don’t work, shouldn’t Liberals stop nattering on about them? Aren’t Liberals interested in SCIENCE? Don’t they care about proof?

Joe Doakes

Why, it’s almost like Twin Cities gangs are actually as immune to the free market as the Minneapolis City Council thinks it is.

3 thoughts on “The Numbers, Unlike Keith Ellison, Don’t Lie

  1. This is a great post!
    The logic is impeccable, the reasoning sublime. The language used is complex, yet so simple and direct a child can understand it.
    I salute you, Mr. Doakes! A Pulitzer may well be in your future!

  2. Clearly, the gangsters have converted their drug packaging sites and meth labs into reloading workshops and are toiling night and day. I believe this is what the MBA’s call a “vertically integrated” industry.

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