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  1. An eight page manifesto?

    That has got to be a record for tight, concise writing. It probably explains why the writer(s) are stuck in K-12 rather than academia.

  2. NY public schools are very bad and mostly minority.
    If you are an SJW, and most teachers are SJW’s, it is obvious that the wealthy, smart, non-black families who send their kids to Dalton are doing so for racist reasons, which are indistinguishable from the parents wanting the best for their kids & having the means to pay for it.
    Don’t like it, stay out of NY.

  3. Personally I’m all for hastening the progression of ideological cannibalism. To that end I printed out the List-Of-Demands™ and mailed them to St Paul Academy with a cover note asking them to “positively address these issues immediately” in their institution and signed myself A Concerned Parent. Something like this is the fastest way to smoke out the Progressives in these organizations.

    Here’s a list for those who may wish to join me in stirring the pot:

  4. I think you need to update your blog’s name.

    You should call it “Relentless Projection”


    Trump is devouring ANYONE who disagrees with him (and has been for years) – right now on the fraud of election fraud, and you want to redirect focus to some school in NY, using a column from the NY Post – a truly highly credible, well-written source of news….

    Here’s one from the Washington Post, obviously MUCH less reliable than a paper fairly compared with the National Enquirer

    here’s a story from PBS – obviously fake news as compared to the Post..

    False equivalency isn’t really a valid argument – liberals DO demand litmus tests, and it’s wrong but what’s stunning is that you complain about liberals doing so, but wholeheartedly endorse the GOP for the exact same thing, amplified 10,000 percent. Integrity means standing up against thought “purity” requirements, which I do, many liberals do. It is not complaining about it and mocking it when someone else does it, while happily engaging in it.

  5. Pad,

    Trump is an interesting, likely high-functioning, narcissistic personality.

    That alters nothing about the collective personality defects of the left.

    One doesn’t affect the other.

  6. Threadjack by Paddyboy.

    I’m not opposed to doing better for blacks, and for that matter all the poor, but the ugly reality is that the main BLM organization and others are telling us that our way out of the problem is more of what got us into the situation we’re in. The late Walter Williams pointed out repeatedly that while he grew up poor in Philadelphia, the huge problems with crime, academic nonperformance, drugs, unwed parenting, and the like started with the Great Society. Turning LBJ’s plan all the way up to 11 can only have the consequence of turning the consequences of the Great Society per Pat Moynihan up to 12.

  7. Here’s one from the Washington Post, obviously MUCH less reliable than a paper fairly compared with the National Enquirer – Paddyboy

    To even place WaPo and the National Enquirer in the same sentence is to insult the Enquirer and its readers. To hold the Bezoz Bulletin above any tabloid is to insult the intelligence of all rational people.

  8. Looks like SITD is becoming p-boy & Emery’s anti-Trump blog, all anti-Trump, all of the time.

  9. If you believe that the differences between blacks and whites begin with birth and end only with death, you have a problem. If you are white you have no more idea what “justice” means for black people than you know what “justice” means for field mice (and vice-versa). You can’t tell black people “here is a million dollars for each of you, now you have justice” because as a white person you can not define “justice” for non-white people.

  10. My favorite demand is the one to end AP classes if blacks score lower than whites/others. Because nothing says “racial justice” like putting a smart young black kid in non-AP classes because blacks averaged a passing 4 of 5 points, while whites averaged a bit higher. Young African-Americans will thank you every time they’re paying thousands of dollars to take freshman classes in gigantic lecture halls, taught by “professors” who are bitter that they don’t get the junior and senior level courses.

    Well, they’ll thank you with a one finger salute , I’d guess. I’m guessing parents would welcome this policy as well, because nothing says “worth over fifty grand a year” like “your high school transcript will be indistinguishable from someone from PS92”. Yeah, baby, mediocrity is where it’s at.

  11. Looks like SITD is becoming p-boy & Emery’s anti-Trump blog, all anti-Trump, all of the time.


    I’m going to have to ramp up on the deleting threadjacks.

  12. Bikebubba, once you get more than one standard deviation above average, small differences between groups become exaggerated. Sorry, it has been a long time since I took statistics, so I am not using the best language to describe this phenomenon, but if you have a group of people, A, with an average IQ of 100, and the IQ distribution curve is normal with a standard deviation of 15, then about 5% of the group with average IQ=100 will have an IQ of 130 or higher. But if another group has an average IQ a standard deviation lower than 100 (85) (We’ll call that group B), the percentage of people group B who have an IQ of 130 or higher will be just 0.3%.
    So, in jobs where the average IQ is 130, for every thousand people in group A, 50 will qualify, but for group B, only 3 will qualify.
    Academics who are serious will acknowledge that this is true, and they will admit that the only way to have “equal representation” in various career fields where IQ is a discriminator is quotas.
    It is an ugly choice. If you stratify earning power and status by IQ, a meritocratic society will have a leadership class that looks very different from society as a whole.
    Neither affirmative action nor meritocracy is a “good” system, unless you want a system where virtually all of the high income, high social status jobs are held by whites and East Asians, while blacks and Hispanics are confined to low income, low status work.

  13. No doubt–I do work in stats for a living, and the one thing that comes to mind is that what determines success is not necessarily Q–and you’re right about distributions and such–but a combination of Q, hard work, and people skills. Sometimes it’s even mental illness, eg NPD. My take is that “cream rising to the top” for whatever reason isn’t always great, but it beats everything else I’ve heard of.

  14. It’s just hilarious that P-whacker and Emery always use left wing, anti-Trump organizations as their sources. I guess they got that from their DemoCommie friends, that constantly lie about the opposition, using the lies created by the Red Star as their “source”. You know, what Nancy Pelosi gleefully calls the “wrap smear?”

  15. Bikebubba, I am a Christian, there is no human being who stands lower or higher than me in God’s eyes because of their ethnicity. I find it uncomfortable to equate race with IQ and value as a human. That is not how God sees us. That is not how we should see each other.
    But I am a bit concerned that some conservatives think that a pure meritocracy will be a good thing. I don’t want to live in a US where all the service people are black or Hispanic, and all the high status people are white or East Asian.
    The outcome I would like to see is people thinking no more about race than they think about eye color.
    I suppose if you correlated eye color to IQ, you would find that in the US people with blue eyes have a higher IQ than people with brown eyes. But no one thinks that eye color is destiny the way that they think that ethnicity is destiny. Our public policy frikkin’ demands that you be treated like ethnicity is destiny.

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