Profiles In Courage

As clubby, self-referential and solipsistic as the modern “elite” (and even not-so-elite) media is, I should have probably predicted we’d see scenes like this whenever Trump was on the brink of leaving office.

Never mind that “the Lightworker” Obama was did a whole lot more actual oppressing of “journos” than Trump.


No. To these coddled hamsters…:

…covering Trump was up there with going ashore with the first wave on Omaha Beach, or like riding in a B24 with Charles Collingwood.

Which is a little ironic, given that The LIghtworker was, in fact, the most press-hostile President since Woodrow Wilson – and given the deep-state leaks with which the executive branch was riven, it would have been pointless for The Donald to even try to match Obama’s record.

4 thoughts on “Profiles In Courage

  1. A handy list of the ten leakers (that we know about) investigated by Obama’s JD:
    Six of the ten were convicted & sent to prison, one plead guilty & avoided jail time, two of the prosecutions were eventually dropped, and one leaker (Snowden) fled the country.

    Tapper & his pals would do a far, far greater service to what remains of the journalism profession by doing a thorough investigation of the way journalists used unconfirmed leaks as the basis for important news stories.

  2. They speak of “the Trump years” as if he, and his ideological ilk, are going somewhere. “Remember the Magats, Zoe?” Lol.

    Trump was a regular commentator long before he ran for office. He’s not a guy who keeps his council close to his vest. He also isn’t unaware that 47% of the population believes he, and they have been robbed by the reprobates.

    Are they really so ignorant they think he (and we) will just fade quietly into the night? If so, I think the dawning of the new year might be quite a shock for the poor dears…

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