Purge Day

Remember last spring and early summer? When New York’s catastrophic mismanagement of the Covid pandemic led to a national scandal that humiliated Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill “Squiggy” DiBlasio?

Of course not. The media tamped it down. With a contentious election already underway, Big Media and Big Left didn’t want any splatter getting on the Democrat nominee, whoever that was going to be.

But it was horrible; both New Yorks, state and city, had death rates that still dwarf the rest of the country. Over 10% of all nursing home residents died in a matter of mere weeks. The city was a charnel house. One nursing home left a few dozen bodies in a n un-refrigerated U-Haul, and hospitals were, as related by an endless stream of morose NPR stories, overwhelmed (even as a Navy hospital ship rode, almost empty, at anchor in the harbor, lest President Trump garner any credit whatsoever).

Big Left rallied around the inept Cuomo, spending nine months treating him as a saint walking among us, as an epidemiological Omar Bradley smiting the viral foe from the field, plumping up the sales for Cuomo’s absurd public health “how to” book, putting him up for an Emmy Award for his televised appearances.

Until the inauguration.

Now that Democrat are in charge, Cuomo’s stock has fallen faster than GameStop.

Seems weird?

Not at all. Cuomo is not popular on the hard left that is currently in vogue in DC. He’s too centrist. The progressive wing of the party hates him – and Mayor Squiggy has aspirations in Albany and (absurd as it seems) DC.

Two theories, not mutually exclusive:

All The Facts That Fit The Narrative: It’s verging on being a Berg’s Law – modern media “fact checking” is largely a matter of making sure Democrats get all the credit for the true stuff. Cuomo was a hero – until Big Left wanted him out of the way.

Which is not in any way discontiguous with the other theory:

Try To Find A Pickaxe In Albany. I Dare You: I think it’s a purge on the left. The “progressive” wing, which controls everything in DC (including, let’s be honest, the “Moderate” Biden – wants their slightly-too-moderate bete noir out of the way. While Cuomo’s presidential odds were likely slim and none, he certainly has a powerful bully pulpit within the party.

Well – had one.

This past week, in my observation, has been almost perfectly stage-managed – with the news of the whistleblower coming out while the Governor was in an audience with Biden.

Why? I addition to being a “moderate” (yep, you read that right – Cuomo is like Phyllis Kahn) wart on the Democrat party’s butt that can be excised, making room for more acceptable “Progressives” for the nation’s third-or-fourth-most powerful, but certainly most prestigious, governorship, it also allows Democrats to claim the “credit” for getting “justice” for all the seniors that died…

…even though conservatives owned the story from the beginning.

Like Stalin ordering Trotsky’s murder, this purge – with able assistance from the media that is giving itself leg and lip cramps kissing Biden’s ass – serves all sorts of purposes for Big Left.

Badda bing.

29 thoughts on “Purge Day

  1. I’d been wondering about this. Interesting. Wonder how, if at all, that will affect CNN who employs the Gov’s brother?

  2. CNN’s covering themselves in….”glory” lately by not even covering the travails of Cuomo. It’s getting harder and harder to defend western media against the charge that they’re just a warmed over Pravda or Izvestia.

    I wonder what a good investigation would show about Cuomo. Not that we’re going to get one, barring a miracle, but I wonder.

  3. The governor covering up the deaths of thousands of elderly New Yorkers is appalling. Don’t try to justify bad actions just because a politician is on “our team”.

    At a minimum, Cuomo needs to publically own up to his failure. And his supporters need to own up to their principles of honesty and competency by voting him out next election.

  4. Cuomo never had a chance at national office. He was hip deep in the Albany corruption factory, and he had a lot of enemies there — enemies based on Albany business that had nothing to do with Left & Right.

  5. Cuomo did not just “cover up” the deaths of those New Yorkers. He caused many of them by compelling nursing homes to accept residents with active cases of COVID when he knew **** well that the most vulnerable people to the disease are the elderly.

    He needs to go to jail.

  6. Which is worse? Cause a problem or cover-up the consequences? Hey! why not crucify the guy for both?

    I note that someone would be satisfied if Cuomo just apologized for drowning people in their own lung fluid due to malicious incompetence. I mean, not a non-apology apology, a real apology. That’d be enough. The putz can continue to be governor tho’, maybe even get a job as some sort of public health officer at the federal level. Because he’s got the experience – and he’s sorry. And a Democrat.

  7. jdm, an apology would be nice, but quite frankly, one of the first things we learned for sure about this disease is that it was far more lethal to the aged. Sending COVID patients into nursing homes is therefore akin to having Larry Nassar do community service in a gymnastics training room.

    He needs to resign in shame, and if possible, be prosecuted for sending thousands to their graves. Public “health” officials who signed off on this need to go to, along with the governors of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and other states who did the same thing. This is a big place where we ought to have some limits on sovereign immunity.

