Cause -> Effect?

A few weeks back: U of M “student government” official (and Tina Smith employee) calls for students to resist the U of M police – in as many words, to “make their lives hell“.

Today – the U is turning into a cold Newark:

University of Minnesota police are warning students, staff and neighbors to be on alert after a rash of sometimes violent robberies and thefts in the Dinkytown and Stadium Village areas of Minneapolis…One of the more violent incidents occurred midafternoon Sunday at SE. University and 14th avenues, where a young man took someone’s phone and fled in a stolen vehicle. As the suspect drove off, he hit his victim with the car, causing minor injuries.

Y’know, for all the flak being heaped on all conservatives for the first-ever act of political violence in American history, January6, you’d think someone might do the same for all the damage “progressive” rhetoric has wrought…


4 thoughts on “Cause -> Effect?

  1. A friend of mine, who is a U of M alum and member of the M Men, told me that this idiot was disciplined, under pressure on the dean from at least three alumni organizations. It would make sense that she was, because the media hasn’t reported it. On the other hand, one would think that they would have jumped all over it, using a “suppression of free speech by the man” meme.

  2. Suspects are getting increasingly violent with officers, then they’ll say “brutality” when the officers respond appropriately. Good grief.

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