Whizzing On Your Foot, Telling You It’s Raining

Where have you gone, our #UmbrellaMan?

The Star/Trib turns its lonely eyes to you:

In a city ravaged by leftist violence several times in the past year, we’re going to focus, hard, on finding the dozen doughy ex-Libertarians, sitting in their parents basements, who identify as Trumpo-Anarchists.

In related news, Germany, expressing alarm over a 1939 attack on a border radio station, is concerned about potential Polish aggression.

27 thoughts on “Whizzing On Your Foot, Telling You It’s Raining

  1. Look — it’s antifa squirrels again.

    The FBI says there is no evidence antifa participated in storming the Capitol. Quite frankly your assertions distract from the very real far right threats.

    Carry on …..

  2. We are in Great Danger in Minnesota because 20 years ago, crazies committed crimes elsewhere. That’s what’s known in the biz as “bait-and-switch.”

    Here’s the telling quote: “People can’t be investigated for hateful speech or ideologies unless they incite violence, [Elletson] said.”

    In other words, nobody has committed any crimes around here, we have no evidence they’re about to start, and we’re not even investigating anybody. We’re just scaring you with a boogieman. Oooooohh!

  3. Let’s unpack Emery’s latest lie, shall we?
    The FBI says there is no evidence antifa participated in storming the Capitol.
    The info comes from the MSM:
    WASHINGTON — The FBI said Friday that there was no indication that individuals associated with antifa disguised themselves as pro-Trump supporters in order to provoke the mob at the U.S. Capitol, a claim repeated by several Republican lawmakers.
    When asked if the FBI had uncovered such efforts, Assistant Director Steven D’Antuono told reporters on a call, “We have no indication of that, at this time.”

    D’Antuono said that there was no indication that antifa provoked the riots, not that there is no evidence that antifa participated in the storming of the capitol.
    Once again Emery shows how quickly he will act to repeat disinformation or give false information on SITD. Or maybe he just can’t read English very well.
    Carry on!

  4. The FBI says there is no evidence antifa participated in storming the Capitol. Quite frankly your assertions distract from the very real far right threats.

    Threadjack. The post is about Minnesota and Mitch made no assertions about the Capitol in the post.

  5. The white supremacists, coolly manipulating peaceful protesters into violent riots . . . has this ever happened in the history of the US? Cointelpro was an operation carried out by Emery’s beloved and always-to-be-trusted FBI, not the KKK.

  6. How do you tell a trollbot? Never, EVER own up to their lies. Just post the next one in three… two… one…

  7. @MO and Mr. D.: Emery has historically demonstrated a remarkable deficiency in reading comprehension, so it’s no surprise he committed a thread-jack and misinterpreted the “gotcha” link simultaneously.

  8. Yea, Emery, just like the Nazi leaders in 1938 Germany, the actions of the Brownshirts assaulting and killing people, burning businesses and books, the deep state is directing the FBI leadership to lie to and gaslight their brain dead idiots like you, because, as you have proven continuously, that strategy works.

    Funny though. With all of the resources available to them, they have not been able to identify the person or persons that planted pipe bombs in the offices of both political parties. They know exactly who done it, but because the perpetrators were directed by the corrupt Democrat cabal. Look for those useful idiots to be found dead, tragic victims of Clintoncide.

  9. Isn’t there video of a White Supremacist(tm) threatening to burn down Hugo?

    Also: FBI – Federal Bureau of Instigation. I’m sure they’ve got their best man, Strzok, on the case.

  10. Emery – that was a threadjack.

    Since there were responses, I’m not going to delete it, but know that it is unappreciated, and I will not always be as forbearing.

  11. The article Emery hijacked is quite deceptive.
    It never says what the state of the FBI investigation into the riots is, or if it has even begun. It was written to refute a specific claim, made by a GOP congressman, that some of the rioters were antifa (not that these rioters had incited the mob). The FBI, just last Thursday, solicited the public’s assistance in identifying some of the rioters, so the FBI does not know who all of the rioters are.
    The article is garbage.
    But it serves to push the narrative of the Dems. If antifa was responsible for the riots, then Trump can’t be.
    So the journalist produced an article that lied and said that the FBI had cleared antifa of inciting the riot, when it has done no such thing.

