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  1. it is worth noting that the only Liberal/Progressive judge who dissented was Roberts.

  2. It’s not often I think Roberts comes down on the correct (as opposed to the right) side of religious issues, but he did here. I still remember the absurd op-ed this student somehow conned the Post into publishing a few months back, and how he utterly discredited himself when he couldn’t articulate the harm he’d allegedly suffered.

  3. Say PotAto HeAD? Don’t worry about Roberts, it’s beyond your ability to comprehend.

    Listen, this is important, ‘Tater…you’re concerned about Corona virus, right? You believe the POTUS has the ultimate responsibility for handling it, right?

    Mayors along the Texas border are reporting their hospitals are being filled with border jumping GuataMexidorians with bat flu. It’s estimated that 25% of the caravans that are pouring in are infected…but your hero, Pedo Joe has ordered them dumped into the nearest town.

    Why is Pedo Joe re-infecting America with the deadly Covid 19, PotAto HeAD? How many dead Americans will satisfy his blood lust?

    tia, ‘Tater HeAD

  4. Dr. Pete
    “How many dead Americans will satisfy his blood lust?”
    This is why I keep pointing out that Emery is an apologist for murderers. Emery loves his murderous masters!

  5. you see; Emery is feeling a tingle down his leg. This is a festival of death and he rejoices!

  6. And that’s not enough for your Hero, PotAto HeAD! The hospitals are filling up with the foreign nationals Pedo Joe invited to invade America…they’re dropping like flies and infecting Americans.

    How many more people must die before your Pedophile in Chief is satisfied?


  7. I think you’re right, pig…this is even more exciting to these leftist ghouls than killing babies.

  8. Say ‘Tater? Remind me again about that time Trump encouraged foreign nationals to come to America to fill our hospitals and infect our people…

    Oh snap! That’s right…he tightened the Southern border and issued a moratorium on flights into the US from countries with high bat flu rates.

    Pedo Joe reversed those orders, and now things are hopping again.

  9. To be fair, Trump helped to roll out the vaccines. But Trump downplayed the Covid threat over and over. So the Trump scorecard should be less than zero, since his actions helped to cause 500,000 US deaths. The Biden scorecard is positive.

    The real work behind the nRNA vaccines for Covid was “30 years of painstaking research,” according to the Harvard Medical School.

    That research — basic science of the type the the Trump administration consistently fought, and tried to de-fund — gets most of the credit. Scientists were able to quickly build a specific vaccine based on it.

    If you’re the former president who hid the fact you were vaccinated, you should get no credit for anything….

  10. Trump correctly downplayed the Covid threat because the true numbers (not the false numbers E-boy keeps using) show it’s about the same as a bad flu season.

    Democrats overplayed the hysteria of the Covid threat to justify mailed ballots to steal the election.

    Biden still has no answer for the simple question: If Trump bungled the response to Covid, tell us what Trump should have done, when he should have done it, and under what authority?

  11. I don’t necessarily require a president to always get it right the first time, intuitively and immediately. Other countries like Italy also bungled the initial response to Covid-19. But those other countries learned from mistakes and self-corrected, and what distinguishes Trump is his failure to learn or adjust. He downplayed the virus. He marginalizing scientists and elevating charlatans. He never did have a strategy.

    Only a piss—poor leader would politicize the wearing of masks during a global pandemic. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what America had when Covid hit. Trump’s keen political instincts worked against us.

    Trump realized that his base would not accept mask mandates or social restrictions. So, he did nothing. He was more worried about his approval rating than the health of the population.

  12. Yea, right, Emery.

    Once again, you’re letting your Lexus fingers override your Yugo ass.

    Fauci, the all knowing bureaucrat medicine man for the left, also said that masks won’t work, that we didn’t have to worry about the virus here in the U.S. yet, he dodged questions about the data proving the efficacy of masks and distancing. There are no definitive, peer reviewed studies proving his statements. Yesterday, he stated that when “we don’t have the data on reopening, we go with our gut.” He proved, again, that he’s just another political puppet and that he’s a quack.

    Trump closed off travel into the U.S. from China, except for U.S. citizens, then Europe, and was labeled xenophobic, racist, yada, yada. By the way, Italy did not restrict travel from China for almost 3 months later.
    Then, we have two DemoCommies Pelosi and Warren Wilhelm of New York, encouraged people to come to their Chinatown districts. About 100,000 of those deaths, can be laid at the feet of dumb ass Democrat governors, including Kim Jong Walz and the chickens are coming home on them. Then let’s add all of the non ChoCom virus related deaths, i.e. suicides, gun shot and auto accident victims and people that actually died from other factors, because the anti Trump cabal promised the hospitals and medical personnel, big bucks to inflate ChiCom flu body count.
    But, it’s all Trump’s fault.
    Stay in your mommy’s basement with your mask on, loser!

  13. Still no answer to Biden still has no answer for the simple question: If Trump bungled the response to Covid, tell us what Trump should have done, when he should have done it, and under what authority?

