A Litmus Test

If you believe in anything America is supposed to be about, then the phrase “The Governor is giving permission for people to…” (fill in some normal thing, like gather in groups, hug their grandparents or go back to work) should be more offensive than snuff porn.

Should government be able to temporarily pause things under a state of emergency? Under some exceptional circumstances, with legally-defined exit criteria (y’know – like Florida has, and Minnesota doesn’t), it might be a lesser evil.

Advise people to modify their behavior for the community good, and sanction irresponsible behavior? Like in Florida or the Dakotas? Much better – where “perfect” is impossible.

But grant “permission?”

The phrase – which has been popping up in mainstream media with nauseating regularity – is an obscenity that must be fumigated from the American vocabulary.

13 thoughts on “A Litmus Test

  1. Lawyers are required to take Continuing Education classes. I’d love to offer one asking “Under What Circumstances can a State Governor Suspend the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution and Order Blacks into Slavery?”

    I’m pretty sure the answer is “under no circumstances,” but given that Governor Walz suspended the Constitutional rights to religion, assembly, travel, contract, work, and got away with it, I’m not so sure.

    But I’m damned certain the Board would never approve it for credit. Cannot challenge the Narrative.

  2. Joe Biden, yesterday:
    “Work together, put trust and faith in our government to fulfill its most important function, which is protecting the American people, no function more important.”

    Yet this is not mentioned in the constitution or in any of the other founding documents.
    What is mentioned, again and again, is the duty of the government to protect our civil rights — not grant them, our rights came from Providence — but protect them.
    And government at all levels in the US has been trampling on those rights for a year.
    Boo! Get off the stage! Go back to Scranton, “Lunch Pail Joe”! No one wants your poison here!

  3. Well, to be fair, Kim Jong Walz is only following the narrative of his betters. After all, Demented Joe read off the teleprompter that “in a few days, he will provide guidance as to what you can and can’t do, after you have been vaccinated.” He should have added; “That is, if you are still alive and/or physically able to do anything.”

  4. “Work together, put trust and faith in our government to fulfill its most important function, which is protecting the American people, no function more important.”

    Well, by his own definition, Pedi Joe is an abject failure. He has put the best interests of his politics by encouraging South America peasants to invade the country and spread deadly Covid 19 among the citizens of the United States.

    If the GOP manages to outcheat the reprobates next year, and win back the House of Reprobates, the first order of business MUST be the impeachment of both Pedo Joe and his slut VP, Kameltoe.

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  6. Listened to the NARN today, I believe the host said he would vote for Lindell. I don’t know what the issue is, it be Trump or Lindell, I feel comfortable voting for either. I respect people’s views and that is mine.

  7. The bullshit is getting deeper and deeper.
    Here is Fauci on Meet the press on Feb 18:
    And I’m concerned that we’re still at that level of 70,000. And when people start then pulling back on mitigation methods and mitigation activities, you have the risk, and it is a real risk, of seeing it go back up.

    And here is Fauci on Meet the Press on March 14th:
    And the thing that concerns me, as — because history proves that I should be concerned — is that when you get a plateau at a level around 60,000 new infections per day, there’s always the risk of another surge.

    So you have one “expert” epidemiologist who is just riffing random words, and across from him you have an “expert” journalist who is completely unaware that Fauci is blathering meaningless bureaucratese.

  8. There is a pattern to Fauci’s word-salad. He mentions the past as though it is a guide to what will occur in the future — but not really.
    So, since the EU experienced a new surge when its positive tests were around 50,000/day, then when US positive tests are about 50k/day, we are also . . . risking a surge. It may happen, it may not.
    Not a good look when our professional journalist caste can’t see through his stupid propaganda nonsense. Like a Gypsy fortune teller, Fauci says nothing that can be shown to have been in error, no matter what happens.

  9. Sort of a side note is that while U.S. infection rates are plunging, international infection rates are holding steady. My take is that we’ve done a heck of a job curtailing the epidemic here, but we seriously need to see what we can do to get key people vaccinated overseas, or this b*tch is going to come back to us seriously mutated.

    We may have a little bit of room because the spikes I see in the international data generally indicate that someone was failing to count the data for a month and then released it all on one day, but the overall trend makes me nervous.

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