So What Is Going On In The ICUs?

The justification for Dictator-for-Life Walz’ continued use of Emergency Powers, and his endless fondling of the dials to raise or lower limits on normal behavior, rests on the notion that if he failed to act, Covid patients would overwhelm the hospital system leaving sufferers to die on gurneys in hallways and parking lots, up to 70,000 of them in Minnesota alone.

This chart from Kevin Roche at Healthy Skeptic illustrates how stupid that lie was and continues to be.  Time to end the lockdowns. 


Joe Doakes 

3 thoughts on “So What Is Going On In The ICUs?

  1. Not just 70,000 dead, but dead by last July. And there was nothing that could be done to reduce that number, said ex football coach Tim Walz.
    And when that proved to be a lie, he doubled down.

  2. Coincidentally, I had to visit the ER at Fairview Southdale hospital on Saturday evening. There were about four nurses sitting in the admitting area. Consequently, I got right into triage and then into a room 10 minutes later. I was joking with the nurses that I hesitated to come in, because the Governor was telling us that the hospitals are at capacity with dying Wuflu patients stacked in the hallways. All three of them laughed, but told me that over the past month, they have had surges, but nothing overwhelming. And, get this; 95% of them actually had either severe colds or the actual flu. My diagnosis was a kidney stone and I was out at about 10:30. Damn! That thing hurt!

  3. Q: How do you know when Governor Walz is lying?
    A: When his lips move.
    The mission creep regarding Covid moved from flattening the curve to pushing the curve to the right to conserve ventilators to getting shots in arms to preventing all Covid deaths.
    If, as Kevin Roche and others have hypothesized, Covid becomes a seasonal illness like influenza, there will never be mask removal or return to schools and work because someone will always be dying of Covid or a variant.
    Simply put, trying to eradicate it is a fool’s errand. Humanity accepts trade offs in many areas. Covid is another one. The effort to cast Covid as the scourge of mankind succeeded so well that billions of people joined the cargo cult. I still see people driving cars while wearing masks. People on walks move off the sidewalk at my approach. High school basketball players run fast breaks wearing masks. Who are they kidding?

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