The Darkness Before More, Darker Darkness

The news is full of stories about the preparations for Monday’s opening of the Derek Chauvin trial.

Signally, all those preparations seem to involve fortifying government buildings.

That includes Minneapolis City Hall, where taxpayers are paying a lot of money to fortify a building wherein most of the City Council members believe the expectation of public safety is a privilege.

As to protecting the small businesspeople? Residents?

Additionally, Sasha Cotton, the director for the city’s new Office of Violence Prevention, said her department is working with the city’s Neighborhood and Community Relations Department on a preparedness toolkit—which includes safety tips and best practices, among other information—to help neighborhoods and residents.

A “preparedness kit”.

In other words, smoke ’em if you got ’em. You’re on your own.

Again. Government has its priorities. Government is government’s priority.

But it’s OK – because city officials are pointing out the precedent they’re concerned about.

January 6.

Not May 25.

“Never Waste a Crisis!”

A city’s agony is just another excuse to feed into the blood libel that there is a massive wave of “white supremacist right wing violence that’ll dwarf 9/11” waiting out there, any day now.

49 thoughts on “The Darkness Before More, Darker Darkness

  1. It turns out that the only people talking about a March 4th DC riot by Trump supporters were the Barney Fife’s in our intelligence services.
    The same guys who got Saddam’s WMD’s wrong, totally missed the 9/11 hijackers wanting to learn to fly jet airliners (but not take off or land them), and were totally blindsided by the collapse of the USSR.
    I am seeing a pattern here.

  2. Saw on Fox News this AM where a downtown Mpls business woman claimed that the Neighborhood and Community Relations Department warned her to be sure her insurance was paid and up to date in preparation for the shindigs in Mpls sure to come. Other cities around the US should also prepare for their own lawless revelry.

  3. A buddy said he was preparing by going to the shooting range to sight in his new reflex sight. Can’t see iron sights at night, when is when certain people whose lives matter tend to protest most peacefully. He was looking forward to having a green dot to help with home defense.

    I was just jealous that he has so much ammo stored up, he’s willing to use it.

  4. Weren’t the protests against congress certifying Biden’s electoral college victory on January 6th “mostly peaceful”?
    Did Sasha Cotton’s race play a part in her selection for a sinecure? I have no idea, have never seen her photo, never heard her name before.
    But if her race did play a part in her selection, it was illegal to do so. It is hard to get more illegal than qualifying or disqualifying a person for government employment based on his or her gender or race.
    And a large majority of Americans like it this way.
    So why do people still feel free to violate American law and American tradition?

  5. Greenwald: Twice in the last six weeks, warnings were issued about imminent, grave threats to public safety posed by the same type of right-wing extremists who rioted at the Capitol on January 6. And both times, these warnings ushered in severe security measures only to prove utterly baseless.
    Basically, you had the idiots in DC LE doing the wrong thing on January 6th, and following January 6th, doing the wrong thing again and again.
    Barney Fife could teach them a thing or two about aggressive policing.
    We were warned about violence that was “likely to occur” at state capitols on inauguration day.
    Never happened.
    Then we were warned by the Barney’s that the white supremacists would descend on DC on March 4th, for some reason known only to the Barneys.
    Never happened.
    The great thing about empirical evidence is that people instinctively trust it, as they should.

  6. So reminiscent of Fergus MO. All those Police, Sheriff’s Deputies, National Guardsman. They were in Ferguson. They guarded City Hall and other Government Buildings. But the few commercial strips. The ones with all the mom -n- pops went up in smoke. Live on both Fox and CNN.

