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My friend Sarah Cade Hauptman is prominently, and favorably, featured in a relatively decent piece in the relatively indecent Minnesota Monit…er, Independe…er, “Reformer” last week (where “relatively” means the piece spends at least as much space relating fact as it does gun-control movement propaganda).

The other guy? Not so much, but then I suspect if someone like Mr. Sharp weren’t featured prominently in a piece like this in a publication like the “Reformer“, author Max Nesterak would never do lunch on Grand Avenue again.

But that’s all fine – if there is a surge in people on the other side of politics who realize there’s a reason to keep government’s mitts off the Second Amendment, I can make limited common cause.

Here’s my beef, not so much with this story but with the whole “gun aren’t just for angrly middle-aged white guys” meme that’s been making the rounds this past year.

Don’t get me wrong – I fully support the idea that “gun culture” is “going viral”, and getting beyond their supposed “rural white male” ghetto. They seem to be – which is, I think, behind the Biden regime’s drive to try to get votes on as many gun regulations as it can, ASAP.

But when I read things like ““We’re doing our best to make sure that this information — which has historically been, you know, an angry white guy skill set — becomes something that is accessible to those that want to learn” and that guns are traditionally a “middle aged white guy” thing, I need to start responding like this:

When I first got involved in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the 2nd Amendment was on the ropes. “Gun Culture” was all but underground in popular perceptions. Gun grabber groups were very open about their goals (“Handgun Control Inc”, the “National Coalition to Ban Handguns”, etc) and couild smell their final goal. Polls that today show 80+% support for “Universal Background Checks” today were showing 80% support for banning all hand guns and registering everything else. In 1986, there were eight “Shall Issue” states, many states where carry permits were unobtainable, and local gun bans coming on the books all over the place.

Since then, things have changed – almost entirely for the better.

The reason there’s still a right to keep and bear arms to argue about is because 30-40 years ago a bunch of people – mostly male, many but by no means all Caucasians, disproportionally Republican, who were indeed a lot younger back then than today, and yes, some of whom were motivated by a bit of pique – organized, dug in, fought a “Siege of Vienna”-level last-ditch battle for survival and, miraculously, beat back the barbarians at the gate, and expanded gun culture geometrically so that there was an actual movement to welcome everyone else to.

Welcome, new gun owners.

I’ll urge you to respect our collective history.

Now, let’s finish this thing.

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  1. I didn’t bring this up on the FB post because I’m sure I would have been chastised by the group mods for going political.

    Here’s my contention with Sarah and the tatt’d and perforated dude:

    I am going to take a wild guess and say they voted for Tina Smith over Jason Lewis, and Biden over Trump. 2 years ago, they probably voted for Walz over Jeff Johnson.

    If they are so “friendly” to the 2nd amendment, and wish to keep it around, why do they keep voting for politicians who wish to gut and/or eliminate it completely?

    Given the little I’ve seen of Sarah, I know she is a passionate competitive shooter, and owns a business that is at least somewhat related to firearms. Hasn’t anyone confronted her to ask her why she actively tries to sabotage her life by her voting patterns (if she indeed does vote Democrat)?

  2. I shoot at Stock and Barrel in Eagan and love to see the diversity of shooters. And, the amount of people taking classes and the number of instructors on the range with people is HUGE.

    People taking interest in their personal safety AND getting the training.

    Not sure who they are voting for.

  3. FRESCH,
    I drive by there a couple of times per month and have always wondered if it was a good place.

    On another note, Dr. Scott Jensen announced his candidacy for Governor on Monday. Justice and Drew had him on this morning and they asked him about his 2A stance. First, he asks why there is an ammo shortage and are government entities buying it all up to keep gun owners from getting any, as alleged and he favors removal of the duty to retreat part of the state’s castle doctrine.

  4. If I were to hazard a guess for folks like Sarah, the 2A is a high priority item, but likely is not the “litmus” test position for them. If you look at Sarah’s other advocacy activities, you can probably figure out what topics are the true deal-breakers for her. I predict the same for others.

    For me, 2A position is a disqualifying criteria for any candidate – if you don’t pass on that, your remaining positions won’t let me vote for you.

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