We’ve Got To Destroy Regular Everyday Life To Save Regular Everyday Life

A list – and a partial one at that – of the Twin Cities restaurants that’ve spun in so far in 2020.

I say “partial”, because every Khan’s Mongolian BBQ I’ve driven past in the last few weeks has been either listed “for Lease” or, in the case of the Roseville store, been replaced by…

…you guessed it, a national chain (Olive Garden, in this case) with the resources to ride out a government-induced depression. I don’t see them on the list.

Not sure what’s more disturbing – the number of restaurants that list “burned down during the riots” as their cause of death, or the ones that say from beyond the business grave that they support Governor Walz’s draconian state of emergency even though it’s destroyed their business/es.

7 thoughts on “We’ve Got To Destroy Regular Everyday Life To Save Regular Everyday Life

  1. The Khan’s on 494 and Portland in Bloomington, doesn’t have one yet. If they go down, that will be sad. There have been four previous restaurants in that space and Khan’s has outlasted them all by several years.

  2. Bachelor Farmer/Marvel Bar (50 2nd Av. N., Mpls, (Owned by “The Daytons”)

    Well, I guess every cloud does have a silver lining – but I do feel sorry for the staff, who were not born with a silver coke spoon shoved up their nose, who lost their jobs.

  3. On the other hand, restaurants are (relatively) low capital to start up, and the owner/operator is usually highly motivated.
    On the third hand, the new risk that Minnesota’s governor can shut down restaurants at any time he chooses to may make it hard to find investors.

  4. Not gonna lie…’m having trouble gathering some fucks to give about the plight of resturaunt owners in leftist cities.

    First of all, many (most) are leftists themselves, and for those that are not, it’s not as if a trail clues have not been left for years to follow out of the area.

    When the reprobate sons of a reprobate Governor close their boutique resturaunt…

    If you’re gonna do business with leftists, in leftist controlled municipalities, counties and states, you pays your money, and pays, and pays, and you takes your chances.

    The only mystery I am left to ponder is, how many baby harp seals will die brcause Minneapolis has lost its rainwater runoff assessment gig? And won’t that just make Gia cry more? Its a vicious circle of white supremacy.

  5. I don’t see Peking Garden, King Cajun, or Golden Gate Cafe on the list. All 3 in the Midway Shopping Center, which the soccer people seemed to think the arson there was a gift to them.

    McCormick and Schmidt’s location in Edina is much easier to get to, as are most restaurants in the suburbs compared to downtown Minneapolis.

    But, I look at this list and anticipate many will reopen again in the future when they are confident that people will be out supporting them again. When covid first started, Can Can Wonderland said it was closing permanently, then reopened again later in the year. Of course, I have no idea what it’s status is now,

    For what it’s worth, Iowa has had a number of restaurants close as well, with less restrictions. Each business has to weigh the tax benefits of closing versus operating losses.

  6. The first Khan’s was in Dinkytown (currently occupied by the Burrito Loco). Ate there many times in college (90-93). Then Roseville opened. Then Bloomington. Then the Dinkytown location closed. I will be sad if it truly doesn’t survive and/or is not resurrected once the lockdown shams are lifted.

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