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I confess, I am often tempted by those click-bait ads.  This site advertises the 10 Greatest Sports Cheaters.The authors act as if it’s a big deal, as if the cheaters were some kind of villains and the people who called out the cheaters were some kind of heroes.

Who cares?  You lost.  Whether you lost fair and square or the other guy cheated to rob you of victory, what difference does it make?  Move on.  Try harder next time.

Besides, you have no proof, and even if you did, we don’t want to hear about it. Questioning the result only undermines public confidence in the sport.  In fact, your continued harping about it is so tiresome, we’re shutting down your social media account and if you don’t zip it, we’ll get you fired from your job.

Nobody likes a sore loser.  That’s not who we are. 

Joe Doakes

To suggest otherwise is seditious. Maybe even Treason.

Against sports, natch.

35 thoughts on “Click Baited

  1. The reprobates have fait accompli, but it is tenuous.

    There are 3 cases pending before the SCOTUS; I suspect they will be forced to take up the PA cases, much as they’d rather not.

    The Gateway Pundit has video of the 3:30 and 4:50 am fake ballot drops in Detroit. The reprobates are having trouble coming up with credible lies for it, so they banned GP from Twitter.

    They are getting real traction on GAB though.

    And the Pillow Guys very well laid out video is getting millions of views on OAN. His taunts to the manufacturer of the crooked vote machines are very damaging.

    Thieves are often enjoying the fruits of their crimes when they are taken down. Such could be the case here.

  2. Swiftee is a fan of the Gateway Pundit..

    Tom you can’t not know Jim Hoft is gay.  Your clicks over the years must have paid for a few rails of coke for his Friday night throuple.

  3. Fapliar is still arguing with his Pookahs…Swiftee and Tom evidently haunt is dreams since they’re the first thing on his waking mind…and, oh, he’s back to speaking the degenerate, homoerotic fantasies he has in his head, out loud

    Fap on, Fapliar. Fap on. If you beat on it hard enough, that other ball might still drop…hope springs eternal.

  4. I keep having this same argument with some Lefty acquaintances. They tell me that Biden won a clean election and that I have no right to believe otherwise (despite seeing it with my own eyes). I keep telling them I do not need their permission to hold a contrary opinion, even were they to grant it. Which of course they won’t.

  5. J. They’re like the 3 year old, standing over a broken cookie jar and asking, with shining eyes: “What cookie? What Jar?”. And then screaming “I hate you!!” when you take the cookie out of his hand.

  6. You tell him you know its true because you saw it on the Gateway Pundit there J Ewing?

  7. You are totally wrong, Joe.

    Making up new rules on the fly is not cheating. For instance, males competing in female sports is not cheating, it’s justice, just like allowing once disenfranchised voters to vote six times.

  8. Again, the only way to fix the current voting system is to generate 200,000 Republican votes in Waseca,

    1,000,000 Republican votes from Biwabik wouldn’t be bad either.

  9. Yes, Lefties do not have opinions, they know facts.
    Facts like a capitol police officer was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher during the January 6th riot.

  10. MO, imagine how weak their minds must be to so easily, and deeply embed complete bullshit into undeniable fact.

    When their media holds up 2 fingers, they not only say they see 4; they *do* see 4.

    Some future anthropologist will coin a scientific name for liberal mental illness.

  11. Before things get better, how far will the suppression of free speech and freedom of association will be allowed to go on? My SO yesterday got a notice from an FB group she frequents that every post will be moderated (by FB) because some of the member’s posts were flagged as offensive on other… I want to make sure you get this – OTHER, as in not this, but OTHER… groups.

    1st amendment? Bill of Rights? We don’t need no stinking Bill of Rights! Rights are NOT for little people.

  12. Swift wrote: “There are 3 cases pending before the SCOTUS; I suspect they will be forced to take up the PA cases, much as they’d rather not.”

    Trump’s lawyers are going for the result — acquittal. Any argument that delivers the desired outcome is the right argument, legal scholars notwithstanding. The Republican senators will mostly vote to avoid incurring negative personal political consequences for themselves—there will be few profiles in courage here. Most will probably determine that voting to acquit is the easiest and most convenient way to turn the page. The quality of the argument matters hardly at all. The goal here is to put Trump in the rear view mirror.

    The argument that Trump’s lawyers don’t make — the massive election fraud argument — is the silence the Republican senators want to hear. Re-litigating lies is for losers. There is no desire to make Trump a martyr. The senators want to flush the toilet and move on (that’s the whoosh you’ll hear at the end of the impeachment trial).

  13. It is hard to believe that it was only 2016 when the Dems claimed Trump’s election was illegitimate because Putin hacked the vote count & spent $100,000 on anti-Hillary FB ads.
    Or that it was just 2004 when the Dems claimed that Kerry’s loss was illegitimate because Republicans used suppression in Ohio.
    And let’s not even get started with Stacey Abrams & love showered upon her by the MSM and her fellow democrats.

  14. Republicans — the Party of fiscal conservatism, who spend like drunken sailors when in office. The Party of law and order that can’t criticize an attempted coup. The Party of fearless individualism with elected representatives who live in fear of their own voters. The Party of federalism and States’ Rights, which supported a Texas lawsuit which sought to disenfranchise the entirety of the voters of Pennsylvania.

