In the world we live in, going out in public wearing a swastika will get you pretty roundly reviled. Even Finland, which has been using the swastika as a national symbol since well before the Nazis stole it, finally had to cave in and stop using them.

History will have a way of doing that.

Of course, wearing a MAGA hat might get one reviled, or physically assaulted, by the #Unity “In This House…” crowd. Like it or don’t, but that’s the way things work.

But wear a red star – a symbol associated with more death and suffering than the swastika, by a serious multiple?

Why, you get a job with the Biden campaign, that’s what.

And it’s your fault for bringing it up:

She – the incoming State Department spokesperson – is rocking genocide-wear and turning around and pleading victimhood.

Gotta say, that’s the kind of talent a Democrat PR pro needs.

That, and the knowledge that Democrat voters just don’t think that critically about things, and the in-the-bag media either doesn’t care, doesn’t know any better themselves, or bet on the other guys all along.

21 thoughts on “Accessories

  1. Wearing communist swag has always been popular for liberals. I agree that it is disgusting. Walter Durant would be so proud.

  2. Oh goodie, a historically illiterate and tone-deaf spokesperson at the State Department. She ought to fit right in.

  3. Psaki graduated in 2000 from William & Mary with an English degree.
    Most, if not all, of her profs were marxists. The line she was likely taught was that the commies hearts were in the right place, but because of aspects of Russian historical experience and circumstances outside of their control caused them to devalue human rights (never human life). It was doomed to fail, US anti-communism was an over reaction by fascistic elements in the US government & US culture.

  4. You know, sometimes a turd is just a turd. The winter olympics hat explanation is realistic and innocent enough. Just because I may own an AK47 does not make me a commie.

    You are all being hypocritical about identity politics – go after her credentials which are damning enough and leave the hat alone.

    Grow up people!

  5. You bash identity politics and then excoriate a person for wearing a russian hat. Again, the person in question has plenty of substantive issues, but this post is clearly singling (is that a word?) this person because of a hat.

    BTW, Finns were wrong for dropping a swastika, and Asians still use it. Does not bother me a bit – when it gets spray painted on a synagogue is when it takes a completely different tone. And I can bet it was not done by Finns nor Koreans.

  6. I had a high school classmate back at St. Paul Academy that was awfully fond of his Che Guevara t-shirt. In hindsight, the irony is that this kid probably would’ve been at the top of Che’s list to be shot. I haven’t seen anything since that tells me that he’s figured that fact out. Sometimes it’s hard to not be depressed about the future. Historically illiterate, naive fools have just as much of a vote as everyone else.

  7. I think they’re talking about wearing a red star – I don’t see the word “hat” in the text of the post. Or comments. Only from you.

  8. … sorry, there’s mention of a MAGA hat. But I don’t think Jen Psaki is going to wearing one of them.

  9. JPA, my take is that by the time Sochi hosted the Olympics, the Soviet Union had been dead for over 20 years, and there was more than adequate time to understand the horrors of Communism and reject it. In the same way, Ms. Psaki is in her forties and is more than old enough to be expected to know what a red star means in formerly Communist countries, and why it’s no more acceptable than a swastika is in Germany.

    That said, the gift of that particular hat means a LOT about the current Russian government–they’re not really that different in their hearts from that of Brezhnev, Andropov, and Chernenko. We ought to keep that in mind, not tacitly endorse it by wearing their swag.

  10. Bikebubba,

    I think this whole situation is indicative of both your previous post, and MOs 842am:

    My cynical take: It was a gift from communists longing for a return of the USSR, to an indoctrinated communist who thinks the communism of the USSR is superior to the republic of the USA

  11. You guys are giving her too much credit for in-depth analysis. She’s an English major. I know those people – I am one.

    She thought pink was a pretty color was and it went with her mittens.

  12. jdm, the star is IN A HAT – do you not see it in the picture? Can’t miss it – it is bigger then her head. It is a common winter Russian hat. With a star on it – very common. For cripes sake, stars are everywhere in TEXAS! Have you been to Austin? All goobernment buildings are adorned with stars. Makes me feel like I am 10 years old and back in the old country. Freaked me out the first time I went there – very creepy.

    Again, by your thinking, does owning an AK make one a commie? Cannot be more of a symbol of oppression and hate than that, no?

    And bike, that hat is a quintessential russian souvenir. And star makes it russian as opposed to czech or slovak or polish or finnish for that matter. I completely agree with JD – it went with her mittens. Mitch and the rest of you are all apoplectic about a nothingburger. There are much more substantive issues to discuss, and this does not cut the grade. As far as I am concerned, this post is not one of Mitch’s finest.

  13. Now if she was wearing a Che or Mao or unholy trinity (or quadrinity) shirt, then your apoplectic reaction would be justified. But a common russian souvenir hat? Meh…

  14. jeebus, jpa, I didn’t make any argument whatsoever about hats or stars or swastikas. I just pointed out what I thought was a weakness in your argument. Fer crying out loud, maybe you should be a little less angry to try and understand what people write.

  15. JPA, personally, had she merely admitted that it was a gift from a Russian and the photo was a photo op between US and Russian folks, I’d merely be shaking my head at typical establishment state department dunderheads. Her attempt to ret-con her own tweet as Russian Propaganda has me more than willing to state that she has no place near the levers of power in our country.

  16. “In the world we live in, going out in public wearing a swastika will get you pretty roundly reviled.”

    Next, you’ll tell us that lighting a Christmas cross is socially awkward.

    Not on my watch, pal.

  17. personally, had she merely admitted that it was a gift from a Russian

    SSC, she did indeed in the original post, the one in 2014. It is when the nothingburger shitstorm ensued in 2020 is when she correctly identified it as propaganda. Where were you in 2014? I would like to see a link to a post from Mitch decrying this horror then.

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