You Ain’t A Human Being

Dennis Prager has a great line – “Relationships can survive a lot, but no relationship can survive contempt”

When parties can’t see one another as human, forget about reaching common ground on differing ideas and ideals, can there be any point to trying to live together? I wouldn’t work for couples – why would it work for a nation?

It dawned on the world too late that when the Nazis actively portrayed the Jews as not very human…

…they meant it.

If there’s one thing more useful than one eliminationist Nazi cartoon, its’ two. Here goes:


That wasn’t even in German.

That was the Washington Post.

On Christmas Eve.

This is up there with “bitter, gun-clinging Jeebus freaks” and “Deplorables” and the rest of the litany of conceits Blue America holds on Red America.

But most importantly? It’s about contempt.

I’ve been pointing out examples of Blue America’s contempt for the rest of us in this space since the beginning, really. And if the Trump era has done anything, it’s helped parts of the right come out of their shells (yes, some, like our friend Pete Strunk, haven’t been in their shells fir a very long time, but its fair to say Pete’s always been an outlier)

5 thoughts on “You Ain’t A Human Being

  1. I don’t believe Pete when he says he has no guns — I’ll bet he has a Beretta Model 418 tucked into a boot somewhere

  2. So what, exactly, have these “rats” done that was not legal?
    Piss off the regime?

  3. I applaud the reprobates for their candor, return the sentiment and look forward to meeting them on the field of battle at their earliest convenience.

  4. The WaPo is standing firm with Ann Telnaes this time, but they removed a cartoon from this woman a few years ago. She drew Ted Cruz as an organ grinder and his daughters as monkeys..

    Evidently Bezos thought 2015 was too soon, but 2020 is ripe…I think he may be right.

    Bezos is running the WaPo at a profit; one of the very few legacy print media that can make that claim. He knows his audience, and is giving them what they want; hate, and lots of it.

    Under new management, Fox News has decided to give WaPo readers what they want, too. It’s not working too well for them yet but hey, who knows?

    There’s a lot of real Americans out here that are ready to accomodate the WaPo crowd, too; real hard.

    I don’t think they will really enjoy it, but hey, who knows?

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