The RINOs and Never Trumpers in the Republican establishment hated Donald Trump and did everything they could to obstruct, undermine and sandbag him.  Still do, except when it comes to fundraising.  Then, they want to use his name and photo to beg Americans to send them money, because they know how popular he is with the rank-and-file.

Donald Trump understands the importance of a name-brand.  His name is on his hotels for a reason.  President Trump asked the RNC to stop using his brand, the party refused citing a First Amendment right because he’s a public figure, and the President rebuked them.  No more money for RINOs.

They shouldn’t have needed rebuking.  They should have had enough honor to drop his name and image.  They should have proudly used RINOs like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, since those are the people they’re actually hoping to get elected.  Using President Trump’s name to raise money for candidates who don’t hold his beliefs is deceptive.  It’s bait-and-switch, false advertising, consumer fraud, lying and pretty much standard procedure for RINOs and Never-Trumpers.

I hope President Trump does run as a third party candidate. Can’t wait.

Joe Doakes

I’m personally going to go with “focus ASAP around candidates who can straddle the divide – DeSantis, Noem, whomever – and get back to the business of trying to save Western Civilization.

11 thoughts on “Branding

  1. Straddling is tough. I like DeSantis but I don’t know if he can get through the rage machine.

  2. I concur, Mr. D.

    The ChiCom virus zealots are going apoplectic over the hordes of liberal mush minded college students flooding both Florida and Texas, for spring break. They are howling that DeSantis has created a super spreader event, by inviting these partiers to the state, without mask mandates. And, of course, Greg Abbot is solely responsible for the state’s energy issues, touting that many people are still without power and/or water.

    Once again, the media completely ignores the fact that people have to accept some personal responsibility. If they are worried about the virus, they should wear masks and now that FAUXci has said that 3 feet distance is adequate for schools, they can accept the responsibility for distancing, too.

    In the end, I’m thinking that there will be more unwanted pregnancies, than ChiCom virus infections.

  3. Trump was so good at branding he managed to get his name on properties he doesn’t own!

  4. I’m personally going to go with “focus ASAP around candidates who can straddle the divide – DeSantis, Noem, whomever – and get back to the business of trying to save Western Civilization.

    Translation: “Ignore the fraud; VOTE HARDER!”

  5. Trump is attempting to control the small-dollar online fund-raising he helped to create, diverting it from GOP fund-raising groups towards his own committee, which has virtually no restrictions on how the money can be spent.

    The great grifter has found a way to receive unlimited funds, spend it at his businesses at above market rates, while employing his entire family on the campaign payroll, and to do it all legally.

  6. Emery is interested in “corruption in politics”?
    Who knows if he’ll actually find any, though.
    Because we all know he’s only mentally able to cast his net at one guy.

  7. Oh come on. He’s not worried about Republicans using his name to promote members of Congress that impeached him. He’s just upset about anyone profiting off his name when that money doesn’t go directly to him.

  8. Hey PotAto HeAD!

    I think you’ve got it all wrong.

    Trump is gathering up a big pile of cash, see, which he will roll into a Vanguard VFIAX account, and maybe some into a REIT fund (VGSLX). He’ll let that soak awhile, maybe a few months, idk, racking up (OMG!!) Yuge proFitz.

    Then he’ll BAIL OUT INTO BONDS AT THE LAST MINUTE before Pedo Joe’s inflation kicks in taking all those GaiNz with him, see? Then (stay with me here, this is the really smart part), he’ll quietly jump back into the market with a VTWO Vanguard Russell 2000 Index Fund account, enjoy those sweet returns and spend his days skiing the BirKie!

    Master plan, right?

  9. Ha! Yea, Emery. He learned from the master grifters and money laundering experts in the DemoCommie party. Those ass wipes have used every crisis to fund raise, then hire a family member, unions or Kennedy Center for the Arts to pass it through. WTF up!

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