In Which I Do Governor Walz’s Work For Him

To: Governor Walz
From: Mitch Berg, impudent peasant and Covid “Survivor”
Re: I’m Here To Help

My Liege,

You and your administration have been having a hard time getting ahead of the Covid virus, and your stated goal of “controlling the spread”.

I’m here to help.

More proximately, I’m here to help by showing you policies from elsewhere in your own career that can fix things, deux ex Moderna, for you.

So this is what you need to do solve Covid’s violence against Minnesotans:

  1. Find some national organization to whom you can (falsely, without any actual link) tie Covid. Which organization? Doesn’t matter – could be Ducks Unlimited for all we care. Just fine one, and start demonizing them.
  2. Get your progressive plutocrat funders to pony up to created “grassroots” non-profits to push “common sense Covid laws” in the Legislature.
  3. Support creating a registry of people who get Covid. Because it’s just common sense to know who’s got this deadly disease.
  4. When citizens suspect someone might have Covid, allow citizens to file court orders allowing the policy to go into their homes and enforce quarantines.
  5. If people have the kind of Covid that includes the skin rash, take it away from them. Nobody needs that.

Glad I could help with these commonsense Covid laws.

That is all.

19 thoughts on “In Which I Do Governor Walz’s Work For Him

  1. Sorry, Projection Mitch, did you mean this for Walz or Trump? You see, Trump did all of the above.

    1. Blame China
    2. Get cronies to say it’s a “blue flu”
    3. Create a list of journalists/media with whom you won’t interact and mock those who wear masks, thereby setting a leadership tone that mask wearing is for ‘pussies.’
    4. Blame blue states for having “more” cases, contrasted (falsely) to red
    5. Put in a travel ban on China a month too late, and then prohibit European citizens from travelling to the US, while still allowing US citizens to travel without quarantine, because, you know, US citizenry confers immunity.

    I mean, seriously? Given how colossally Trump screwed the pooch on this, you have to have someone to blame, I get it, but using Trump’s playbook as a suggestion for how to deflect blame really only proves that Trump spent 2020 deflecting blame.

    Even Juan Williams, the “man for sale” at Fox, had this to say about just how craven you and Trump’s other enablers have become..

    I’m reminded of this line from George Orwell’s “1984.”

    “Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship…The object of power is power.”

    It is now dangerously clear that for Trump and fans of his authoritarian style, the object of power is power.

    God help President Reagan’s vision of America as a “shining city upon a hill,” an enduring constitutional democracy, if they ever get presidential power again.”

    He’s right, if you win/when you win the Presidency again, we all should be VERY afraid – you clearly will lie about fraud, suppress the vote, and if necessary, use any excuse to strip everyone of their constitutional rights to be governed BY a democratically selected government.

    But yeah, lecture Walz, a governor, who has about as much control of COVID as you do. State borders aren’t magical moats… jeezus….I’d call you a name that sounds like snipslit but that’d be rude. Oh, wait, your comments to Walz were no better, were they?

    Honestly Mitch, when the hell are you going to get that hypocrisy doesn’t create moral equivalency. I don’t appreciate how lax Walz (and most other governors) have been but he’s been that lax because he had little choice, Wisconsin and the Dakotas make it impossible to create some sort of barrier to transmission inside the state. Trump did. Yet YOU want to focus on this – not Trump’s perfidy and fecklessness. Trump’s INACTION cost us tens of thousands of lives, Walz’s probably didn’t account for more than a hundred and the irony is, you wish Walz had done LESS.

    You need to move to Mexico. Seriously.

  2. From SF Chronicle:

    Fifty-eight more people died of drug overdoses in San Francisco last month [November], bringing the yearly total to at least 621. That compares to 441 deaths in all of 2019.

    The latest numbers put San Francisco on track to losing nearly two people a day by the end of the year and dwarf the 173 deaths from COVID-19 the city has seen so far this year.

    The drug crisis has been exacerbated by fentanyl, a powerful opioid that can be 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine.

    Just saying…

  3. How it started:
    Bloggers and far-right politicians claimed Doctors were faking Covid-19 deaths to make money.

    How it’s going:
    Now they’re are lined up for Covid-19 vaccinations.

