This Is The Song That Never Ends. It Goes On And On Again.

I think Democrat politicians count on their voters having the attention spans of ferrets on espresso:

Is there a Democrat who can think critically?

I’m not trying to ask a trick or rhetorical question…

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  1. I don’t think people realize how far gone the Dilbert guy is. I liked Dilbert back in the day, but now I can’t see it without realizing that Adams was every jerk in the strip.

    This is how it has been for quite some time. Much more lying about voter fraud than actual fraud —it serves a political purpose.

  2. More incoherent ramblings from the guy who forecast a Hillary landslide in 2016 & who fell for the “Russian Collusion” hoax, hook, line and sinker.
    Adams was one of the few people in public life who forecast a Trump win in 2016, and who made an early, correct call on the Dem & FBI manufactured “Russian collusion” hoax.

  3. I keep wondering when Trump Executive Order from September 2018 gets noticed by those same short attention span ferrets. Two plus years it’s been sitting there, ignored and untalked about. I predict that by the end of the month that many more people are aware of it.

    Anyone that needs a Monday morning motivation boost should read through it. EO 13848.

  4. Woolly = Sad trombone
    Serious question: why are Trump’s lawyers telling courts there is no fraud.

    Verb choice matters.

    Court is where “Trump claims.”

    Twitter is where “Trump sells.”

    Trump on Twitter: “There is tremendous evidence of wide spread voter fraud.”

    Trump campaign in Maricopa County Court: “This is not a fraud case.”

  5. Trump’s strategy will be to keep Demented Joe from getting 270 EC votes. I’m betting Dershowitz is right. This will go to Congress, where the GOP has the balance of power.

  6. Reviewing the footage of the action from DC this weekend, a couple of clear patters emerge.

    Antifa attack like rats. They will only confront groups they vastly outnumber; usually people by themselves. They especially target old people and family groups with kids. A few distract up front while a couple sneak up from behind to deliver a sucker punch.

    They never confront groups of men who are clearly together, and will in fact run like rats if confronted themselves (saw that personally). They cry like twats and demand the cops do something when one of their pack gets KTFO.

    If blacks are involved, the attack isn’t over until an unconscious person gets his head curb stomped, and pockets are *always* emptied (those childhood lessons are ingrained). They’re not as cowardly as white leftists, but they also avoid conflict when the numbers are anywhere near equal, and quickly disappear when they become so.

    The leftist media has been repeating the “White supremacy” narrative for months now. Last weekend put the torch to that BS. Millions of middle class Americans saw, with their own eyes, who the terrorists are and who the patriots are.

    We didn’t see any “Proud boys”, but there are several videos making the rounds on Parler and Rumble of PB’s protecting families and beating the snot out of leftist thugs. Like the election fraud, no one believes the media’s version.

  7. Pete/Swiftee: there’s at least a few that believe the media’s version. They’re even a few right here commenting. Sadly, there are plenty that also don’t even realize there’s a different version than what the media is saying. My neighbor, who I’d always thought fairly conservative and informed, told me the other day that there was no election fraud.

    While I hope for scales falling from eyes, and people seeing, I’m not sure it’ll happen. And if they don’t see it now, they’re never going to see it again.

  8. Is it normal for plaintiffs attorneys to have dismissed 4 separate suits in 4 states all at the same time? It seems strategic. 😂

    🚨BREAKING: Plaintiffs DISMISS Wisconsin lawsuit claiming election officials included illegal results in certain counties and seeking to to stop the certification of election results from these counties.

    Trump and allies are now 1-24 in court.

    🚨BREAKING: Plaintiffs DISMISS Georgia lawsuit claiming election officials included illegal results and seeking to to stop the certification of presidential election results from certain counties.

    Trump and allies are now 1-23 in court.

    🚨 BREAKING: Plaintiffs DISMISS Pennsylvania lawsuit claiming election officials included illegal results and seeking to to stop the certification of presidential election results from certain counties.

    Trump and allies are now 1-22 in court.

    🚨 BREAKING: Plaintiffs DISMISS lawsuit claiming that illegal ballots were counted to change the results and seeking to exclude presidential-election results from Wayne, Washtenaw, and Ingham counties.

    Trump and allies are now 1-21 in court.

  9. I liked Dilbert back in the day, but now I can’t see it without realizing that Adams was every jerk in the strip.

    Translation: I liked Dilbert until I discovered the cartoonist held political opinions that differed from mine.

  10. smh, ask your neighbor why, if everything was on the up and up, did the GOP have to get a court order to force the reprobates to obey state law and let them in to watch the counting?

    And why, if there were no shenanigans, did the reprobates cover the windows in the counting room with poster board in Detroit?

    And how, if it’s rock solid reliable, nothing up our sleeves, does a counting machine credit Biden with thousands of Trump votes?…in my neck of the woods, computer “glitches” are called bugs, and a buggy program is not ready for prime time.

    All these events are matters of public record. They would inform a reasonably intelligent person that there was fraud happening. Force the reprobates to fall back on their “Well yeah, there was some fraud, sure. But it wasn’t much fraud.”

    That puts the shit sandwich back in their lunch pail.

    And btw, it’s Strunk; Pete Strunk. Glad to meetcha.

  11. Trump and his allies are 1-24 in court.

    Trump’s Legal Path to Overturn the Election Results Appears 100 Percent Dead

    So this means that his lawyers are telling him he still has a good chance, right?

    It’s quite clear, Trump is just going through the third stage of grief:
    1. Denial
    2. Anger
    3. Scamming his base in order to pay off some of his massive debt.

    I wonder if Trump will keep denying all the way up to inauguration or if he will pivot to some sort of different message.

  12. Pete: Yup, yup, and yup. There’s evidence out there. Talked all those. Head in the sand though – those things can all be found out about, but are they are first page result on a google search? Nope. Do those tweets show up in her timeline? Nope, cause they’re shadowbanned or removed.

    I think a lot of people are going to wake up one of these mornings and wonder what just happened. The ballot box seems to have gotten misplaced. The soap box is being shadowbanned. Here’s hoping the jury box will do it’s job.

  13. A Trump lawsuit in three parts:

    1. We PROMISE we will find evidence

    2. Where is the evidence?

    3. Ok we’re dismissing

  14. smh, there are alternatives to the degenerate leftist propaganda machine out there.

    Tell your friend, to start watching One America News and Newsmax; they’re telling the story. Also, while American print media is a little slower in getting up and running, I recommend The Epic Times. They’re insurgents gaining steam.

    We have got to rally around the resources we have. Anyone that continues to provide eyes and content to YouTwitGooFace is actively working against our people.

    Here’s the roster. Pass it along.

    Written media:
    Video uploads:
    Social Media: ;
    Streaming news for Americans: ;
    Search engine:
    Encrypted email:

    Also invest a couple bucks into a VPN. I highly recommend Nord.

  15. Moderation? WTF. Passing along right wing websites here is almost as hard as it is on Fedbook. Might have to create another venue.

  16. It’s too bad that Trump’s empty BS only works on his base/cult.

    Foreign leaders play him effortlessly, and American judges just laugh at him.

  17. Ha! Emery, you are such a toad. You are also deflecting, because you described your chosen scum ball perfectly. China owns Biden.

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