Opportunity Stumbles

Dominic Greene at the Spectator ponders the depressing spectacle of the Biden “presidency” via the lens of last week’s gawdawful “news conference” and what it symbolizes for our democracy:

Joe Biden is the face of the United States. But Joe Biden no longer looks like Joe Biden. And he no longer sounds like Joe Biden — especially in the long and excruciating silences when he forgets what he’s saying or fumbles for his cue cards.

The United States no longer looks like itself either. The sorry theatrical display of Biden’s first press conference is an accurate image of what has happened to American democracy. A carefully limited number of carefully selected journalists asked carefully vetted questions. A carefully chosen president read carefully written answers off his cue cards, and carefully avoided taking any questions from Fox or Newsmax.

The White House is no longer the home of democracy. It’s a reality TV series in a care home. Biden mused about how the country has lost its way, about how it used to be so much better, but he seemed fatalistically feeble, as if it was all too much and all too late, and he has already given up. As if the nation is in its twilight years.

Open note to Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem, Dan Crenshaw, Nikki Haley and everyone else lining up to run against this ongoing case of elder abuse: do lots of press ops involving clearing brush with a chainsaw, or out at the range, or just being joyfully, intensely physically capable. America – real America – doesn’t like seeing itself as feeble, of mind or body.

And that’s the vision we’re being gaslit with today.

16 thoughts on “Opportunity Stumbles

  1. Yes —it seems MBerg and other conservatives have been working hard, but after much effort, you have found a dumber issue than whether a president uses a teleprompter — whether he or she uses notes at a briefing.

    Congratulations to all involved. 👏

  2. Pedo Joe bumbles his way through scripts that his care takers add last minute notes to in the margins. Even so, he forgets what he’s doing.

    2 Jab Tater has taken to copy/pasting his blather over and over again; not sure if it’s dementia or just stupidity. Too bad 2 Jab Tater doesn’t have the crew of care takers Pedo Joe has.

  3. “whether he or she uses notes at a briefing”

    Not even sure if his Pedophile in Chief is male or female.

    Maybe Pedo Joe’s dementia is being spread among the 85 IQ crew in some kind of mass hypnosis, or maybe it’s Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Was a lot easier to diagnose these idiots when their derangements were limited to Dunning Kruger syndrome.

  4. It wasn’t a briefing, it was a press conference, Emery.
    What Biden’s handlers are doing to him, and that includes his wife, is cruel.

  5. The next time you hear identity talk about “grandkids,” remember that he has one grandchild he has never met and whose name he will never mention.
    I need to post this here, cuz you ain’t gonna hear about it from our unbiased media.

  6. MO;
    I say that the idiots that voted for Pedo Joe, are also culpable for the REAL damage that he’s doing to the country. After all, if conservatives can be vilified for voting for Trump, idiots that voted for Joe, deserve the same treatment.

  7. I suspect that People who support Biden realize that his mental decline is significant and is accelerating.
    The problem they don’t see is that the presidency was designed to be a position held by a single person.
    I think that why we are seeing now is presidency by committee. This committee comes to decisions by the usual bourgeois methods — contingency, compromise, and consensus. There is no 4th “c” word, “consistency,” and this will become more apparent as time goes by.

  8. I think the phrase you’re looking for, MO, is “Central Committee.”

    Comrade Biden is the figurehead President but the real power lies in the members of the Central Committee. It’s a proven model, used when figureheads in certain countries are replaced from within but nobody wants to admit it to the outside world until the new power base can be firmly established and dissent quashed.

  9. I think we ought to call that central committee for the Biden-Harris presidency our “Politburo”, no?

    Regarding Emery’s objection, yes, Presidents are expected to take more than ten questions at a news conference, and yes, they are expected to be able to speak extemporaneously on matters of importance. The man is theoretically in meetings for hours each day to discuss important things like this–it’s not permissible for him to need to go to Cliff’s Notes to answer basic questions like this, and it won’t go well to negotiate with the Russians or Chinese with this approach.

  10. Does he have a paper by the bedside, complete with photos and notes, for when he gets that 3:00 a.m. call?

    Maybe he’s going with the Hillary model – tell them to call back later, if they’re still alive.

  11. I bet his staff gives him a seating chart for Cabinet meetings, showing the face of each Secretary, his/her/its preferred name and gender, and how much the person contributed to the DNC to get the position.

  12. Greg, and Chernenko rolled into one.

    JD, that paper by the bed is not for reading.

  13. Damn, justplain, I forgot about Chernenko. Maybe with any luck Cameltoe will drop off just like Andropov.

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