It’s Good To Be King

In Minneapolis, the Democrat Party tells the peasants who to thank for their bread and circuses:

No, no no no no – this is totally not the act of a party that knows its voter base is a lumpen gray mass of people with no critical thinking skills.

And don’t you dare call the one-party governments of the Twin Cities mechanisms for transferring taxpayer money to the favored political classes:

Springboard for the Arts said its member artists will receive the first $500 payments in the pilot program in April. The payments will support 25 artists in the Frogtown and Rondo neighborhoods for 18 months.

In a release, Mayor Melvin Carter called Springboard for the Arts a “vital partner” and said guaranteed income will “benefit our entire community.”

The $500 payments are deposited directly to individuals and have no strings attached or work requirements. The recipients will be chosen at random, but Springboard for the Arts says 75 percent of the individuals will be “Black, Native and/or people of color…The city of St. Paul used its CARES Act funding, philanthropy and the Mayors for Guaranteed Income national network to come up with the $1.5 million needed to fulfill the pilot.”

So – not wanting your catalytic converter stolen is “privilege”…

…but being an “artist” entitles you to tax money, not paying which will put me in jail.

That boot-like thing you feel on your neck? It’s a boot.

4 thoughts on “It’s Good To Be King

  1. Odd arithmetic. Twenty-five artistes plus not-mentioned-in-the-quote-above 150 “families” times $500… $87500. Cost? $1.5 million. Nice day at the graft mill, if you ask me.

  2. Speaking of math, how does a random drawing select POC way out of proportion to their fraction of the population?

  3. Some of the people that support @JoeBiden, Senators @AmyKlobuchar & @TinaSmithMN, @TheDemocrats and DFL Reps. who passed the American Rescue Plan, not quite satisfied with the stimmies are taking matters into their own hands….literally.

    “Dat was last week. What hab you gibs me today?”

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