Open Letter To “A Wide Swath Of Liberal And Progressive Organizations”

To: The above-mentioned Swath
From: Mitch Berg, irascible, deplorable peasant
Re: Your Offensive

I couldn’t help but notice this from (where else) NPR the other day:

Oh, I can help.

For starters, you can beg for forgiveness for having appropriated a bit of culture – the term “Resistance” – you never earned.

For starters, you were a bunch of entitled, white, upper-middle-class plush-bottom yoonoos whose “resistance” involved posting irate Instagram selfies while running between your morning frappuccino and your Pilates class, appropriating a term that people who fought against real Nazis, who risked their lives and those of their families and friends during a war in which millions like them vanished without a trace. My contempt for y our self-aggrandizing drama should be apparent on this count alone – but if you’d like, I can be clearer.

Beyond that? Calling yourself a “resistance” is a little like Colin Kaepernick pleading “oppression” between meeting with his financial planner and running to a CNN interview. You people are part of the class that controlled much of the most powerful parts of society – the media, the bureaucracy, the educational-industrial complex…NPR, for that matter.

Just stop.

That is all.

3 thoughts on “Open Letter To “A Wide Swath Of Liberal And Progressive Organizations”

  1. This one is particularly gratifying, because, in addition to outing the left’s lies about Trump being responsible for the Wuflu, despite the success of operation Warp Speed, it also smacks our resident troll and copy right violator right in the mouth.

    Bumbling Biden admits that he has no plan to fight the virus, so, surprise! He’s using Trump’s plan!

  2. When polio was cured, the March of Dimes broadened its mission to other causes Maybe Liberal groups could do the same?

    Start by sending begging letters to contributors: “It costs just $1.49 per day to imprison Trump voters, won’t you help?”

  3. These cesspools of mental illness and degeneracy are about to get a pile of borrowed cash. 100% guarantee they all have rolled out some manner of bat flu related “outreach” program to get their beaks wet.

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