  7. The property management company that manages our office complex sent a bulletin of the planned events for Shark, I mean, “Chauvin Week”:
    • Convict Chauvin March and Rally
    Saturday, March 6, 2021 from 3:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
    Starting Location is 38th and Chicago
    • I Can’t Breathe Silent March for Justice
    Sunday, March 7, 2021 from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    Hennepin County Government Center
    • Reflect: The Trial of Derek Chauvin
    Monday, March 8, 2021 at 7:00 a.m.
    Hennepin County Government Center
    • Chauvin on Trial
    Monday, March 8, 2021 at 7:00 a.m.
    Hennepin County Government Center
    • The People vs. Derek Chauvin: Rally for Justice on Trial Day 1
    Monday, March 8, 2021 from 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
    Hennepin County Government Center

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  9. Unlike the January 6 violent insurrection by white supremacist Trump supporters that killed 4 people, what you are likely to see in Minneapolis next week are “largely peaceful protests” by “civil rights advocates” that may result in the occasional “scuffle with police.”

  10. I imagine the Trump inspired MAGA insurrectionists wouldn’t have to use violence to overturn elections if their opponents were prevented from voting in the first place. That’s just common sense.

    The real concern here surely is the capacity for violence by a relatively small group of semi organized nutters  created by the ready availability of military style weaponry.

    I would add that guns don’t just enable the mass violence, they change the way their owners think about violence, and encourage it.

  11. “guns don’t just enable the mass violence,”

    How many guns confiscated at the capitol, lying d’bag?

    Oh yeah, none. God, I read maybe one of your drools every 3 months and all you do is lie.

    Didn’t mommy teach you that lying is bad?

    Oh yeah, you don’t you who your mummy or daddy is do you.

    Too bad, so sad.

  12. The real concern here surely is the capacity for violence by a relatively small group of semi organized nutters created by the ready availability of military style weaponry.
    No, the concern here is that antifa and BLM will burn businesses, assault business owners who attempt to protect their property, assault the police, and occupy and burn police stations.
    This is what happened after the death of George Floyd just nine months ago. This has been demonstrated empiracally, that is is, by the evidence of our senses.
    It is irrational to believe that the concern is “capacity for violence by a relatively small group of semi organized nutters created by the ready availability of military style weaponry.”

  13. Look over there — it’s a caravan of Antifa squirrels.

    It’s pretty funny to see the same people who demanded “Antifa” be designated a terrorist group now squealing about the treatment of their own extremists after the attempted coup and failed insurrection.

  14. I swear trollbots are Mitch writing anonymously. Nobody can be that stupid, Mitch had to invent them to offer a descending point of view. And the fact Mitch ONLY engages with the trollbots is proof positive they are a phigment of his slipping imagination that thinks biodiesel is made from poop and Estonia is a highly nationalistic country.

  15. Although I think you mean “dissenting”, jpa, I would accept “descending” as a description of the trolls if you said it was on purpose. 😉

  16. We will get an interesting contrast between how dems handle a riot by a few dozen unarmed protesters in the nation’s capitol & how the dems handle burning and looting and the destruction of a city by their allies.

  17. The Big E: ” . . . guns don’t just enable the mass violence, they change the way their owners think about violence, and encourage it.” Plainly then, eliminating guns would eliminate violence. It stands to reason.

    In completely unrelated news, residents of Great Britain have discovered a concept called “substitution” hitherto unknown by Liberals:

    What will they think of next?

  18. I wish the Capitol had been defended with the same level of police zeal, manpower and heavy weaponry that was deployed against protesters at Trump’s St John’s photo op.

  19. MO, what do you mean We will get an interesting contrast ? Were you not following news what’s been happening in Ferguson, Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, MSP and other cities? Are you not following the fallout for the allies? All charges dropped… The message had been sent – you can cause mayhem at will and without repercussions. Burn baby, burn!

  20. JPA, Minneapolis is a powder keg.
    The feckless response by Frey and Walz, plus political forces among the Democrats that supported last years rioters means that there is no incentive for the violent communists and racists of the Left to do anything other than riot.
    The Floyd incident has been mismanaged from the start. There has been no downside for the people who orchestrated the violence. On the contrary, the riots in Minneapolis & elsewhere has enhanced the rioters’ position in the Democratic party, and the Democratic Party holds immense power in Minnesota and Minneapolis.

  21. Here is an interesting thought experiment:
    Suppose that Monday morning a deal is announced where Chauvin agrees to plead guilty to all the charges against him in return for a ten year sentence (about the most he would get if the jury returned a guilty plea on all charges).
    What do you think would happen?
    My guess is riots.