  12. Umbrella man has nothing on Q.
    You would think that the FBI, etc., would have gotten this “Q” fellow by now. After all, he was the ring leader of a group attempting the violent overthrow of the US government.
    No one in the media, or its political arm, the Democrat Party, seems to be very curious about him.
    Maybe Q’s real name is “Emmanuel Goldstein”?

  13. Good point, MO.

    Here in MN, on US Highway 52, there is a fancy lighted billboard asking anyone with information about any of the perpetrators to call the FBI. Lots of taxpayer money being wasted to fool the useful idiots into thinking that the FBI is actually looking for people that were just in DC. Total sham!

  14. Just in:

    The owners of a Minneapolis restaurant that was destroyed in the riots after George Floyd’s death filed a lawsuit against the city and Mayor Jacob Frey. In the lawsuit, filed in Hennepin County District Court on Monday, Kacey White and Charles Stotts, owners of Town Talk Diner & Gastropub, say the delay in response to the riots by the city and Frey allowed for more destruction and cost them their restaurant. “Mayor Frey and the City’s failure to control the significant (yet manageable) number of malefactors on Lake Street resulted in his failure to protect Town Talk,” the lawsuit states

    By all means, let’s focus on white supremacists.

  15. In Nineteen Eighty-Four, Orwell did not reveal whether Goldstein existed, or had existed, or if he had existed that he was ever an enemy of Big Brother.
    But Orwell made clear that the “Emmanuel Goldstein” Winston Smith knew of was a creation of Big Brother (or might as well have been).

  16. So I did a google search & the last story I could find on the “Umbrella Man” of the George Floyd riots was dated July 29th. Supposedly the police said he was associated with a white prison gang and had been served with a search warrant.
    Since then, crickets.
    Yet another of the many, many conspiracy theories pushed by the Left, since black people would never do anything without instructions from a white man, lol.

  17. Speaking of pissing on my foot and telling me it’s raining….here’s a real piece of shit leftist telling me it’s time to “come together”.

    Bruce Springsteen; New Jersey ratfucker, wearing a fucking cowboy hat and work gloves…oh, yeah…I’d love to “come together” with Cowboy Bruce. Might get him tattooed on my arm, idk.


  18. Now you’ve done it, PS! You are gonna get banned from SitD for insulting St. Bruce in three… two… one…

  19. Thank you, Dr Pete, for opening the door. The Jeep commercial was the most execrable moment of the Big Game. Mitch, you cannot issue a pass for Bruce.

  20. I didn’t see the commercial, doc. And the fact I didn’t makes my deliberate decision not to take note of pro sportsball anymore a very wise decision.

    Just the still photographs were quite enough to put me off my food. Who needs the aggravation?

    BTW, anyone else notice Springsteen is starting to look just like Robert DeNero? Someone should check his cowboy boots for Jersey lifts. Evidently, liberal mental illness sometimes presents in little man syndrome.

  21. Every Bruce song, Got a car on a dark street with rain and there’s a girl my dreams are all dead and I’m dancing in the doorway because my dreams are in the car and it’s a dead end job in a dead end town and I got a dream and wearing a leather jacket I went to high school and I got a dream. (Schlichter).

    Great gig singing about the working guy while being a minstrel for The Thirty Tyrants.

  22. LMAO.

    Cowboy Bruce has been shitcanned after he was arrested for drunken driving in the wilds of Montana in his home sweet shithole of New Jersey

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  24. Yeah, it has nothing to do with the fact that Springsteen is well known as a liberal provacateur, and absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the commercial was being panned by just about everybody. Sure, we’re going to throw all that work in the dumpster because the Boss blew 0.02 after drinking a single shot of tequila.

    I’m not buying it. Jeep made a huge mistake and realized after the fact that the commercial was a dog by a guy whose statements tick off the strong majority of likely Jeep customers. The DUI is just a pretext.

  25. I’m also skeptical of the arresting officer’s account–sans video, I’m not buying that he showed the signs of drunkenness and smelled that bad when he only blew 0.02%. I’m not terribly a fan of the Boss, definitely not a fan of his politics, but my nonsense meter is pegged on this one.

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