As Long As We’re Challenging People

The Strib tweeted this over the weekend:

I mean, I’ve done it before. I used to give up cursing for Lent. It was a fascinating exercise, even though I’ve never been among the more foul-mouthed people I know.

But I’ve got a better idea:

Let’s do a “Detached Journalism Challenge”. Let’s try to not be stenographers for Big Left for a whole month.

I think I got this

How about you, Star/Tribune?

6 thoughts on “As Long As We’re Challenging People

  1. Oh, the reprobates want to tidy up society a bit?

    Well let’s start with getting mentally ill sexual deviants out of the schools. Then we can move on to rounding up the roving packs of black jackals that are preying on elderly people, and each other.

    There’s a lot of polishing to do before we get to snarky commentary.

  2. Agreed, Doctor, but I was struck my the notion that the Strib can’t quite put their finger on what speech to restrict. What exactly is clean speech? Mitch thinks it’s curse words. The tweet headline mentions snark. Snark is unclean? And then the tweet talks about only using kind words. Can one express admiration using swear words? Like, “you’re effing awesome”. Or snark? Eg, “I don’t care what the others say, I think you’re awesome”. Or are these example to be verboten?

  3. I think we all know what speech they want to restrict, jdm, and who they want to restrict from speaking.

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