Facts Leaking Through

While this article bends over backward to sandbag Florida’s perfomance (pointing out that if California had Florida’s per capita death rate that its death toll would be lower, without accounting for the radically different per capita ages and population densities), it’s hard to get around the fact that Florida, run by conservative Ron DeSantis, is doing much better than its “competitors” in Covid resonse, California, New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

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  1. that the death toll was the price paid for keeping commerce flowing and keeping kids in school

    Those cold, calculating Republicans.

  2. The only reason Florida is booming and has been able to open during the pandemic is the warm weather and the beaches. If they hadn’t been able to dine almost all winter long, socialize, and exercise outdoors, their numbers would be much higher. They’re as high as they are, despite their climate advantages.

  3. Mitch, you can’t be serious? Admit you wrote the above response. NOBODY can be that stupid, obtuse and ignorant. You made that response up to be cute, did you not?

  4. No, JPA, I am afraid that is really how Emery thinks. He determines ideology first, then tries to argue his way to that ideological position. As you can see, he does such a crappy job of analytical thinking that he believes California and Florida have similar covid death rates because while Californians were not free to leave their homes and gather outdoors and indoors, people in Florida were free to leave their homes and gather outdoors and indoors.
    We are talking about a barely sentient creature, here.

  5. Emery, perhaps Florida’s better performance is due in part to having a governor who does NOT send COVID patients into nursing homes, and who does NOT have subways that haven’t been cleaned for the past half century spreading the disease.

    Perhaps their better performance is also due to the “pushback” effect, whereby New Yorkers subjected to nonsensical shutdowns have decided to make their own quiet social gatherings, as well as the fact that being locked up in your house is a great way to generate the #2 risk factor for COVID; metabolic syndrome.

    Really, those who (like our illustrious President) insist on shutdowns until “there is no risk” need to remember that there is no such thing as “no risk”, and that when you move to minimize risk in one regard, youoften get risks in another.

  6. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/348705734_A_Graphical_Analysis_of_Weekly_Deaths_in_Germany_during_the_Corona_Pandemic%C2%A0%C2%A0 An extremely interesting study from Germany looking at Covid deaths from the point of view of excess over expected deaths in 2020. Key point is the population of the most vulnerable increased from earlier years owing to a baby boomlet in Germany in the 1940s. Bottom line being 2020 showed NO increase from expected deaths. I’m not a statistics person, can’t vouch for the validity of this, nor can we assume that US and German populations are similar enough for the results here to mirror Germany. My liberal friends believe science=religion, i.e. can’t be questioned. In reality, science is a tool we can use to explain the world.

  7. “when you move to minimize risk in one regard, you often get risks in another.”

    And that, bikebubba, is exactly why everyone in the US should be furious with the CDC, and everyone in MN should be furious with the MDH. They know this, and that this is a very good reason to suggest instead of insist, but still they put their thumb on the scale.

  8. Perhaps their better performance is also due to the “pushback” effect, whereby New Yorkers subjected to nonsensical shutdowns have decided to make their own quiet social gatherings . . .
    Here in my little town on the Saint Croix, people have been doing whatever they liked all winter. I had lunch at a busy dinner the other day, it was crowded, no social distancing, no masks.
    All winter long, during the football season, you could drive down residential streets and see a lot houses with 5,6,7 cars in the drive and parked out front.
    These “restrictions” on healthy people are a joke. The people who dreamed them up are jokes.

  9. No, JPA, I am afraid that is really how Emery thinks

    That could, of course, be true, but I just assumed he was floating a trial balloon from his masters to see how well it played with The Little People. DeSantis is going to be a problem politically, so the commies are working on various options to neutralize him. I kind of assumed that the original axios article was of the same ilk.

  10. The only time I think about bat flu is when I check in here. It literally has zero effect on my life.

  11. People in Florida were able to socialize and go out to dinner all Winter, so their Covid numbers are lower than Minnesota’s, says E-I.

    Is that a side effect of Florida’s Climate, or of Minnesota’s Lock-down? What does climate have to do with socializing or dining out? What does climate have do to with cancelling Thanksgiving and Christmas? Nothing, which means the real difference is we were locked down and Floridians were not.

    Basically, E-I has just conceded lock-downs cause more Covid cases and therefore more Covid deaths, meaning the entire strategy employed by every Blue State governor was deadly to their own citizens.

    Now the question becomes: did they know it at the time and do it anyway, because a few dead grannies was a small price to pay to ‘fortify’ the election?

    Expect further concessions in the next few months.

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