Happy New Year!

Let’s get everyone’s predictions for the new year on record.

I’ll start:

  • After nine months of whinging “2020 is the worst year ever“, Americans will discover that events don’t read calendars. Things’ll stop sucking pretty much whenever they stop sucking.
  • Joe Biden will come out of the White House basement no more often after being sworn in than he did before.
  • Nonetheless, his mental decline will become so apparent that by autumn, the Democrats will attempt to remove him using the 25th Amendment. Of course, if Biden doesn’t resign, and Harris and the Cabinet have to vote to remove Biden under Section 4, while the Veep and Cabinet can temporarily remove him, throwing the issue to Congress…where a 2/3 vote is required to permanently replace Biden with Harris. Which presents Mitch McConnell with a bit of a dilemma: would it be better to leave Biden in place as leader of the Democrat party, flailing and walking into walls and wandering into odd tangents, or install a “president” who never got over 5% of the vote in any primary and is pushing an agenda that would motivate Republicans and conservatives like nothing since Obamacare?
  • Americans, fatigued by over a year of restrictions that, outside of a few liberty-first states, and armed with the gradually escaping knowledge that T-cell immunity has made vast swathes of the population already functionally immune, will start to treat Covid restrictions the way their great-grandparents treated prohibition.
  • While waiting for America’s idiot ruling class to wake up and smell the public health coffee (ew), China will gobble up vast shares of the world market.
  • With the trials pushed back to the start of summer, the George Floyd trial’s verdicts will lead to rioting that make Minneapolitans look on the last week of May 2020 as the good old days. By 2030, Minneapolis will be generally revealed to be a failed city along the lines of Detroit, Newark and NOLA.

Your turn.

60 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Pedo Joe’s inauguration will be the first with a banana republic theme, where the new Commander in Chief must be kept away from the citizens for his own safety…makes sense, following the first banana republic style election in US history.

    The inaugural day clown show is just a warm up act. The limits to the possible debasement of our country on the horizon are endless.

    Will Pedo Joe have to appear behind chicken wire for joint sessions of Congress, or will he have a body double for high risk activities…like showing his face.

    Will there be an official “Presidential holder” to keep kiddies still while Joe sniffs them?

    Will Kameltoe hand out “personalized”souvenir cigars to visitors to her office?

  2. You need to own up to your manifold failures to make accurate analysis in 2012.

  3. Amid all the justifiable distress at Trump’s behavior, predictable though it was given his words and deeds over the last five years, we should also be praising the many election officials and judges who have upheld the rule of electoral law and defied Trump’s attempted coup.

    Such people have been in place in every state, many are Republicans, and they know what the US constitution, electoral law and accepted practice amount to. We all ought to be celebrating the fact that there are so many people of integrity in positions of electoral and judicial importance in the US.

  4. “The Supreme Court really let us down. No Wisdom, No Courage!,’’ ~ Donald Trump

    Such a revealing Trump lament—he has clearly no clue how the judicial system works.

    “The Vice President has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors.” ~ Donald Trump

    “The President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted.” ~ U.S. Const. amend. XII

    Not sure everything Trump is saying is accurate. 😂😂😂

  5. Woolly commented: “I don’t know anyone who is distressed at Trump’s behavior.”

    Of course not — you’re still on that Kraken Crazy Train with diehard Trumpalos.

  6. Kevin Williamson is a deranged Trump hater.
    I know this because he used to be libertarian minded, but with a Catholic sense of social responsibility. Now he is just a plain ol’ Libertarian. Agreeing with Trump’s concerns (real or fake) for those left behind by globalism would be, well, too close to agreeing with Trump.
    And that is the essence of Trump Derangement Syndrome. That is was it means to be broken by Trump. Every thought you have must be evaluated after taking into account how it relates to the utter awfulness of Trump & the fact that nearly half of Americans voted for him, twice. Trump is the Orange Collossus that governs their thoughts.

  7. Oh, Emery, you poor soul.
    Once again, I am not defending Trump. I am attacking you.

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