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A few regular-ish Democratic commenters have taken umbrage at my occasional statments along the lines of “Democrat voters have no critical thinking skills”.

Let me explain.

I say it because…’

…well, it’s true. Universally. Without exception.

Case in point:

“Shots in arms” – thanks to Trump.

Billions for schools – that, with the DFL calling the shots, are still squabbling about reopening.

And every dollar in the pocket paid for by five dollars taken from someone else – including your own grandchildren.

But no – don’t you dare assume the party that would write tripe like this can’t safely assume their voters are a lumpen, bovine mass.

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  1. The economic slowdown is characterized by low economic growth and high unemployment.
    It is not a business cycle slowdown.
    It is not a financial crisis.
    The dire economic effects are spotty, felt mostly in the travel and entertainment industries.
    I look at JM Keynes theories with a less jaundiced eye than most conservatives. Keynesian economics was meant to modify, not replace, market economics in the “new economy” that replaced the Victorian economy after WWI.
    But you can’t justify a stimulus using keyensian principles. There is no lack of money, there is pent up demand caused by the pandemic and the government’s ham-fisted response to the pandemic. Remove the pandemic effects and demand will explode, stimulus or no stimulus.
    It is difficult, too, to justify the “relief” on humanitarian grounds. Government “investment” is not expected to produce a positive return (otherwise the private sector would pour money into the “investment”). The amount given in direct cash aid to citizens is paltry compared to the income they have lost to the pandemic & the mandated lockdowns.

  2. Those sweet stimmie checks are being used to wreak havoc in Miami.

    Mine will be used, as I’ve said, to support right wing politicians, media and social efforts.

    Mrs. Strunk’s is being fed right back to the monster as taxes….snake eating its own tail.

  3. Trump would have been reelected if he’d taken the pandemic seriously by building on his claim to be a “wartime president”. The pandemic caused the economy to crater, but Trump could reasonably claimed that the economy was great before the pandemic and, under his leadership, it would return to that greatness after he’d defeated the pandemic.

    In fact, Trump enjoyed a brief increase in approval right after the “wartime president” speech. But he quickly reverted to type, denying that the pandemic was a problem, politicizing the crisis, making it far worse and tanking the economy.

    Ironically, Trump has set the Democrats up for the midterms by giving them a very low bar to clear. Biden is the polar opposite of Trump. He’s fully embracing the role of wartime president, leading the country’s response to the pandemic and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s reason to be optimistic that the Democrats will get credit for beating the pandemic and restoring the economy simply by having a competent response.

  4. Emery’s TDS is rampaging. It is awesome to behold!
    NB that he has never, not once, criticized the CCP for willfully unleashing covid-19 on the world.

  5. PotAto HeAD blurted: “ He’s fully embracing the role of wartime president”

    Yeah, we all saw your pedophile in Chief stumbling his way up the steps to his airborne command post last week. It was so traumatic he had to call a lid for the weekend.


  6. Tragedies and crises must teach and inform us. Not being mystic about the pandemic, but I believe Covid laid bare another horror — Trump’s inability to lead in a crisis. Or elsewhere.

    Biden is the anti-trump, calm, reflective, reassuring and with a restrained ego.

  7. The pandemic caused the economy to crater

    It was the lock-downs that caused the economy to crater, through state governments deciding, arbitrarily in many cases, which businesses were “essential”.

  8. Biden is the anti-trump, calm, reflective, reassuring and with a restrained ego

    Interesting way to put a positive swing on someone suffering from a dementia.

  9. Yeah, ol’ Pedo Joe’s doing a bang up job of leading…

    border’s a fucking free for all, gas is up $1 from this time last year, Pyong Yang is less militarized than DC, San Salvador is safer than most US cities.

    No one denies we are just one blowup from civil war.

    That being said, Joe is ramrodding the most lethal tranny and pregnant combat troops the world has ever seen.

  10. Trump would have been reelected if . . . Democrats hadn’t stolen the election and RINOs hadn’t been glad to go along with the theft because it meant getting rid of the upstart outsider so they could get back to losing gracefully.

    The pandemic caused the economy to crater . . . except in states where governors didn’t put everybody under house arrest; which means it wasn’t the virus the killed the economy, it was the governors who were mostly – surprise – Democrats.

    Trump . . . denying that the pandemic was a problem . . . which was correct, because the virus itself is about as deadly as a bad flu season whereas the real problem was Democrats over-reacting to the virus to terrify the public into voting by mail, which is easier to cheat so they could steal the election.

