Student Senate Is Haaaaaard

Minneapolis police note that they were kept from the crime scene of a recent shooting near “George Floyd Square“ near 38th and Chicago in south Minneapolis, and that parts of the “citizens committee“ that have turned the area around the intersection into a de facto “autonomous zone“ contaminated the evidence that could be used to try to prosecute the perps, if they are ever found.

A couple of the inspectors involved have emailed a few members of the student Senate… um, City Council.

To give the minimum possible credit where it is due, and indicate how very low the actual bar is, Councilman Andrea Jenkins seems to have a veered close to something within rifle shot of common sense in her response:

Jenkins told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS she supports the memorialization of George Floyd Square and wants it to become a permanent fixture as she and others on the City Council pursue racial justice and police reform. But she does not condone any action which inhibits police investigations.

‘We want justice for everybody and it concerns me and I am not happy with what I read in the email,’ said Jenkins. ‘To somehow disrupt or delay that kind of response is completely irresponsible and an obstruction of justice.’

My fearless prediction; Jenkins will be castigated as a conservative reactionary, and will have a primary opponent from the left. be castigated as a conservative reactionary, and will have a primary opponent from the left.

12 thoughts on “Student Senate Is Haaaaaard

  1. What is wrong with those Mpls Progressives?
    The perfect Minneapolis Free Autonomous Zone™ would be an area bounded by the Walker Art Center on the north, Hennepin Ave on the East, Lake St on the south and the railroad tracks to the west. 38th & Chicago is a crappy part of town, why not pick a place with some style, and better food and nice houses too.

  2. ‘‘We want justice for everybody . . .’
    I understand that this was rhetoric, but one could hardly express a poorer understanding of the word “justice.”
    Floyd died while being arrested for passing counterfeit money. What “justice” does Jenkins think Floyd deserved?

  3. Open it up. Now.

    Just what happens if a power line goes down in a snow storm? Or gas or water line breaks when it’s -20f out?

    It’s time to grow up. If you want places to buy stuff and services, businesses that supply jobs, and roads so kids will someday go back to school, you must stop this foolishness.

  4. What Minneapolis needs is a mayor like LA’s Eric Garcetti – willing and able to shut off utilities to enforce compliance.

    I think the intersection should be made into a traffic circle with a large statue of George Floyd in the center. This will entail clearing out most of the businesses in that area to make room. They might be happy to get bought out at something approaching prior market value, rather than getting burned down after the police officers are acquitted.

    Then neo-Nazis can tear down the statue and receive restorative justice sentences of 100 hours of community service with no jail time or restitution.

    Everybody wins!

  5. I’m with pig. Why not commission a bust of Fentanyl Floyd large enough to replace the witch’s hat atop Prospect Park water tower? Sure! And condemn a few of the surrounding houses to accommodate the public demand for BLM Black Peoples Park from which the City Charter will prohibit any LEO from entering, for any reason.

    Oh, it will be swell.

  6. BLM Black Peoples Park

    Still testing the censor…I’ll get the the offending word eventually.

  7. Conservatives have their heroes, but they bestow the status of “hero” with full knowledge that the hero is an example of failed humanity, and that the hero’s herosim is restricted to certain action.
    Washington was a hero because he was a strong leader who shepherded The United States through its revolution and into its creation as a republic, not for his being a slave holder or a wealthy planter.
    But what are we to think of concept of “hero” to the progressives? What is George Floyd being given public honors for?
    The progressives’ heroes are not doers, they are done to by a cruel and corrupt system. They exist only to foster hatred of the system, which is, in the US, people very much like you &me.
    Nabakov wrote that all of the phenomenon of marxism-leninism was a thing of the bourgeois, that is, the educated middle class. It amounted to a civil war among the management class, to achieve middle class goals: control over the wealth of the workers.

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