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Dana Loesch, by way of exposing the grift of the “Anti-Racism” industry, published a whistle-blower account of the Coca Cola session with Robin DeAngelo a few weeks back – the one that told Cokers to, well…

“Be less white” – a term that is couldn’t be a purer example of Berg’s 21st Law of Rhetorical Evolution if I’d designed it that way.

When it comes to “progressive” policy, yesterday’s absurd joke is today’s serious proposal and tomorrow’s potential law.”

I harken back to a generation of Bill Murray telling his fellow recruits in Stripes [1] to “be less white” as they go through their drill routine; of a generation or two of bar bands and nightclub DJs chiding their stiff-dancing, dorky audiences bobbing along to “Slow Ride” or “More than a Feeling” or “I’m All Out Of Love”.

But Berg’s 21st Law isn’t called “Berg’s 21st Suggestion” for a reason. There’s a massive industry of grifters, rage consultants and other ideological hogs bellying up to the trough that is the upper-middle-class First World white guilt goldmine.

Robin DeAngelo – who is to the melodramatic upper-middle-class, consequence-free “white guilt” that is a prime symptom of “Urban Progressive Privilege” what Bernie Madoff was to Old Manhattan Money.

You’ve seen her list before, but here it is, just to jog the memory:

What this glob of word salad and gaslighting is really asking is “be less a product of Western Civilization – the most humane civilization in a human history dominated by tyrants, war, oppression, disease and early death – and shush up as we return to an era of aristocrats, knights, and vassals”.

Which is nothing new, if you’ve been reading this blog and/or have any functioning critical thinking capability.

Beyond that, though?

If I’m “less white”, aren’t I then appropriating someone else’s culture?

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  1. Act less white is a much more socially acceptable way to say destroy Western civilization. And yes, I do understand what I just said. It was intentional.

  2. Yes, if you don’t act totally white, you are of course racist for appropriating other peoples’ culture, at least if you don’t vote Democratic. And of course, if you act white, you are racist for not appropriating other peoples’ culture. Again, at least if you don’t vote for Democrats of a particular persuasion.

    For my two cents, I’m pretty glad that my ancestors did a lot of cultural appropriation, including the religion of Jews, the mathematics and philosophy of Greece and Rome and Arabia and India, the coffee of Turkey, the chocolate and tomatoes and maize of the New World, and some of the musical traditions from all over, including Africa.

    It strikes me that the best way to ensure continued racial and ethnic strife is to tell people that they cannot enjoy good things that other cultures/races/ethnicities bring to us–as I believe Bastiat told us, if goods do not cross borders, armies will.

  3. If you want to get ahead in this world, try acting white.

    If you don’t want your pants to fall down, act white, and wear a belt.

    I could go on.

  4. AllenS,

    It’s not even a racial thing. I mean, if you want to get ahead in Japan or Switzerland or Estonia (the last two of them places with their own cultural divides), act Japanese, Swiss or Estonian. Learn to speak passable Japenese, German, French, Italian or Estonian.

    Wanna get ahead in France? Wear a beret, smoke weird looking cigarettes, and sit at sidewalk cafes drinking coffee and debate deconstructionism.

    This idea that America is uniquely evil for having a dominant culture is just daft.

    No, it was just daft. Now, it’s cultural gaslighting.

  5. Geez Berg, you just can’t help from putting a foot in your mouth. First it was biodiesel and now Estonia. You could have said Latvia and would have been correct, but Estonia is NOT it. Geez… You need a vacation because you are REALLY slipping.

  6. It’s not even a racial thing

    Of course it is, you silly person. You can stubbornly use that euphemism “Western Civilization” but let me ask you, “The western part of what?” Europe, yes? Where whypeepl live and have lived for some 2500 years? Where Western European Civilization became the dominant culture? Of whypeepl, yes?

    The various tribes of non-whypeepl mostly think of whypeepl as a racial tribe – heck, even the left half of whypeepl themselves do. That’s what that stupid bint pictured above thinks; she’s not hiding her anti-white racism. The only ones pretending to think that whypeepl are not a racial tribe are those silly whypeepl people clinging to some misbegotten notion that Western Civilization is or should be some tribe-less Coca-cola advertisement.

    Who came up with that idea? I mean, f’r’chrissakes, we’re only 80 years removed from showing the world that Western Civilization can also be (among) the most inhumane civilization(s) in a human history. Forty years, if you use the Balkans instead.

    Moreover, berets? Weird looking cigarettes? Looking? Maybe weird smelling, but c’mon man, that’s what all French people are like? Sartre clones? I’m sure the Yellow Vests who protested (and still protest?) against their useless Sartre clones appreciate your bigotry because they’re the small business owners and small-town workers just trying to get by without ever once discussing deconstructionism.

    And finally, AllenS’ comment about the world is usually understood as a metaphor for life. As to acting white to get ahead in life, you might want to read through this list of characteristics of whypeepl compiled by non-whites and tell me if you think that people having those characteristics would *not* be successful in life. Anywhere.

  7. JDM wrote:
    “The various tribes of non-whypeepl mostly think of whypeepl as a racial tribe”

    Actually, they believe that “white people” is a social construct created to join various European ethnicities into a single group for the purpose of oppressing “black and brown” people. The black and brown races are legitimate because they were formed as a reaction to white people oppressing them. The white race, as it exists, only exists to oppress and exploit non-whites.
    This is explicitly stated in ta nahesi coates _Between the World and Me_.
    You can also this idea stated in less politically charged terms in Toni Morrison’s _Beloved_.
    This is a paranoid fantasy that is designed to promote racial division and hatred.
    It’s nearest parallel can be found in _Mein Kampf_, where the Jews are depicted as being an illegitimate race because they controlled no land. Frenchmen lived in France, and legitimately defended and exploited French territory. Russians legitimately defended and exploited Russian territory. The Jews, however existed as a parasitic race that sapped the wealth from the nations they inhabited.

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