Poxes To Go Around

A group called “Capital Transparency” has posted this video, of DFL Representative John Thompson of HD67A threatening to “beat the brakes off” a couple of its reporters, near the scene of a triple homicide out on the East Side over the winter:

Given that Thompson benefits from immense Urban Progressive Privilege – the kind of thing that would have been treated as “a terrorist insurgency” if he’s been wearing a MAGA cap – he’ll never be held accountable for this…

…although I suppose attacking the media is a greater intersectional sin than threatening Bob Kroll’s neighbors.

UPDATE: I originally wrote this story last week. Since then, I actually got a response from the Capitol Transparency guys – and it turns out Thompson was the aggressor (which wasn’t initially clear to me from the video). I’ve rewritten accordingly.

7 thoughts on “Poxes To Go Around

  1. None of which justifies the generally un-justifiable Thompson’s reactions

    So why point out those couple of things?

  2. This guy is going to be a Youtube Superstar. It’s only a matter of time before he assaults someone.

    Be sure and keep that photo of your Governor and the “State Rep” handy.

  3. You KNOW he’s got a pistol on him at all times. He’ll use it, eventually.

  4. Thugs will be thugs. Gutless pols like Walz will excuse their behavior every time.

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