    Just a complete train wreck.

  15. SCENE:  Guy asks Mitch if he has any sort of quality threshold for Doake’s posts.

    MITCH:  No I just put them up.  It’s like a blog Make a Wish thing for retards, gives him something to feel good about.

    And SCENE.

  16. All political parties are train wrecks.
    The party that cannot state that a man with a dress is a man in a dress, and not a woman, is train wreck.
    A party that calls itself “Democratic” and devotes its efforts to preventing people from voting for a person is a train wreck.
    An American political party which has declared war on the Bill of Rights is a train wreck.
    An American political party that endorses rule by decree is a train wreck.

  17. 👆Unlike Doakes’ posts — yours won’t fall under the category of: ‘special needs’.

  18. So many logical fallacies, so many flawed arguments, so little understanding of why logic and reason are better guides to finding the truth than hatred or scorn.

    D. Pete saw a video on Gateway Pundit. John K. derides Dr. Pete for believing what he saw on Gateway Pundit because the host is gay, implying that homosexuals are liars and video editors. John K’s homophobia is a form of the Ad Hominum logical fallacy. Jim Hoft’s sexual orientation neither proves nor disproves the video evidence of suspicious ballot dumps in Detroit.

    Emery Incognito says the host of Gateway Pundit was suspended from Twitter. The implication is that Gateway Pundit is not a trustworthy website. That’s a form of the Genetic Fallacy. Whether or not Gateway Pundit is a credible source of the video neither proves nor disproves the images seen in the video.

    John K. nor Emery I. attack the messenger and the source, but not the evidence itself. The evidence itself stands unrefuted.

  19. That’s not the joke, Joe….

    The joke is “Dr. Pete” can be understood as a nasty homophobe here, on the blog, with all the “retrobate” posts. And going back to his days in St. Paul as a blogger and gadfly.

    But he’s a fan of Jim Hoft, who is gay.

    “That’s the joke”, as Ranier Wolfcastle would say.

  20. Ah, it was a Joke. Clown nose on, clown nose off. I get it now.

    You weren’t attacking Jim Hoft who is gay, you were attacking Dr. Pete for Not attacking Jim Hoft who is gay, and that proves the video is false, the suspicious ballot dump did not occur, and there was no election fraud.

    That’s a hell of a joke, right there. Glad you cleared it up for me.

  21. Oh, you ready to discuss the granular details of your fantasies in earnest there Joe?

    Taking a look at Gateway Pundit this morning reminded me that for the kooks, like you and Tom and most of the rest of the Shit in the Darkers, the stolen Michigan theory relies on:

    * The Detroit ballots entering the count and surpassing “Trump’s lead”… 

    * A van full of ballots having been shuttled to somewhere at 3am  

    Joe, its inane stuff.  I’m seeing in you a person who won’t maintain an adult headspace such that it would conflict with your other cherished beliefs.

  22. Joe, the inside of the heads of our two mentally diseased trolls is psychiatric nightmare.

    They’re dealing with delusions of grandeur, Dunning Kruger syndrome, schizophrenia, repressed homosexual desires, pathological tendencies to lie and it’s all being processed by very minimal natural cognitive ability.

    The fact that they are deluded to the point they endure daily discoveries of their mendacity and ignorance, and the withering mockery that follows, just for the opportunity to shock others with their degenerate fantasies is an indication of their pathologies in and of itself.

    Honestly, I see a couple of obese boomers, with the evidence of their daily meals displayed all down the front of their shirts.

  23. SCENE: Pencil necked little twat (PNLT) drinking trendy shots in a biker bar. His speech is slurred.

    PNLT: I’m shooo much shmarter than anyone here…I tower over you all.

    Bartender: That’s your last “Blowjob” sport. Shut your yap or gtfo.

    PNLT: (stands up to flex his noodle arms only to reveal he has pissed himself at some point) Ha! There’s not anyone in this dump that could throw me out…I’m Batman and you’re all GAY!

    Large biker: (Cocking a meaty fist) Oh, I see. That’s it, shorty. Out go the lights.

    PNLT: Naoooo! Not you! Not you! I said “Tom Swift” is gay…Tom, not you!

    (Sound of wet impact and a thud)

    And SCENE.

  24. Ope, Mitch manually deleted my comment again… that one was too hot for Shit in the Dark

  25. I don’t get it. Between you and your little temper tantrums, what *are* you trying to accomplish here, JK? I mean, the title Angry Clown is yours if you want it so bad.

  26. Some of the stupid, inane, degenerate shit that comes out of a reprobate’s head just dies of it’s own weight, Fapliar.

    Nothing personal, it’s just that you’re a gaping asshole. I suggest you calm yourself by reliving some of your favorite homoerotic fantasies, enjoy a nice fap then off to bed with you, cowboy!

  27. jdm, AC had class, the resident trollbots, not so much. That would be a great disservice to the memory of AC.

  28. So the Dems today, busily impeaching a former president while plague stalks the land, have refered to “armed insurrectionists” attacking the capitol on January 6th.
    This explains why the capitol police have refused to say if any of the insurrectionists were armed. None were, but no one can contradict the Dems assertion.
    Here comes that railroad! Choo-choo!

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