  22. Let me correct you, MO. The sun will come up tomorrow and reprobates will riot. Regardless of the outcome, regardless of the plea, regardless of anything, other then they CAN and NO ONE will stop them.

  23. Simply impossible for Emery to discuss the topic of this thread. Boring, Emery.

  24. If we had a fool proof way to discern peaceful protestors from others it would be a perfect world. But it doesn’t work that way.

    When a curfew is declared it applies to all citizens. That is the signal that things are progressing out of control. To proceed further is reckless. Those who do need to own the consequences. A large presence of guard and police early in a widespread disturbance is the way to keep it from escalating to violence rather than protest.

  25. That’s lovely theory, E-buddy, but it only works if the police are allowed to do something more than stand around glowering and clenching their batons. In real life, as People Whose Lives Matter beat innocents, police stand by watching (Charlotte) and as those People loot stores and burn buildings (Minneapolis), the police are ordered to withdraw. The theory doesn’t work in the real world.

    The curfew applies to all citizens who obey it, same as background check laws, but not to People who ignore laws they don’t like because . . . Slavery. The rest of us hole up with lights out and magazines loaded . . . hoping for the best.

  26. Maybe they could move a few miles of razor wire & twenty thousand NG from DC to Minneapolis, and they could keep the peace?
    What are those guys doing in DC anyhow? Isn’t cowman in lock up?
    I spose Pelosi is afraid Q will bust cowman out in a daring midnight raid . . .

  27. I would hope it won’t be similar to the MAGA insurrectionists when the Pentagon took 3 hours to greenlight troops during the Capitol assault.

    I support and applaud the effort by law enforcement to maintain civility. I will not support and will oppose to the best of my ability anyone who can not folllow the basic rules of society.

    It’s called maintaining public order, and – while many on the Minneapolis City Council may disagree — it unfortunately can’t always be had with a ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

    I will have no sympathy for anyone arrested, detained or injured as a result of illegal activity regardless of race. Everyone I have spoken with on the issue believes in the same principles. I sure hope no one thinks they are going to get away with anything this time.

  28. I will have no sympathy for anyone arrested, detained or injured as a result of illegal activity regardless of race.
    Total bullshit.
    Remember Emery’s insistence that the pentagon should have sent troops out to crush the rioters in DC last summer?
    Or his dismay that the rioters in DC on Trump’s inauguration should weren’t met with US troops?
    I don’t either.

  29. Early this morning we skied 44K — Cable to OO (3868 vertical feet) and back. You should get outside and enjoy life! 🌞

  30. I spent the morning ski-diving. Jumped from a helicopter with skis and no chute, James bond style! Landed at Trollhaugen. Dropped onto the Julebakken run, 24% grade. Velocity is still a problem, given the short run out at the bottom. Usually I carry a Thompson 5MG with the drum magazine and use it a sort of retrorocket to slow my descent. You simply fire longer bursts as you approach the highway and gravel pit at the bottom of the run.
    But it was warm around here today, and I thought the manufactured “snow” would be extra slick, so instead of a single 5mg I carried two.
    Turned out I only needed the one, so I saved about a hundred rounds at seventy cents each. Score!
    6,000′ vertical drop, including the 18 feet where I fell into the gravel pit. Thank god I have springy knees!

  31. So, potato head and his friends got up, before dawn no doubt, and skied like heroes until it was time for him to rush off accounts of their deeds on the SiTD comment section.

    I bet potato head wears a cape around the house.

  32. “I will have no sympathy for anyone arrested, detained or injured as a result of illegal activity regardless of race.”

    Imagine you are a black looter, sitting in jail waiting to get booked. You’re gonna be like “Oh dayum. I just knows Potato Head is out there judging me, even though I’m black.”

    Levels of retardation never thought possible become child’s play whenever Potato Head makes an appearance.

  33. Relax doc. Gonna be different this time.

    Word is out within the looter/arsonist/pedophile communities that PotAto HEaD (aka the caped telemarker) will judge them harshly for their acts of insurrection and chaos if they get caught.

