So Now We’re Paying Attention To Bumper Stickers?

To: The City of Saint Paul
From: Mitch Berg, irascible peasant
Re: Scruples

Dear Co’SP


OK. Now do Saint Paul and Minneapolis teachers with Che Guevara stickers or t-shirts, or any other Hammer-and-Sickle-wear.


8 thoughts on “So Now We’re Paying Attention To Bumper Stickers?

  1. Bumper sticker on the cop’s private car.
    Bet his union will have something to say about that.

  2. Freedom of speech and association? Constitution? Ha!

    Take that complaint to court and see how far you get with It!

  3. “Bet his union will have something to say about that.”

    Imagine conservatives cheering for a public employee union…

    A student of history would recognize this. To consolidate power, Lenin started dismantling trade unions. Stalin dismantled union bosses.

    We’re on a well trodden path.

  4. Of course. Organized citizens are the foe of any totalitarian regime. We don’t hear anything about the AFL-CIO in China either.

  5. While its possible it was just a concerned Karen – er citizen, that saw him in uniform in his POV on his way to or from work it is equally likely that it was one of his neighbors who wants him to move out of their neighborhood.
    The DFL culture is the Snitch Culture™ — always at its very core a culture of cowardice.

  6. Right now we are being directed by a bunch of 20-something feminists who have been taught, in college, that white men are the enemy, and that when they move into the corporate world, their job is to oppose, in any way possible in whatever job they hold, the “white male patriarchy.” They are told that their employer will not allow this. The “system” won’t allow this. So these little girls end up working in a company’s HR department or public relations department, or “digital communications” department, and they cry-bully their way into managing the public face of the corporation.
    In college they are taught to fight the evil patriarchy with whatever tools they have.
    Being modern girls, they don’t know what a real fight looks like. Blood and guts on the floor, babies with their brains dashed out, etc. Women did not create the political world, men did.
    I support ANY group of people that organize against the bosses. Pubic employee union members or not.
    The greatest power you can have is to look at the bosses, toss their plans or the floor, and say “fuck you. I don’t care what you want me to do. Fuck with me and you will suffer.”

  7. Let me be, I hope, a little clearer.
    In the US we have promoted the idea of an independent labor movement. The union exists to promote the goals of the members, the government is not allowed to decide what those goals are.
    So you have a union that says rank in pay and title is based on seniority. But all the most senior members are white males.
    The government decides that is wrong. They want your independent group of workers to change its rules to give “women and minorities” a higher ranking, despite the rules your members have decided on.
    Give them a big middle finger is what I say. This is what an independent labor looks like.

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