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  1. If In fact Hunter Biden committed a crime, he should be prosecuted and availed of the criminal justice process.

    His father should not intervene and I am confident he will not do so.

    See, Trumpers? Was that so hard to do?

  2. Back in October when we first heard about the laptop, I asked my significant other what her thoughts were about it. She had none, and I was informed it was all a hoax. So, just like the election and masks and social distancing, it doesn’t get discussed.

    Just yesterday though, as we went for a walk in the sunshine, she made note of having seen news about Hunters tax problems. So, I figured she was aware of the filth on the laptop now. Nope – no knowledge of the pics on the laptop. Just the tax issues.

    I’m sure there’s at least a few SiTD readers in my situation. And, I want to see a Trump win for many reasons. Is it horrible that one of them is to see the look on peoples faces when they hear about it?

  3. Mitch, you forgot to mention that the laptop scandal implicated Pops, ie THE Biden. Just want to make sure we are all on the same page. Well, everyone of sound mind that is and that by definition excludes trollbots.

  4. Supporters of one of only 3 presidents to be impeached by Congress worries that the incoming administration will be plagued by scandal.


  5. @BH429: Any chance Durham could interview Trump after he is no longer President?

    The Durham investigation is finding almost nothing (Clinesmith). And it’s doing it very slowly.
    Durham’s quandary:
    He’s supposed to investigate, “Why did Trump campaign people come under intelligence surveillance in 2016?”

    He’s forbidden the true answer, “Because Trump people were up to their eyeballs in crooked shit.” But no alternative answer can survive DoJ scrutiny

  6. And, once again, Emery, your bloviating has no basis in fact. Are you by chance, a relative of lying Adam Schiff? He is still trying to convince low information useful idiots like you, that he has tons of evidence of Trump’s debunked Russian collusion, yet, hasn’t produced one sentence.

  7. Huh. Media plays down the scandal while the election is going on, then brings it up a few weeks after it’s over. It is almost as if they’ve got some goals with what they’re doing now, like first getting rid of Trump, then hamstringing or eliminating Biden, and then “guiding” Harris to do what they want.

    If it starts playing out very badly for Biden, I think we’ve got to start asking what the media knew and when, and why they didn’t report ethically here.

    Regarding the notion that Durham is finding nothing; absolutely nothing, correct. It’s not like it was revealed today that Hunter Biden had shorted the IRS by a million or so in income (while inexplicably holding down an $800k/year job), and certainly it’s not like Durham’s office is staffing up.

    Oops. My mistake, both are true.

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