  8. How can Cuomo be guilty w/o Walz being guilty?

    The advantages of living in flyover country, for one thing. Also, if you remember, the reason Cuomo is being roasted is because one of his aides gave him up. Wally and his staff have been quite the little team. There has been remarkably little, that I know of, non-conformance incidents from him nor his team.

  9. bike, I was unclear in my attempt at dry sarcasm. The Emery Collective would be satisfied with an apology.

  10. 👆You must have missed the part about being voted out of office. Reading comprehension etc.. it must be part of your shtick.

    The good news is that this will end Cuomo’s
    political dynasty. His kids may be Kennedys but their last name is Cuomo. All that’s left is Fredo.

  11. You must have missed the part about being voted out of office

    Oh, my gosh. You’re taking this really seriously. A mere apology is *not* enough! No! He’ll also be voted out of office!

    For killing people.

    PS A reading comprehension jab? I guess I must’ve hit a nerve for you to pull out that hoary old chestnut.

  12. Did you believe Trump should have been banned (Amendment 14) from running for office? Or do you believe voters should be allowed to make that decision?

  13. EI
    I believe Cuomo should be banned from running for any office again. Mass murderers, such as the ones you routinely lionize, should be banned from holding office.

  14. I can’t believe you bloodthirsty vigilantes want to go after someone who SAVED the state from Covid by the wise and brave policy of sending Covid-infected patients from the hospital back to nursing homes.


    It was NOT a mistake, it was POLICY based on federal GUIDANCE and EVERYBODY was doing it because where else would you put infected patients, in some sort of quarantine? Some separate facility reserved solely for Covid patients? How insanely stupid would that be?

    Send them back to the nursing home and buy a refrigerated warehouse to handle the corpses.

  15. refrigerated warehouse to handle the corpses

    OK, that takes care of the (dead) old people, but what about the thousands of cadavers laying all over in the streets? Has land been bought for mass graves in those portions of the state that voted for Trump? And, oh, yeah, a word to the wise, make sure you bury ’em deep enough.

  16. If what the whistleblower said is true, actions were taken to deceive federal investigators. That sounds criminal.

  17. Today was President’s day. >200,000 showed up to fete the President in Palm Beach. Not only were they showing their support for the President, they were laughing at the reprobates he crushed yesterday. It was a festive occasions by all accounts.

    Meanwhile, the senile pedophile inhabiting the White House had a nice day in the basement, with his nurse. I’m told he enjoyed a nice bowl of toast in hot milk.


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  19. Something like 80% of Minnesota’s covid deaths occurred to patients in long term care. Maybe more. Shouldn’t the feds be investigating Walz? It was all his show, the legislature had nothing to do with it.
    Perhaps Walz believes that his emergency orders allow him to kill the elderly with impunity?

  20. Dr. Pete.

    A old colleague of mine, lives in VA. He reports that he and many others in the area, do not believe that the Bidens are living in the White House, because the place goes dark at 11:00 every night. Further, standard Secret Service POTUS protection protocol includes a team of snipers on the roof. There haven’t been any there since January 10th. These same people also do not believe that the San Francisco ho is living in the VP’s residence, either. There was a missive released by her stooges that she hadn’t moved in due to construction, yet no construction crews have been seen there. Now, if these observations are reality, what’s going on?

  21. Evidently, if your policy decisions result in thousands of people dying, and you are voted out of office, you can walk free. Is that correct, Emery?

  22. I believe there are folks making that same argument in support of the former president regarding deaths at the MAGA insurrection and the over 400k deaths related to his Covid policies (or lack there of).

  23. Hoss, I couldn’t begin to have any insights into the Biden junta, except it’s sure to be a shitshow. Give it a few months, and they’ll be at one another’s throats for control of the dummy behind the Resolute desk.

  24. Yes, Emery, Trump gets sole blame for COVID problems, never mind the fact that he didn’t have authority to compel Democratic governors to stop sending COVID patients into nursing homes, or to actually kick the bums out of the subway where they were sleeping, or to actually sanitize the subways periodically–a move any rider would have told you should have started decades ago.

    And that’s why we see a ton of COVID deaths in England, France, Spain, Italy, and other countries where Trump had no authority at all.

    What’s especially good about the Biden plan, for reference, is that Biden and Harris are both lying their rear ends off about what they had when they took office, and they’re recycling the Trump plan, more or less, by doing their best to get the Trump vaccines into place as quickly as possible. But they’re actually doing worse, since there’s little or no pressure on states to get it in arms around the nation, and some entities are firing doctors who do that.

  25. If Trump is responsible for Covid deaths, I salute him. He cleaned a sizeable number of voters out of reprobate states and cities.

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