    Biden . . . leading the country’s response to the pandemic . . . by issuing an Executive Order requiring masks on trains. Everything else he’s done, has been carrying out the plans set in motion by President Trump.

    The Democrats will get credit for beating the pandemic and restoring the economy simply by having a . . . compliant legacy media cheering section to proclaim the party line, coupled with a ruthless social media enforcement section to prevent the truth from leaking out.

    Biden is the anti-trump, calm, reflective, reassuring and with a restrained ego . . . or more likely, he’s so far gone that the Harris-Biden Administration is properly referred to as The Garden.

  11. Biden’s plan is nothing compared to Trump’s brilliant plan. Here it is in its entirety:
    1) Wait for the virus to just disappear one day, like a miracle.

    It’s always someone else’s fault and the idea that you could face consequences is always the unacceptable part.

  12. Biden’s plan also includes paying off liberal interest groups and weaponizing the bureaucracy against his political opponents.

  13. Once again, note well Emery’s failure to condemn the CCP for unleashing the corona virus on the world.
    The CCP:
    Denied that the flu had resulted in human-to-human transmission.
    Stepped on evidence that covid-19 had transmitted human-to-human.
    Arrested & jailed a Chinese doctor who revealed the human-tohuman transmission to colleagues outside of China.
    While it put in strong travel controls within Wuhan province and travel from outside Wuhan into Wuhan, it had not restrictions on people traveling from Wuhan to non-Chinese cities, including the United States.

  14. Nice projection, Emery.

    As usual, you follow the DemoCommie line of blaming others for what you are doing. If he actually looked at what the Dems are doing, he would wake up. But then, that would be too much to ask.

  15. Emery Incognito on March 23, 2021 at 1:53 pm said:

    Biden’s plan is nothing compared to Trump’s brilliant plan. Here it is in its entirety:
    1) Wait for the virus to just disappear one day, like a miracle.

    That explains “Operaton Warp Speed’ and the trump admin’s creation of multiple covid vaccines!
    These threadjacks are getting tiresome. They are done in bad faith, Emery’s goal is to pollute every SITD comment thread with his insane, anti-Trump ravings, literary months after the man has left office.
    Enough is enough.

  16. True, but those posts do serve to illustrate Mitch’s point: Liberals lack the ability to think, they merely recite and emote.

    Left on their own, they’d be living in caves within three generations, those who didn’t die of disease and starvation first. They’re only able to survive because more competent people (read: deplorables) provide luxuries like safe drinking water, sanitary sewer and plentiful cheap food.

  17. The AP has published a study, which compares Cali with Florida and South Dakota with Connecticut.

    Cali turned into a medium security prison; Florida stayed free. Both have almost the same bat flu statistics; cases; deaths.

    South Dakota did nothing, Connecticut locked everyone up. Again, samey same.

    The only difference is that we’ve added more trillions to our tab to bail the leftist prison states out of the financial catastrophe the reprobates caused.

    This shitshow is what low IQ leftists are calling “leadership”.

  18. Our friend, law professor Tom Smith of UC San Diego, is under attack by the Chinese for his vigorous criticism of the CCP’s handling of the corona virus: https://legalinsurrection.com/2021/03/u-san-diego-law-prof-thomas-smith-harshly-criticized-chinese-govt-now-faces-false-claims-of-ethnic-bias/
    The CCP is using, as a proxy, Chinese national students enrolled at UC San Diego. Many of the Chinese national students enrolled at American universities are there solely because they have relatives in powerful power state positions in China.
    You will have to dig for coverage of this in the US media.
    But not for content blaming out-of-office Trump for covid.
    But by all means, let’s make every SITD post abut Trump!

  19. Pete, you’ve got to remember that those mandatory shutdowns and quarantines help increase addiction and suicide while preventing people from getting routine medical care. Maybe that’s the goal as well.

  20. Oh, and don’t forget weight gain of 2lbs/month due to lockdowns. That’s just golden when we’re talking about heart disease and diabetes.

    All part of the plan, perhaps.

  21. “Wait for the virus to just disappear one day, like a miracle.”

    What, like SARS and MERS and Asian Flu . . . respiratory viruses that simply disappeared without suspending the Constitution, without placing healthy citizens under house arrest, without mask mandates and internal travel passports? Trump’s plan was like that?

