3 thoughts on “And To Think They Say Big Left Is Gaslighting The Normals

  1. Lessee…..give thousands of dollars to the government to be wasted, or I can use a word in public that I don’t even use in private. Um, tough call. I’ve got to wonder what color the sun is on Joy Reid’s planet, really.


    Given that institutional racism and white privilege is the greatest challenge of our time (even more serious than climate change):

    And given that teachers and their union Education Minnesota are leading the charge against racism and fascism:

    And given that teachers are the best, brightest and most enlightened Minnesotan, who there ever was:

    Why not require every teacher and member of Education Minnesota to spend one month of their three month summer vacation tutoring, one on one, BIPOC children?

    I don’t know why anyone would have to even suggest this, since it is so obvious a thing. In fact, I am sure that such an initiative is well-underway and all and every member of Education Minnesota is already committed to such an action.

    Why would anyone be traveling the country in an RV or vacationing at their lake home, or even working a summer job, when the important work of anti-racism is calling?

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