  4. Some politicians want to take credit for saving fictitious lives from covid, while refusing to take responsibility for the very real deaths and poverty they have caused by saving their fictitious lives.
    Case in point: Cuomo’s policy of sending sick old people from hospitals into nursing homes probably killed around 7,000 people (
    And just a reminder, the care of people in nursing homes is completely in the control of the state. The state decides the care they will receive, the people they have contact with, their living conditions, etc. The people under this state-regulated care died by the thousands in New York state.
    In MN, about 40% of covid deaths occurred to people in care facilities (2800 as of Dec. 14). These people are kept under medical supervision, and, as in New York state, every aspect of their lives is under the control of public health experts.
    The death rate among the helpless elderly was so appalling that in November Walz’s office came up with a plan to address the high covid death rate in MN nursing homes. The plan was vague on details (“Leverage our partnerships to better apply their skills and talents”), but at least it was a plan.
    Now, over a month later, the covid death rate in nursing homes is virtually unchanged, no one in gov’t talks about the “plan” anymore, and questions about it are rarely asked at Walz’s covid press briefings.
    Minnesota is like a rudderless ship without a captain, these days.

  5. I should add that the “reasoning” behind Cuomo’s decision to send covid patients back to nursing homes was to free up hospital space for the surge of critical covid patients the “public health experts” told Cuomo was sure to come.
    But it didn’t.
    All those lives, thrown away based on the opinion of public health bureaucrats. Somebody really should go to jail for that. People actually died based on the incorrect modeling of these jackasses. Cuomo shouldn’t have listened to them, of course (they did not have a good track record of predicting hospital bed use during a pandemic).

  6. This all starts with Trump’s initial refusal to take seriously the threat of a pandemic.

    Let’s be really clear: Trump refused to take it seriously for the country, for the American public. His gossipy comments to Bob Woodward on January 28, 2020 are evidence that he knew exactly how dire this was. He chose to protect himself, to focus exclusively on his re-election. From the start, he sought to use the virus to his advantage rather than to deal with a health crisis.

    Ironically if he had treated Covid like a war, he would have been re-elected in a land-slide.

  7. “Now they’re are lined up for Covid-19 vaccinations.”

    Nah, we’re signaling our virtue by letting all the brown, black, queer, trans and woke leftist heroes be guinea pigs get ahead of us in line. Y’all deserve it.

    After all, when you have a virus with 80% asymptomatic infection and 97.6% overall recovery rates, how can we know the vaccine is doing *anything at all* unless we can watch you dimwits brave souls flop around on the floor like mackerel after getting it?

    We are not worthy. We congregate in large companies to laugh at your stupid Depends face coverings, we only distance ourselves from the Depends dimwits, lest we get some on us.

    We’ll get the jab later, maybe next year, or the year after, idk.

  8. State borders aren’t magical moats…

    Ahhh, but as usual, you’re wrong padded cell boi.

    I have never been threatened with fines or arrest for taking my wife out to dinner, and I do so every Friday night, like clockwork. Our restaurants and businesses are not failing, we were not “breaking the rules” when we had everyone over for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, and we won’t be doing so when everyone comes back for Christmas. No one told us we *had* to walk around with a diaper on our faces; oh sure, some room temperature mooks choose to do so (they’re very amusing), but most of us wouldn’t do that any more than we’d wear a lampshade on our heads.

    But if I was to travel a bit, and cross the border of your fetid, ruined state, all of those things would change; *poof* Like magic. I’d probably be taken into custody within minutes!

    Now, I wouldn’t think of doing something so dumb, but it’s true, nonetheless.

    Believe in magic, little padded cell boi; it’s real.

  9. Pete S., read between the lines of the FDA report on the trial of the Pfizer vaccine:
    40,000 subject study, normalized to reflect American age/sex/ethnic demographics, half received the vaccine, half got a placebo, and they were monitored over 2 months, ending in mid November.
    Criteria for being counted as covid-positive for both test & control groups was positive PCR test + at least one symptom.
    In the placebo group, 20,000 people, in two months 162 contracted covid. That’s 0.81% for those who are math challenged.
    Of those 0.81%, two died from covid.
    That is 1/10,000 of the control group in two months. The fatal numbers are so small it’s hard to take them seriously. Only one of the test group died of covid, that’s 1/20,000.
    These numbers should be getting more publicity than the plans to distribute the vaccine.

  10. “Ironically if he had treated the election like a war, he would have been re-elected in a land-slide.”

    FTFY dimwit.

  11. Regarding treating this as a war, I do seem to remember that somebody signed a three trillion dollar relief bill back this Spring, including a multi-billion dollar effort to subsidize the creation of vaccines that has generated a number of effective vaccines in less than a year–and delivered.

