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  1. I’m not even going to mouse over the link so I can start completely cold, and call a few shots.

    Words included: Desantis, Republicans, Trump.
    Not included: Biden, Harris, Democrap.

  2. Wait, I know, ALL the violence is because President Trump called it the Wuhan virus. Which is just a conspiracy theory. Until it wasn’t.

    As an addendum to that, slightly more off topic, I wonder what OTHER things the left and the mediots (birm) are calling conspiracy theories (cough voter fraud cough) which aren’t?

  3. Okay, having read it, two things:

    They kind of leave out the fact that the states with the most hate crimes against jews are run by dhimmis.

    The race of the attackers also, which does anyone here but the trolls think if it was white that it would have been left out?

  4. Darned shame that nobody got some pictures of the perps to splash all over the papers….and their names, so employers could consider whether they really wanted to keep these punks employed there.

  5. On one hand you have MBerg trying to focus attention on leftist antisemitism.

    On the other hand you have Marjorie Taylor Greene.

    “Vaccinated employees get a vaccination logo just like the Nazi’s forced Jewish people to wear a gold star.” ~ MTG

  6. Emery.
    We know how much you want to let the government run your life and as such, you want to prove yourself a loyal member of the communist party, but she is correct. Idiots that think a vaccine passport is a good idea, are the same type of people that wanted Jews to wear a yellow Star of David.

  7. How does MTG’s rhetoric – good, bad or indifferent – affect the facts presented here about leftist antisemitism in any way?

    Do elaborate.

    And by “do”, there’s an implied “In your next comment” in there.

  8. I’d like to know why MTG’s statement about vaccinated employees is considered anti-Semitic.

  9. In Florida, eh?
    You know who lives in Florida?
    Connect the dots.

  10. Greene evoked the Holocaust to critique a local grocery store’s policies.

    “The instrumentalization of the tragedy of Jews who suffered, were humiliated, marked with a yellow star, isolated in ghettos & murdered during the Holocaust, in a debate on different systems that aim at protecting public health is a sad symptom of moral and intellectual decline.” ~ Auschwitz Museum

    Imagine beeing so shitty that the Auschwitz Museum feels the need to intervene.

  11. The people who compared GW Bush to Hitler and compared Trump to Hitler, are having a kitten because someone compared marking people with masks to marking people with a star of david?
    Cry me an f’n river.
    The party of Hamas is not worth listening to.

  12. The party of Hamas is not worth listening to. It would be worthwhile, however, to keep one’s head on a swivel when in the vicinity of its “activists”.

  13. Greene evoked the Holocaust to critique a local grocery store’s policies.



    It affects the actual story here – about PA symps attacking Jews in Florida – precisely how?

    Whether you agree or not – I don’t – the two stories are utterly unconnected.

    I get the impression you don’t realize this.

  14. Good followup, MO. The comment from the oh-so esteemed Auschwitz Museum doesn’t explain why MTG’s comment is anti-Semitic either.

    The gravitas of the Holocaust as a historical event exists regardless of its use as an analogy. The left is only annoyed (shocked, aghast, mortified) that one of well-worn tools, as pointed out by MO, the Nazi accusation, was used by someone not of the left. Eff ’em.

  15. Mitch, the little weasel was just changing the subject away from Islamic Hamas/al Fatah supporters (who themselves are support by Democrats) who are beating up Jews.

  16. Another item in that poorly written story is it creates the impression that Israel started the conflict with this statement..”Over a span of 11 days — the cease-fire began Friday — Israel targeted militants across Gaza with airstrikes, while Palestine fired thousands of rockets at Israel.”

  17. I get the impression you don’t realize this.

    Oh, of course it does. Threadjackers gotta threadjack.

    Put another way,

    Greene Emery Incognito evoked the Holocaust MTG to critique threadjack a local grocery store’s policies blog’s comment section.<

  18. Mitch, this is just getting sad.

    It was a threadjack: delete it, and ban him for the next transgression.

    Instead you reply to him which is what he wants, and you are playing defense.

    Ban hammer time.

