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  1. Immigration is always a Congressional legislative act. The 2013 Senate immigration bill would have passed the House if it would have been allowed to come to a vote. Most likely a compromise immigration bill will get through the Senate and pass the House despite the “amnesty” rhetoric.

    But the more interesting point is to watch the actual dynamics of the Republican caucus in the Senate in the coming weeks and months. Are they going to obstruct everything all the time? If so, then the Democrats have to take that to the 2022 midterms and figure out how to win. Biden’s narrow victory and inauguration herald a return to some kind of normal but not for a whole lot more.

    It should be obvious that a “radical” or “liberal” agenda is going no where in this Congress, but what about a centrist agenda? If a centrist agenda goes no where, then US decline will be baked into a slow-growth, grievance-filled society that will be unable to cope with the demands for adaptation, let alone mitigation, that will increase in pervasive intensity as the decade progresses. Progress towards a better world will slip away. But it will also be the future that the American people will have voted for. And they have more or less been voting for that future since 2000.

    For now, American politics seems dominated by big lies, big media, and small states.

  2. What a lot of people miss, is that Slow Joe clearly doesn’t want to be POTUS and in fact, has been caught stating that he didn’t really want it, but had to run and that he was just a placeholder.

    The sad part is that the man is obviously not well and is in a declining mental state. It is much the same scenario that I watched an aunt and my mother go through. He needs care and the DNC, Democrat deep staters, his adoring media and sadder still, his wife, who is allegedly a psychologist, are all culpable in pushing him into the position. Many pundits and critics posit that he won’t make it through his first year. I do not like the man or the party he stands for, but I sincerely hope that the rigors of the job don’t kill him. It is sickening that the left has shown their true colors throughout the whole election cycle in that they will use anyone and do anything to stay in power.

  3. ^
    $10 says putting a phrase from above into a search engine comes up with some leftist propaganda mill.

    Any takers?

    Reek, you are a monument to ignorance and mendacity.

  4. Normal people are uncomfortable with public abnormality; abnormal people like the aberration and the validation it gives them.

  5. Remember when the dems overreached with Obamacare? Cost them the house and senate. But we still have Obamacare. This “overreach” theory is ridiculous. Jonah Goldberg says the dems need to beat the gop badly, then they’ll overreach and the voters will punish the dems by putting Reaganite republicans in charge.
    Seriously. That’s the #nevertrumper plan.

  6. Max, you are right on point. It is the same ol’ Charlie Brown thinking. The battlefield had changed, and yet GOP (nevertrumpers and RINOs) are still using pitchforks against Gatling guns.

  7. When Trump says something he knows is a lie, he is announcing his contempt for the general public. He’s saying he considers you so stupid that you’ll believe the lie.

    If McConnell decides that Trump needs to be impeached, there will be 17 Republican votes to do it. At least.

    Say what you want about McConnell. He knows his politics and he knows his caucus. If he decides to go out on a limb and condemn Trump, that’s because the limb is the safest place to be. A lot of senate Republicans will reach the same conclusion.

    If I were a cynic I’d say it’s also about corporate money. But the optimist in me says McConnell is trying to save the party.

  8. As long as I’m stuck in “user experience” guys buggy moderation system…

    I hope McConnell is thinking of his legacy. He has a chance to work with Biden to repair the country, and to prove that the GOP is not, as I must admit I think, utterly lost to the mob. As it stands, he’s going to be remembered as having led the Senate during an attempted coup, and not having done enough to prevent his colleagues from agitating to overthrow the election.

  9. I personally like how Biden’s going back to the Obama plan of trying to put us all in 54mpg cars, despite the fact that there are precisely zero vehicles making that mileage today. (electrics claim it, but when you include the power added efficiency of the power plant, that 90-100mpge becomes about 30-35 mpg in honest terms)

    And then Biden’s immigration plan is going to blow up like dynamite in Wile E. Coyote’s face. People are lining up from Honduras already because they’re expecting to be let in.

  10. Yea, funny how the Dems are no longer concerned about the evil and deadly virus as they open the southern border.

    Incidentally, 4000 people died on Biden’s first day in office. He is already failing on his response. AntiFa rioted and are attacking Democrat party HQ in Portland and Seattle. Two suicide bombers attacked in Baghdad today. The great unifier and problem solver is already failing.

  11. I hope McConnell is thinking of his legacy. He has a chance to work with Biden to repair the country

    OLD: “Compromise” or “reaching across the aisle”
    NEW: “Work with Biden to repair the country”

    It means the same thing: Do what the Democrats want. Reminds me of a college professor who used to say “Let’s be reasonable and do it my way!”

    and to prove that the GOP is not, as I must admit I think, utterly lost to the mob.

    Guilty until proven innocent. Is this what Lefties mean by “Unity”?

    By all means, continue to equate or insinuate that 74 million voters and/or their elected representatives are the same thing as the Capitol riot mob that numbered in the hundreds, or maybe a thousand. Never mind that, unlike the Left last summer, most conservatives immediately repudiated the rioters. It will be interesting to see how such a strategy plays out in the midterms.

  12. I see you missed Biden’s carefully framed speech that made distinction between lies and truths.

  13. boss, miracle of miracles! No more Wuhan Flu! One hour after inauguration!

    WHO guidance Diagnostic testing for SARS-CoV-2 states that careful interpretation of weak positive results is needed (1). The cycle threshold (Ct) needed to detect virus is inversely proportional to the patient’s viral load. Where test results do not correspond with the clinical presentation, a new specimen should be taken and retested using the same or different NAT technology.

    For the laymen (and not trollbots who have no chance to comprehend the foregoing) – only infectuous tests will be counted. Recorded cases will be down precipitously. Could ONLY have happened with Slow Bidon at the helm. It took only one hour for him to defeat Wuhan flu! Rejoice!

  14. jpa,

    Yea. Funny, huh? Did everyone that had a brain see this coming a year ago?

    Now, again, as predicted, Biden’s Buffoons are now claiming that there is no program to roll out the vaccine. All designed to make Biden the third coming of Christ. They used the second coming on Obama.

  15. I see you missed Biden’s carefully framed speech that made distinction between lies and truths.

    Probably true…along with 99.99% of the American public. The official WH YouTube channel has removed the video of the Great Mumbler’s incoherent speech and turned comments off after it was greeted with a tsunami of derision and mockery. That says everything we need to know.

  16. In the name of unity, how can we make sure Trump supporters don’t feel embittered, insecure, or threatened over having repeatedly expressed the desire to kill us? Thoughts on reconciliation…,

  17. The unity and reconciliation sought by Democrats is, E.

    For example, Islam is a religion of peace. All you have to do to receive that peace, is to submit to Islam and the violence against you will end.

    It’s like that with Democrats, only secular and directed at Conservatives. The problem is . . .

    . . . I will not submit.

  18. Notice that it’s dated January 13th but not released until January 21st, an hour after Biden’s inauguration. They intentionally held it back.

    Even worse, it was based on work done by CDC back in June or July. And Super Fauci knew all about it, and still promoted the fascist dictates. It is also telling that lockdowns are forever as evidenced by the masks in public spaces EO. Because as everyone knows, when you are camping in Yellowstone the Wuhan Flu is more dangerous than the bears and ONLY a mask can protect you!

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