    There is something very telling where Democrats will not give any credit to President Trump for this enormous success. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the Democrats’ plan appears to have been to send people with active cases of COVID into nursing homes, where they would infect the most vulnerable population en masse. They really don’t want anyone looking at the data too closely for this obvious reason.

    Those who know me may remember that I consistently used to ask precisely how we would protect nursing homes. Well, a few months later, I’ve learned; you avoid sending people with active infectious diseases into them. If only the left (ahem) had figured out what the Firestone Company learned while Ebola was ravaging their rubber plantations in Liberia a few years back. You quarantine the sick, not the healthy.

  12. Look, I am really tired of pointing out the signs & symptoms of TDS, but one of them is that ALL BAD THINGS MUST BE BLAMED ON TRUMP.
    Seriously. All bad things. The real world doesn’t work that way, but TDS is a form of insanity,
    Whatever Trump had done to combat the spread of the covid would be considered criminally incompetent by people like P-Boy & Emery. The FACT that Italy has much higher death rate than the US, and that Germany and the UK are fast catching up to the US though they are employing the Left’s favored method of “fighting” the virus makes no difference. Nor does the fact that the US, under goals initiated and managed by the Trump administration, has produced multiple covid vaccines. No other nation has done this.
    The TDS people praise the national response of countries like China. China arrested scientists, made them sign false confessions that that they had lied about the deadliness and contageousness of covid, and has welded covid victims’ apartment doors shut to enforce quarantine.
    The TDS people like P-Boy and Emery are insane. They are as crazy as the dirty bearded guy at the bar who looks through discarded pull tabs because he believes the space people are sending him messages in pull tab serial numbers. P-oy and Emery are literally insane, unable to process rational information.
    Again, I remind you, that Emery predicted that the Brexit vote would fail. And he did so angrily, as though he had some sort of emotional interest and control over what the people in the UK did.
    That is nuts.
    And then Emery predicted, again angrily, that Hillary would win by an electoral landslide in 2016.
    That was nuts.
    Then he went on and on about the massive evidence the Mueller investigation was compiling that would show that Trump had colluded the Russians to throw the 2016 election in his favor.
    The evidence was never there.
    Mueller never seems to have read the report his name was on. Guy seemed old and confused. The real author of the Mueller report was pro-Hillary Mueller assistant Andy Weissman.
    Emery has never shown any ability to use intelligence to analyze current events, he merely repeats the opinions of whatever experts he has decided to worship today. Sometimes he gets tired of rewording their opinions so he just outright plagiarizes them.

  13. Like the majority of Democrats, Walz is a feckless, lying, insecure coward!! His statement that he “knows how business owners feel” about the continuance of his fascist policies, is pure bull crap! He hasn’t got a freaking clue about how they feel, because he’s never worried whether or not he could even break even every month, let alone make a payroll! The rat bastard has been sucking off the government teat for his entire career, except when he bailed on his NG unit, as soon as he found out they were being deployed to the sandbox. Then he insults them by calling them “a bunch of cooks”. If ANY of those liars believe another one of Wally’s Big Lies they are supporting (“we’re all in this together,”) they would voluntarily give up their salaries. Or maybe follow the lead of President Trump, who has donated all four years of his salary to worthy causes and give it to the business owners they are destroying!

  14. Walz is like the worst person you would want to be in charge during a crisis like covid. Dull, unimaginitive, unwilling to use initiative. In the NG he was a paper shuffler.
    He sure knew about double-dipping, tho. One state pension after 30 years in the public school system, another after thirty years in the NG.
    A luke-warm puddle of mediocrity with authoritarian instincts, ever eager to pass the buck to . . . anyone! Anything!
    He even backed into becoming a cartoon villain by canceling Christmas.
    I’ll be getting together with family in Washington County in MN on Friday, let’s see, one, two, three, four households, fifteen people, half of us have had covid in the last two months (but not me).
    “The more you tighten your grip, Walz, the more star systems will slip through your fingers . . .”

  15. The idiot trolls are too stupid to understand that the post is about how the left attacks the second amendment and law abiding firearms owners.

    I’ve heard from some people that other web sites have semi-intelligent trolls. Why can’t we get some of those?

  16. I’ve heard from some people that other web sites have semi-intelligent trolls. Why can’t we get some of those?

    Because there are too few to go around. Another government created shortage. Thank the educational “system”.

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