8 thoughts on “But Whatever You Do…

  1. Suggested at another blog: Just force Georgia to adopt the voting laws of Joe Biden’s Delaware or MLB’s New York, both of which are MORE restrictive than Georgia’s

  2. It’s rich hearing Republicans bemoan “cancel culture” when they tried to cancel the legally certified results of the 2020 election.

  3. Sure, E Idiot. That’s why every leftist did everything they could to prevent recounts and audits. If they had nothing to hide and truly believed their lies that this was the most secure election ever, after these same asshats screamed incessantly for three years about Russian interference, why didn’t they just say; “OK. Let’s be “transparent”, look at the results and make sure.” Of course, we all know that leftist’s idea of transparency, is whatever one can see through a brick wall. All they did is deflect, call people that challenged the results any number of their nom du jour and act all indignant. Thieves and crooks say the same things when they get caught.

  4. Fuck these reprobates and their media.

    The news was full of backlash today…it’s time to start shaming people who wear pro sportsball attire.

  5. Didn’t Citizens United define money as speech?

    Any effort to prevent corporations from expressing their views through unlimited political donations is a violation of free speech ~ Republicans

    People should be allowed to vote ~ Corporations

    Well that’s enough of that ~ Republicans

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