It’s That Time Of Year Again

The Minnesota State Legislator is back in session today.

Things to be thankful for: this time six months ago, I fully expected the GOP to lose the Minnesota Senate. The good guys held on by one vote, and actually cut the DFL’s margin in half in the House, meaning the good guys might see some progress – if only some floor votes forcing vetos by Governor Klink, to be bandied about in the 2022 elections. Which is a start.

Is it enough to shut down Governor Klink’s emergency powers? Well, we’ll see. More on that later.

If you’re a gun owner ? I talk here with Rob Doar and Bryan Strawser of the MN Gun Owners Caucus about the outlook for this session, and by extension the next one, and the 2022 campaign season.

By the way – if you’re a Minnesota gun owner, or even just sympathetic with civil rights in general you need to be supporting the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus. If nothing else, get on the mailing list – we excel at bringing the civil, rhetorical biblical-level wrath down on legislators when a gun bill comes out, and to be honest it’s fun being on the side of righteous fury once in a while.

Do it!

1 thought on “It’s That Time Of Year Again

  1. “Now is the time when men work quietly in the fields and women weep softly in the kitchen; the legislature is in session, and no man’s property is safe.”

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