So Let’s Get This Straight

The DFL and the Teachers Union – pardon the redundancy – is rejecting the idea of allowing high school kids to take their standardized tests from home…

…because there’s no way to make such an important bit of work reliable and honest.

Democratic senators said Minnesota’s testing provider, Pearson Education, would not be able to develop a remote testing option in the next few weeks. It would be impossible to control the at-home environment like a classroom to monitor for cheating, they said.

“You can’t have anything on the board that would give a student an unfair advantage. How can we ensure that is going to happen at home?” said state Sen. Mary Kunesh, DFL-New Brighton.


Gotta hand it to the DFL. They know the value of keeping institutions, the ones vital to democracy, un-sullied by essentially sending them home on the honor system.


9 thoughts on “So Let’s Get This Straight

  1. I’m not sure I understand. Students don’t attend school (much) anymore, teachers don’t teach (much of) anything anymore, grades and test results have been watered down to being meaningless. Just send each and everyone of the little rascals a test result of 100% and if they don’t think they deserve it they can request a more appropriate result.

  2. Parables, analogies – worthless. No Liberal is capable of reasoning by extrapolation. Democrat – school test – mailed ballot – whaaaaa?

    Posts like this are why Jesus wept.

  3. Yea, this is so typical of leftists.

    Employees of Amazon in their distribution centers, want to unionize to get better pay and working conditions. The union is pushing voting by mail to prevent retaliation, but Amazon complains that, wait for it…ballots would be too easy to tamper with!

    You just can’t make this crap up!

  4. You fellows have to look it it from the reprobates perspective.

    White and Asian people are marked for replacement in the US, but it’s not gonna happen overnight.

    In the meantime, there are hundreds of thousands of low IQ Guatamexidorians jumping the border every month, joining the millions that are already living in subsidized housing in sanctuary cities.

    We can’t have all those White and Asian kids running around with reading and math skills…it will make the poor migrants feel sad. Black parents have been doing their part to make the newcomers feel welcome for years, God knows…but those damn White and Asian kids…

    The logical solution is to turn out functionally illiterate kids who have learned that 2+1= 5 is damn well close enough for anyone but racists.

  5. “Attending” school.

    I’ve seen more than one screenshot of public school zoom classes where the only person pictured is the teacher. The kids are all just initials. No way to verify if they are actively listening/participating, unless you call on them and they answer. I would not be surprised if lots of kids never answer, and lots of teachers never do anything about kids not answering except try the next kid to see if they are there. If they even bother asking. Maybe they’re enjoying playing college professor to an auditorium of nameless/faceless students.

    Thank God my kids’ school requires them to be on camera and paying attention. At least they’re getting SOME sort of education.

  6. An anonymous official leaked to me one of the questions on the MCA:
    “What is the definition of irony?”

  7. But let’s get at what our host is actually saying; that it’s pretty darned impressive how much regard the left has for the security of high school test scores, which do nothing except allow a kid to graduate fraudulently (something that happens with alarming regularity already), versus how little regard the left has for the security of votes, which result in the spending of trillions of dollars and the passing of unconstitutional laws.

    Or, rather, it’s depressive/depressing how little regard the left has for voting.

  8. I don’t see a contraction that dumping a few $billion to Education Minnesota won’t solve.

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