    And that mortality rate is still a rounding error of 0% (around 0.16%). Even using inflated numbers.

  14. Emery, again, what part of allowing illegal immigrants into the country with COVID is to Mr. Biden’s credit? Are we so short of COVID sufferers in our country that we need to (illegally I might add) import more?

    Of course, ‘ol Joe also thinks, apparently, that we need more criminals in our country. Those of us without 24/7 security details and top priority for COVID vaccines and care might differ with “Slow Joe” on these thoughts of his.

  15. PotAto HeAD belched: “Only a piss—poor leader would politicize the wearing of masks during a global pandemic.”

    But allowing infected masses of foreign nationals stream in illegally, infect Americans and clog our hospitals is not a political act, it’s the mark of a true leader…that what you’re saying, ‘Tater? ‘Cause that’s what we’re hearing.

    If we’re mistaken, please tell us, you incredible buffoon. Is your Pedophile in Chief a fucking demented loser, or is he a Hero?

    You can peddle the birkie in your head just as well while you answer this simple, even for you, question.

    tia TAter HeAD

  16. Roberts seems to have a lot of concern about the court usurping decisions that should be made in the political sphere.
    I share those concerns.
    But where Roberts draws that line seems eccentric to me.

  17. ” . . .what distinguishes Trump is his failure to learn or adjust. He downplayed the virus. He marginalizing scientists and elevating charlatans. He never did have a strategy.”

    So what, specifically, should Trump have done to halt the spread of the virus, when, specifically, should he have done it, and under what specific authority?

    Learning or adjusting To Do What? Learning doesn’t stop a virus. What action should have been taken to stop it?

    Downplay the virus Instead Of What? Terrorize the public over it? That’s been done plenty by the media and every Democrat. Terrorizing didn’t stop the spread. What action should have been taken to stop it?

    A strategy To Do What? What strategy did any other nation use to stop the spread of the virus, that President Trump should have used – and under what authority?

    You’re still ducking the question, E, and everybody knows why: because there is NOTHING that Trump could have done to stop the spread of the virus, just as no nation on earth has been able to stop this virus, or any other.

    You’re not fooling anybody. We all know you’re lying. So why keep lying about it? What’s the point?

  18. You’re not fooling anybody. We all know you’re lying.

    Emphasis mine.

    Enjoy your BirKie delusion, PotAto HeAD.

  19. 👆Trump’s gone JD — he’ be going through some things in NYC and Georgia that will require his attention.

  20. “You’re not fooling anybody. We all know you’re lying. “
    while that is true, the real issue with Emery is his cowardice!
    He is terrified of the consequences should he vary even a little from the narrative his murderous masters have assigned him.

  21. he’ be going through some things in NYC and Georgia that will require his attention


    Trump has been sued more times than you’ve been slapped to the pavement, PotAto HeAD. He’s got people to deal with gnats…and he’s got golfing to do and a smoking hot wife to pleasure himself with.

    Meanwhile, your hero is hunkered down behind razor wire, chewing cud, wondering where the fuck he is and diddling somebody’s kid.

    Get them balloon tires pumped up, ‘Tater! Times A-wastin’ and the BirKiE is A-callin’ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Woolly wrote: “Roberts seems to have a lot of concern about the court usurping decisions that should be made in the political sphere.”

    Appears that this is more about whether the case was moot rather than any first amendment issues.

    If the institution corrected its policy and the $1 damages was paid, then what is the substantive issue being brought before the court?

    As Robert’s states: “Where a plaintiff asks only for a dollar, the defendant should be able to end the case by giving him a dollar, without the court needing to pass on the merits of the plaintiff ’s claims.”

  23. A friend pointed out I’ve been asking the Emery Collective the wrong question.

    He/they/it keep claiming Trump bungled the response to Covid resulting in millions of deaths. I keep asking what Trump should have done to halt the spread of Covid to prevent those deaths. My question concedes the first big lie: that Covid is responsible for all those deaths so there was any reason to try to halt the spread of the virus.

    The truth is that Covid was about as dangerous as a bad year for the flu when it was first noticed, it’s about that dangerous now, lying about the numbers doesn’t change the reality that Covid, like Influenza Type A and Influenza Type B and SARS and MARS are not a threat to the existence of the nation so there is no reason to place the entire nation under house arrest, no need to paralyze the economy, to keep children out of school, to mandate useless virtue-signaling gestures such as wearing a mask, standing six feet apart, or flapping your arms like a chicken before entering the grocery store.

    The correct question to ask would be: “Why bother?”

    Good point. I stand corrected.

  24. A man owns a small town cafe. He put up a sign, “Whites Only.”

    When he gets sued for racial discrimination, he plans to take down the sign and give the complainer a buck. Case dismissed. Moot.

    Then he’ll put up the sign again.

    This is totally legit, per Justice Roberts and the Emery Collective.