  19. We need better tools to deal with the rise of this kind of publicity-courting shamelessness. I’m just not sure what they are yet. A sense of decency would be a good start. Too bad that’s in short supply in some corners.

  20. Emery Incognito said:
    “A sense of decency would be a good start. Too bad that’s in short supply in some corners.”

    Would one of those corners be at East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis?

  21. I, personally, think MTG comment was right on the money, and myself have expressed exact same opinion on a number of occasions. Go ahead, call me an antisemite… I dare you.

    Just look at the headlines, the big talking point lie is now that GOP is a party of antisemites and there is no, I repeat NO, antisemitism among the Dems in Congress. None. Not kidding.

  22. Using the holocaust in this way is insulting and abusive. Comparing the systems used to protect people during a pandemic to cold blooded mass murder by the Nazi machine is a gross attempt to manipulate others to an otherwise unsupported mindset. It is that, ignorance of history or sociopathy. Yet, depressingly, it’s where the US is at the moment. We live in very dangerous times.

  23. A thread jack to pull attention away from a real and obvious danger to American Jews.
    In defense of a party that wants to separate Americans into small groups to play one against another.
    And calling others sociopaths.

  24. There is very little empirical evidence supporting the use of cloth face coverings to mitigate the spread of covid. This is why you are told to obey, if it was clear that cloth face coverings worked, people would use them voluntarily. People, despite what our elites believe, are not stupid.
    If you believe that men can menstruate & become pregnant, and that women can have a penis and testes, you have no opinion on public health worth listening to.

  25. Troy, seeing a, no, yet another confirmation of the Andrew Klavan video, “Shut Up” is frustratingly amusing. Especially when the context is a rewrite of the same BS already addressed not 5, 10 comments above.

    “Shut up is the central rationale behind the leftist program”.

  26. I’m sure the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust feel Marjorie Taylor Greene’s pain. Being forced to wear a mask is so much more horrific than being murdered for who you are.

  27. Again, nazi shaming from the people who compared Mitt Romney to Adolph Hitler. “Intellectually dishonest” does not even begin to describe this attack o Greene.

  28. MO, and the equation between complaining about wearing a mask and killing 6 million Jews has still not been explained.

  29. Let me understand this. Wearing a mask on your face is equivalent to being forced out of your home, placed on a train like cattle and then ripping children from the arms of their parents and sending them to their deaths. Those who survive are haunted by what they’ve experienced and have to build their lives from scratch. Ms Taylor just says outrageous things to be in the news. She just shows her ignorance every time she opens her mouth. She has become the new face and symbol of today’s Republican Party.

  30. I dunno there, little fella, that’s what you’re asserting. Aren’t you going to explain it?

  31. Emery tends to have these obsessive fixations that turn his brain off. Kind of difficult to watch, like an asylum inmate drawing pictures on the wall of the rubber room with his feces.

  32. I mean, I could go on and on about Maxine Waters corruption and her strange belief that Neil Armstrong landed on Mars, but I don’t.

  33. Ahh—the old “accuse them of what they accuse me of” trick, straight out of Dear Leader Trump’s playbook. And, hilariously, also Hitler’s playbook.

    The story is not that Ms Taylor said this, it’s that the GOP will not condemn her anti-semitism.

  34. Geez, I’m not accusing you of anything, I’m asking for an explanation. And now it’s the GOP’s responsibility. Or something.

  35. It occurs to me that if you aren’t actually able to explain these assertions, you might ask the home office for some help.

  36. “Ahh—the old “accuse them of what they accuse me of” trick, straight out of Dear Leader Trump’s playbook. And, hilariously, also Hitler’s playbook.”
    Uhh . . . .because it’s true?
    You really have Trump on the brain, don’t you, Emery? No commenter on SITD comes close to talking about trump as much as you do.
    You need help.

  37. Well, there is something wrong with Emery Incognito’s brain.

    It’s huffing-paint-stupid to say “the story” here is anything other than actual anti-Semites physically attacking Jews.

    To compare something a politician said, or whether a political party comments on said speech, to it is plainly and obviously deranged. Also deranged: thinking overwrought holocaust comparisons are equal to anti-Semitism.

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