New York Bookstores And Suburban Gas Stations

We’re a week past the lifting of the mask mandates. But as Miranda Devine notes in the New York Post, confusion reigns:

This is how confused New Yorkers are about masks. At Barnes & Noble Wednesday, no mask was required to browse the bookshelves, but on the other side of Union Square, the Strand bookstore had mandated masks for all shoppers. Practically everyone inside both stores was wearing a mask, anyway, despite CDC advice that you don’t need one, indoors or outdoors, if you’re vaccinated against COVID-19.

Considering that more than half of Manhattan has been fully vaccinated, something is very wrong with the way we are processing risk. The trust between public health experts and the public is broken and now no one knows what to believe.

Why is that? Devine has a culprit:

We can blame one man above anyone for this parlous state of ­affairs: Saint Anthony Fauci, the coronavirus czar once hailed as the most trusted man in America for his leadership through the pandemic. He has flip-flopped on every piece of advice, never admits doubt and tells lies with ­brazen indifference.

True, Fauci is a dissembler for sure. But the weirdness must be just in places like Manhattan, right? But what are we seeing here in Minnesota? 

Mitch shared a few examples yesterday. Here is what I’ve seen: I get a cup of coffee every morning at a gas station near my home. While I live in Ramsey County, I am not a St. Paul resident and there is no mask mandate for our community. The mask requirement signs are all taken down. But based on what I’ve observed, just about everyone who enters the station, at least in the morning rush, is wearing a mask. I started watching this behavior midweek. In the two days I observed, I saw about 25 people enter the store. Almost all of them were still wearing masks. The only guys who consistently didn’t wear a mask going into the store were the guys delivering milk. And, um, me.

Is there a health benefit to still wearing a mask, especially if you’re vaccinated? Or is it theater? Back to Devine:

It was just on Tuesday that Fauci admitted it was not science but theater that kept him wearing a mask — even double masking — despite being fully vaccinated for ­almost five months.

“I didn’t want to look like I was giving mixed signals,” he told “Good Morning America.” “But being a fully vaccinated person, the chances of my getting infected in an indoor setting is extremely low.”

So it is. But even then, he squirted out more octopus ink:

“I think people are misinterpreting, thinking that this is a removal of a mask mandate for everyone. It’s not,” Fauci told Axios. “It’s an assurance to those who are vaccinated that they can feel safe, be they outdoors or indoors.”

And Devine isn’t having it:

Fauci at this point is being deliberately confusing. He is feeding the mental disorder of vaccinated Karens who cling to their masks. He needs to tell them the truth and stick to it.

I agree. And don’t expect Governor Walz to help straighten things out.




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  1. Well, you’ve got some risk even if you’re vaccinated, but given current infection levels, I’m calculating it’s something like 30,000 contacts per likely infection of a vaccinated person, and it’s debateable whether or not the mask makes much of a difference. Certainly it would be hard to measure, and certainly it appears to drop Ro well below 1.

    I’ve personally enjoyed watching people wear masks in their own car, as if they could infect themselves, and while jogging and such. No, folks, doesn’t do you much good, sorry.

  2. Wait – I thought wearing the masks was not to prevent ME from catching the virus, I thought it was to protect YOU from catching the virus, from me. That’s the basis for the “you have no right to put others at risk” argument for requiring masks for everyone.

    So why’s Faucci talking about vaccinated people feeling safe without wearing a mask? They’re already safe – they’ve been vaccinated – so what’s wearing a mask going to do for them now, that it didn’t do for them before they were vaccinated?

    I’m so confused.

  3. When health bureaucrats burn the public faith and trust in them, any of the other things they do are made worthless.
    That is why Malcolm should ignore what Walz wants her to “link” (even if it gets her fired), why Malcolm should realize Minnesotans is peopled with free Americans (even if it gets her fired), and why Faucci shouldn’t lie (much less flip-flop-lie like a John Kerry) even if it means he no longer gets to be on TV.
    They take the efforts of themselves and everyone under them and throw them in the trash.
    They may still have the respect of “expert worshipper” types, but those people didn’t need the bureaucrats to do their jobs anyway (just put on a good show).

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  5. I was in downtown Gatlinberg, Tennessee last night.
    If you have never been there, it is like a red-state version of Disneyland. Wide sidewalks lined with bars,restaurants, and theaters, maybe two miles long. It was jam packed with people last night, shoulder to shoulder on the sidewalk, restaurants with lines of people waiting to get inside.
    I saw no one wearing a mask. Crowd was almost entirely young to middle aged couples and young families with kids.
    If covid was one tenth the threat Fauci and the lockdowners want us to believe it is, there will be a major outbreak traced to Gatlinberg this week, vaccine or no vaccine.
    I bet that there won’t be.
    It will be even more crowded in Gatlinberg after Memorial Day. All the vacation spots across the country are going to be packed — where the lockdowns and business closures have ended.
    The people have decided. It is a great thing to live in a life-loving, dynamic nation.

  6. ^This is why I suspect the “everybody must get the vaccine right now!” panic exists.

    They want to convince people that only lockdowns and vaccines saved people from death by covid. How simple. No complexity or nuance, and certainly no natural immunity, only gifts from a benevolent government. The “god” to which you must sacrifice your labor and property.

  7. Be grateful that you live in a country where Covid vaccines are not only plentiful but unusually effective. Others aren’t so lucky.

  8. ^ That said—it does seem odd that Trump’s followers are so vaccine hesitant. After all he claims to be the “father of the vaccine”. It appears he’s more interested in selling the vaccine rather than vaccinations.

  9. The post isn’t about vaccines. Nor is it about Trump. Yet another threadjack.

  10. Some of us Trump’s followers are healthy, and never get a flu shot because we never get the flu. This Chinese Communist Wuhan Bat Flu Lung Rot is some kind of limp wristed disease that has no effect of us.

  11. ^^ Is your new prevailing style stupid, crazy, trolling, or all three?

    I would put it at 60% trolling, 20% crazy, 20% stupid.

  12. Just because you’re paranoid, Emery, doesn’t mean that someone isn’t out to get you.

  13. Blacks and Hispanics are Trump supporters, Emery?
    You do realize, don’t you, that the vaccine has not passed final review, it has been approved for emergency use only, and that covid presents a very small risk to healthy people under the age of 80?

  14. So, if I am about 60 years of age, no diabetes, no heart disease, no autoimmune disorder, no high blood pressure or other disorders, what are the chances of my contracting covid-19 and then ending up dead or hospitalized from covid-19?
    This should be an easy number to find.
    It isn’t.
    But I persevered, and it’s about 1/1000, but the numbers are all over the place.
    So might I get a case of covid and pass it along when I am pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic? How likely is this?
    I tried to find out. I really did.
    But it is impossible. No one knows.
    But if asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic transmission of covid was common we WOULD know.
    So get vaccinated, if it makes you feel better. Or not. Whatever,
    Take common sense precautions, isolate the sick, protect at risk populations. Check your temperature, don’t go out or see people if you have a fever.
    That is all you have to do to conquer covid.

  15. Lagging in vaccinations, leading in how well they’ve dealt with the epidemic. You might want to “follow the science” and review the hypotheses Dr. Fauci and others have offered to see if they hold.

    And there’s a ray of hope even from the CDC. Fauci is starting to open up to the notion that the release of this virus to the world has something to do with the virology institute in Wuhan.

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