    He’s told them to stand down and stand by.

  34. Hope you’re right Pete. I’m watching the paint dry on Court TV. Any lawyers feel free to comment. Looks like the State is trying to hedge its bets on the charges by re-including 3rd degree murder charge. Could they believe their case is that weak?

  35. Reinstating Third Degree “depraved mind” is one more step in rigging the case to reach the outcome the result the Left demands.

    Traditionally, “depraved mind” murder was charged when someone did something dangerous but without specifically intending to kill a particular person, such as firing a gun into a schoolyard of children or driving into a crowd of people. It has historically not been applied to acts targeted at a particular individual.

    The State charged it against Noor, the cop who shot the woman in the alley. Noor appealed, the Court of Appeals changed the law to cover acts against individuals, then the State immediately obtained an Order from the Court of Appealing telling the Hennepin County Court that the new interpretation applies in the Cauvin case.

    Read the cases yourself. Search for Docket Number A19-1089 on the court archive page here:

    In this case, the State wants to argue that the neck-kneeling restraint was so obviously and horrifyingly dangerous that it demonstrates Chauvin had a depraved mind, he acted with wanton indifference to human life, he was just plain wicked to do it . . . despite being official police department policy at the time.

    Yeah, they’re desperate.

  36. “the State wants to argue that the neck-kneeling restraint was so obviously and horrifyingly dangerous that it demonstrates Chauvin had a depraved mind”

    That’s gonna be embarrassing when Chauvin’s law talkers whip out the MPD training manual that describes that tactic, complete with pictures, exactly as Chauvin applied it.

  37. DrPS – it had already been established that MPD is a racisssss and homophobc and zenophobic cabal, so erverything in the manual is depraved. See how that works?

  38. jpa, that’s as may be. But to convict the cop, they’re going to have to prove
    A: The kneeling killed Fentanyl Floyd, or directly contributed to it.
    B: The cop knew or should have known it would kill him.
    C: Kneeling on Fentanyl Floyd was the cop’s original idea.

    Assuming the MPD training manual that was posted online is genuine, none of that can be proven. Depraved or not, the cop followed his training to the letter.

    In addition, they’re going to have to prove the kneeling is what killed him, directly or indirectly. According to what I’ve read, Fentanyl Floyd was in the act of dying before he was detained. It was clear he was not kneeling on Fentanyl Floyd’s windpipe.

    IMO, if justice was still a thing in the US, this guy would walk, and he would have grounds for many libel and slander lawsuits.

  39. IMO, if justice was still a thing in the US, this guy would walk, and he would have grounds for many libel and slander lawsuits.

    And that is where you are wrong. Justice is no longer a thing in the US, there is only social justice™. Just look at the leftard perps being released after rioting, looting, burning and raping. Lady Justice had left the building!

  40. I read a prosecution response to a defense motion that, among other points, challenged calling a witness with MMA experience (allegedly) who claims the knee on neck restraint amounted to a “blood choke”, i.e. obstructed the carotid arteries enough to cause unconsciousness and then death. I don’t watch a lot of MMA so someone direct me to a fighter tapping out with one knee on his neck . All the times I’ve watched , the winner had both arms wrapped like an anaconda from behind. Oh yeah, it wouldn’t cause pulmonary edema either. This case is a nothingburger.

  41. Said “if” it was “still” a thing, jpa. I know it’s not. Justice was defenestrated the day MeMaw Clinton was given a pass on compromising national security, destroying evidence and lying under oath by the Director of the FBI.

    Somali clan councils have more moral authority than our courts.

  42. “largely peaceful protests” by “civil rights advocates” that may result in the occasional “scuffle with police.”

    I’d be perfectly fine if every Mpls officer refused to raise a single finger to prevent or protect a single person or property that might otherwise be negatively affected by the peaceful protests of civil rights advocates.

    Unless it is an officer of the law being harmed (human, canine, or equestrian). Then, they need to do a happy dance on the aggressor’s face.

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