For The Children

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Lowering the voting age has long been a Democrat dream.  Phyllis Khan promoted it in 1989, saying: “If we trust them to drive at 16, why don’t we trust them to vote?”  The notion is back again, this time in Congress

On the one hand, the notion that people aren’t mature enough to vote until 18, drink alcohol or buy certain tools until 21, or take responsibility for their own health care until 25, is a recent conceit unknown in the prior five millennia.

On the other hand, teenagers are less prone to nuanced thinking, more prone to letting their emotions over-ride their logic, which makes for good cannon fodder both for demanding social change and to send against actual cannons.

I’d be tempted to agree with lowering the age of majority if we were consistent about it.  At 16, you are an adult: you can drink, smoke, make babies, marry, divorce, be drafted, get a tattoo or sex change operation, sign a contract, take out student loans, file for bankruptcy, and vote. 

Yes, it will hasten the fall of society, as starry-eyed children vote for manipulative politicians selling promises of utopia but delivering indentured servitude.  But that’s coming anyway, so we might as well get on with it.  And there should be some entertaining moments along the way, watching idealists become disillusioned and forced to admit we conservatives were right all along.   That’ll be satisfying.

Joe Doakes

I’m not quite to the point where I can see it being that satisfying.

But I can see the path to that feeling.

4 thoughts on “For The Children

  1. The ancestors of some friends of ours came from Finland. When they decided they needed to uproot and come to America, they gathered all the money they had and picked a son to travel to New York, then make his way to Minnesota, buy a farm, then wire the family so they could come join him and begin a new life.

    He accomplished all of this. He was 14 at the time.

  2. It get worse. The woke folk wish for five year olds to sign up for puberty blockers and genital mutilation surgery.

  3. Go find an old rural cemetery, look at the dates on the headstones, how young people were when so many of them died. It’ll break your heart for their parents’ sorrow, and harden it against pajama boys expecting to live off society until they’re 24.

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