Conventional Wisdom

“Masking up reduces rates of infection!”

According to a Danish study? Not significantly:

The recommendation to wear surgical masks to supplement other public health measures did not reduce the SARS-CoV-2 infection rate among wearers by more than 50% in a community with modest infection rates, some degree of social distancing, and uncommon general mask use. The data were compatible with lesser degrees of self-protection.

“OK, but a complete lockdown-level quarantine will do the trick!”

According to a study of the most controllable experimental subjects of all – US Marine recruits at boot camp – not really:

The virus still spread, though 90% of those who tested positive were without symptoms [18 year olds in perfect, military-grade health? Go figure – Ed.]. Incredibly, 2% of the CHARM recruits still contracted the virus, even if all but one remained asymptomatic. “Our study showed that in a group of predominantly young male military recruits, approximately 2% became positive for SARS-CoV-2, as determined by qPCR assay, during a 2-week, strictly enforced quarantine.” 

Science is, of course, asking questions and testing theories as rigorously as you can. Two studies do not cause science to “settle”.

But the way the media is misreporting these studies, if they report them at all, is a little galling.

20 thoughts on “Conventional Wisdom

  1. There has never been any science behind face covering mandates.
    Before covid, you had anecdotes and post hoc ergo proctor hoc reasoning. You had models of how the disease actually was transmitted from person to person that we know are wrong or incomplete at best.
    When you look at the time series of covid deaths vs implementation of mask mask mandates there is no correlation.
    Think of how easily some governors have trashed your rights as an American because of their own superstitious belief in mandated face coverings and social distancing.

  2. I occasionally torture myself by listening to the MN Department of Health press briefings on Covid. What passes for science coming from the mouths of the commissioner and infectious disease chief are statistics, nothing else. Same ones I could see for myself. No studies, no explanation of the modeling, no apologies for being wildly inaccurate with predictions. Then they start shaming, as if ten weddings where the guests didn’t mask up enough were entirely responsible for killing Nana in the extended care. Sadly, enough reporters are still drinking the Kool Aid served by the government so the distortions, evasions, and lies are transmitted unchanged to the public.

  3. all the Wuhan virus “lockdowns and mandates” are just part of a Proof of Concept project. If they can successfully run this out to next summer ( a goal openly advanced) then when the Climate Crisis worsens they will be able to institute a 5 or 10 year lock down and expect little or no pushback.

  4. Not significantly:

    If you only save ONE life! The rest of the population can forget about their freedom! Lockdowns forever! Hurrahhhh!

  5. I’m still waiting for someone to show me an example of a society that successfully controlled a virus.

    I’m not an expert, but in the literature reviews I’ve done, I keep finding examples where the virus raged unchecked throughout society – despite all measures to stop it – until the virus killed off all the vulnerable hosts. Thereafter, it lurked in the immune survivors until new vulnerable hosts appeared (next generation, or immigrants) but since the virus caused no symptoms in the immune survivors, it was ignored by the public.

    Seems to me that Covid is acting exactly the same way, and our efforts to “control” it are failing in exactly the same way, as every other virus throughout recorded history.

    Prove me wrong.

  6. How many mass gatherings for weddings or funerals or whatever have occurred with no covid spread?
    Look at the data that the covid tyrants don’t want you to look at. How many gatherings resulted in no disease spread vs those that did?
    A thousand to one? Ten thousand to one?

  7. 👆’There you go again’— I’ve always said anyone can make a mistake. Only an idiot keeps repeating it…

  8. More blathering from the brainless one. I can’t even figure out how his thread jack is supposed to work.

  9. CDC recommends Americans to avoid traveling for Thanksgiving

    Remember when Trump said he “saved” Christmas?

    Well now he has destroyed Thanksgiving.

    He should have done his job instead of golfing.

    To be fair, he has a pretty good shot of ruining Christmas this year too.

  10. This makes sense. If the main means of transmission is droplets, or even aerosols, it matters whether the exhalation is obstructed by a mask, but not so much whether inhalation is obstructed. That noted, if people would do what Grandma recommended–stay home if you’re sick, for goodness’ sake–I would guess we wouldn’t see a lot of transmission with or without masks.

    I am becoming more and more convinced that it is the idiot factor that is most at fault here, people who are sneezing their tuckii off, but still go out for events like Biden and BLM rallies, college keggers, and the like.

  11. Bike, viruses are darn near magical.

    Longstanding practical experience demonstrates that no matter what humans do, nature can always find a way — especially viruses. Case in point: in 1969, a group of twelve men overwintered in Antarctica. During the seventeenth week of perfect quarantine in complete isolation, one of them suddenly developed an upper respiratory tract infection described as “a mild to moderately severe cold.” Over the next two weeks, seven more men contracted the infection.

    Make sure to notice 17 weeks in to a quarantine.

    JD’s comment above is still pertinent.

  12. The line divides those who have not been provided with evidence and are therefore skeptical of the claims, from those who have been provided with evidence but refuse to accept it.

    I’m still on the “not been provided” side of the virus discussion. I am a skeptic.

    You are on the “refuse to accept it” side of the election fraud discussion. You are an . . . .

  13. Here’s a state wide study of mask effectiveness. Prior to one point in time, only those who wished to wear a mask, did. After a point in time, the state mandated that all persons in indoor businesses wear masks, under personal penalty to managers who do not enforce the mandate. The second graph on this page demonstrates how effective the mask mandate was in reducing the number of cases for a 3+ month period:

    In others words, not effective at all.

  14. The way that epidemiologist modeling works:
    Predict that some reduction in civil rights will result in (arbitrary number) of lives saved.
    No matter how many more people die, claim that your model was good.
    This, BTW, is what the Left calls “science.”

  15. It is obvious, for example, that the infection, hospitalization, and death rates are higher than they were back in July, when Walz imposed his mask mandate.
    “Fail harder” seems to be the order of the day in Saint Paul.

  16. My grandmother’s nursing home in Illinois is a picture of what’s wrong with COVID response, IMO. A week ago, my aunt reported that about 85% of the residents were positive, making the entire place effectively a COVID ward. The question comes to mind; precisely why weren’t COVID sufferers moved somewhere else? Sure, virii can move unpredictably, but across miles of open prairie is generally quite difficult.

    Oh, because the thought of actually quarantining the sick apparently never occurred to Gov. J.D. Hogg (Pritzker), just like it never seems to have occurred to Gov. Klink.

    (no insult intended to Sorrell Booke, of course)

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