  25. If the only damages were for a dollar, the college, and apparently the state, litigated the matter to the Supreme Court….why? And the college restricted certain kinds of free speech to a tiny square of campus….why?

    Reality is that what’s going on is that ADF and Chike Uzuegbunam knew that if Gwinnett and the Georgia public college system were not swatted down in court, there would be repeat offenses under slightly different rules. It’s a shame that Roberts doesn’t agree with this, or see the significance of what’s going on.

  26. Hey Emery.
    Your hero’s DHS hack, Mayorkas, is looking for volunteers to go to the border and help out with the non-crisis that he and the rest of the corrupt jack weeds say the unvaccinated hordes coming across our borders is. You, your other brother Emery, Paddywhacker and Kraephammer should show us all how compassionate you are and go to the border and help out. Remember, masks aren’t mandatory and the BP agents aren’t getting vaccinated, so, you’ll be helping to push the left wing narrative.

  27. BH
    emery has neither the courage nor the integrity to do as you suggest – he’s a passive consumer of culture NOT an active participant.

  28. I read Robert dissent, and I agree with bikebubba.
    Roberts says that without a requirement that actual dollar damages be at risk, the court will find its role magnified beyond what precedent says it can do.
    But rights like freedom of religion and speech often do not have a dollar sign attached to them, especially if the offending law or rule is revoked. That is gaming the system, and institutions have gotten quite good at it.

  29. MO, that would mean Roberts never read QBVII, which would put him on par with PotAto HeAd

    Maybe that is as so. His recent history would suggest such.

  30. JD — Trump’s response was pitch perfect. Nearing 600,000 deaths tells me the results would have been *far* worse had the former president and his administration changed a thing.

  31. The numbers are lies. No point in debating a lie. Wait for the real numbers to come out, probably in two years when it’s safe for everybody to admit they were lying.

    Then, let’s talk.

  32. I sense a pattern with you — the election was a lie and Covid is a lie.

    Carry on soldier!

  33. Remember how Senator McCarthy claimed there were Soviet spies in American government? Remember how Liberals denounced that, hated him for it, hounded him out of public life? Remember how years later the Verona papers recovered after the fall of the Soviet Union proved . . . there were Soviet spies in American government?

    Remember when the New York Times confidently proclaimed that Gore had won Florida but the Supreme Court handed the victory to Bush? Remember how outraged Liberals were for the entire eight years of his term of office? Remember how the New York Times send reporters to Florida to count every vote and proved . . . Bush actually did win?

    Remember when Governor Walz trotted out the Minnesota Model in March which predicted Covid would kill 75,000 Minnesotans if he did nothing, but only 50,000 if he implemented the strictest lockdown? Remember when the state bought that refrigerated warehouse to store 5,000 Covid corpses which were predicted to overwhelm funeral homes when the Surge hit in June? Remember that a year later, and even using the phony numbers, we have barely 6,000 dead and almost all of them old sick people in nursing homes with DNR orders who were going to die soon anyway?

    Lies. All lies. The truth will out, eventually. Meanwhile, go ahead, point, jeer, mock. The truth will come out, sooner or later. And we’ll remember who lied.

  34. You might also want to consider assessing the cost of Trump’s election fraud conspiracy theories. The cost today is a $1.9 trillion stimulus package made possible by the two Georgia Senate losses in the runoffs, which were due to depressed GOP turnout thanks to Trump’s lunacy. Just saying….

  35. I sense a pattern with you — the election was a lie and Covid is a lie.

    Yeah, well that’s not surprising, PotAto HeAD, it’s doubtful you could solve the simplest progression puzzles in an IQ test.

    The election is a thing; it’s can’t “be” a lie, dimwit. It was stolen; the reprobates lied about it, and continue to lie about it.

    Covid is also a thing, and so, again it cannot “be” a lie. And again the reprobates lied about that thing to create a Dempanic to serve their political and power grabbing agendas.

    If there is a pattern to be found here, it is your repeated pattern of mind boggling stupidity.

  36. Says the guy who bends his knee and browns his nose at his Cult leader in Mar-A-Lago. Is it time for knee replacement yet?

  37. Knees are solid. It’s my foot that’s bothering me, PotAto HeAD…nasty rash from spending so much time in your ass!

  38. Consistently weak sauce from Swift. If Cthulhu wiped out humanity after seeing this, I wouldn’t blame him.

    Do yourself a favor and send that back up to rewrite and have them punch it up a bit.

    Remember Tom — *standards*.

  39. Cthulhu? WTF?

    10/10 if asked what book “Cthulhu” appears in, and who wrote it, PotAto HeAD would have to go to the Google. Given that it popped up apropos of nothing, he undoubtedly just saw it at TMZ or one of his other watering holes, and wanted to give the impression he is not the blithering, lying idiot we know him to be.

    Hey PotAto HeAD, you got that fat bike all pumped up and ready for the BirKiE??

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