  22. If we are going way off topic, can we chat about Biden?
    He said that there was no vaccine before he got in office when he was vaccinated on December 21st, and it was filmed & announced to the media.
    His recent “sit down” with Clinton fixer George Staphanopolous contained a disclamer at the end that said the interview was edited for clarity. He can’t remember the names of people he appointed just weeks ago and are standing right next to him, in his view.
    He often won’t appear in public starting in the afternoon. Ever hear of “sundowning”?
    And he reversed all of Trump’s border and immigration reforms, invited invaders into the US via Mexico, and now he (and his handlers) find a full blown illegal migrant crisis on the southern border. DHS is overwhelmed, kids in cages, etc.
    Isn’t the slow-motion train wreck named Biden a more interesting topic than Trump?
    It is certainly more timely.

  23. JD,
    Re your post at 2:57.

    I’ve said many times that if we do find another planet that can sustain decide to colonize it, I’m perfectly fine with my tax dollars funding the freight for as many libidiots as want to go. Once they are there, they can set up their own utopia. My bet is that if check on them in two years, they would all be dead, having killed each other off over policies, rules or laws that infringe on their fellow citizens.

  24. Oh, come on, MP. Kids in changes aren’t news anymore, because those cages are so much nicer now that a Democrat is in the White House. And clear evidence of dementia is no problem when a guy’s got the nuclear football, is it? It’s not like some people get downright mean with Alzheimer’s or anything…

    ….oops, never mind. And certainly we don’t need to worry that the guy negotiating with Russia and Iran is (like John Wayne in his drunken days) useless after the early afternoon….oh, never mind.

  25. “Biden is the anti-trump, calm, reflective, reassuring and with a restrained ego”

    Stairs 3, Biden 0.

  26. “Biden is the anti-trump, calm, reflective, reassuring and with a restrained ego”
    I wasn’t reassured when he tripped three times going up airplane ladder and none of the military guys or SS guys did anything to help. They just kind of looked, like they were thinking “Not my job, man.” while they waited for someone else to jump in.
    Biden graduated 76 out of 85 from a third-tier law school. But, to be fair, his grades suffered because he confessed to plagiarizing one of his first year assignments. If not for that, he might have been as high as 70 out of 85.
    And then that was that other plagiarism incident during his ’87 presidential run. That stirred up enough curiosity about some of his bragging among the press (oh, what I would give for the media of 1987!), and Biden dropped out after some of his other lies made on the campaign trail were exposed: graduating in the top half of class, that he had three university degrees, that he had marched in the civil rights movement, and that he had gone to college on a full scholarship.
    His reaction when these lies were exposed is interesting. He had just totally misunderstood what most people would think when they heard the phrases “marched in the civil rights movement,” “graduated in the top half of my law school class,” “Have three university degrees,” and “full scholarship.”
    And all this was before the multiple aneurisms and brain surgery.
    He also had this weird habit of refering to the driver of the truck that caused the accident that killed Biden’s first wife & daughter as a drunk driver, a guy who “drank his lunch” before the fatal accident.
    The investigation of the multiple fatality auto accident showed that, not only was the truck driver stone cold sober, Biden’s wife caused the accident.
    So, yeah, we’re in deep trouble here.

  27. The media of 1987-8 wasn’t perfect, but they at least knew how to listen to what a candidate actually said and infer that there might be something there. That was the election cycle where they also “bagged” Gary Hart.

    If only someone in the media had acted, say, on the obvious signs of Joe Biden’s corruption and dementia.

  28. On the positive side, Harris didn’t make it for long in the primaries because she is a really bad politician. She could never get elected anywhere but a one-party state like California. Her gift is not connecting with people and doing constituent service, it is in knowing the right levers to pull and tickets to punch within the Cali democrat party. She is a half East Indian, Half Jamaican Hillary.
    Wait, I take that back, Hillary actually had a huge fan base in the Dem party, among the aging female boomers who identified with her. Harris has nothing like that.

  29. Bikebubba, maybe there is a little hope. Even some of the MSM talking were a bit taken aback when Biden confessed that in his 8 years as Obama’s VP, he had never been invited into the Obama’s living quarters in the White House.

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  31. MO;
    You gave me a nice laugh by pointing out Pedo Joe’s previous lies and plagiarism.

    I remember all of the jokes that went around back then, i. e. War and Peace by Joe Biden and “Tom Sawyer” by Joe Biden.

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