Somewhere In The Afterlife, Walter Duranty Is Chuckling Like A Teenager Telling A Fart Joke

Times change.

Politics swing from left to right and back and forth again.

Perceptions go from one extreme to the other.

Fashions and social mores skitter back and forth and up and down over time.

So what on this earth can we always count on?

If there’s a totalitarian, somewhere, anywhere, the New York Times will shill for them:

I mean, when they’re not shilling for totalitarians like Fredo Cuomo and Squiggy DiBlasio.

11 thoughts on “Somewhere In The Afterlife, Walter Duranty Is Chuckling Like A Teenager Telling A Fart Joke

  1. As if anyone should ever believe any numbers or reports disseminated by the Chinese government. These need to be regarded with more skepticism than even an Emery comment.

  2. Night Writer- sadly, way too many people do believe those numbers. I mean, why would a government lie? Plus, the newspaper has fact checkers, so I’m sure that if they printed it, it must be true.

    If the headline tomorrow was the exact opposite, I’m pretty sure that would be the truth as well. Which has me wondering how you awaken people.

  3. The thing that boggles the mind most is that after the 20th century, no thinking person should ever endorse socialism. One would figure that a couple hundred million people dying before their time would put the kibosh on it, even in the Times’ newsroom, but apparently “reading Solzyenitsyn and Valladares and taking them seriously” never crossed the minds of the Times staff.

  4. Gee! Imagine that! Back to normal life, before the “vaccine” is released. Go figure.

  5. China cured bat flu; Pedo Joe and Kameltoe won fair and square and Epstein killed himself. Got it, citizens?

  6. sadly, way too many people do believe those numbers

    Internet scammers wouldn’t scam if there were not a lot of people stupid enough to “Click this button” and enter their bank numbers to verify for a $10,000 refund for a transaction they never made.

    Just look at how many people are walking around with disposable diapers on their faces.

  7. Remember back in December and January, when we were seeing images of people collapsing in the street in Wuhan and having to be stuffed into ambulances? How much of that was manufactured for our consumption? We certainly haven’t seen that kind of reaction to the ‘rona in North America or Northern Europe. Or are we supposed to believe our medicine is just that much better?

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  9. Washington State’s governor Inslee, (D, of course), has announced a “reopening” plan that will keep the state in lockdown forever.
    He links “reopening,” that is, allowing restaurants, bars, health clubs, etc., to case level by state region.
    This is central planning developed to the fever pitch of insanity.
    There is no proven relationship between restrictions on restaurants, bars, and gyms to the spread of covid. Inslee might as well have based his “reopening” on phases of the moon or the patterns he sees in bird tracks on the beach.
    This is probably what Walz will do in MN.

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