Some Animals Are More Equal…

Chicago major Lori “Walker” Lightfoot shuts down Thanksgiving, but defends going to Biden rallies.

Because science.

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  1. Newly published research indicates that strict masking & lock downs do nothing to stop the spread of covid-19:
    They are flailing. After trying various things that did nothing to stop the spread of covid-19, they now blame the people for their disobedience.
    Hacks. Aren’t fit to run a god damn goat rodeo, any of them.
    We’d be better off if our politicians were replaced by a bunch of hyperactive six year olds.

  2. It strikes me that what we have in government circles is a refusal to acknowledge that the biggest issue with spreading this virus is the “idiot factor” leading to “superspreader” events nicely hidden from authorities. And when we clamp down on those who are NOT in the idiot population beforehand, they still need human contact, and hence a certain portion tend to join the idiot population.

    Which is why lockdowns don’t work. You would figure that decision-makers with medical degrees would have a basic grasp of “psychology” to figure things like this out, but apparently not.

  3. Yes, one wonders how Lori Lightfoot could possibly win any election, yet, she did. Or, maybe it’s the same thing happening nationally with the Presidential election this year, having bogus votes showing up in 4 major US cities. There’s good possibility that she didn’t win, and add that thought to the Mayors of Detroit, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Philadelphia.

    Let us not forget the precient words of Joseph Stalin: “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

  4. I’m reminded of the classic Cool Hand Luke scene where the Captain (Strother Martin) lectures Luke (Paul Newman) about how his tough discipline is for his own good.

    “You should stop being so good to me, Captain.”

    Whereupon Martin loses his cool and starts whipping Newman with his crop before realizing how he’s showing himself for the martinet he is.

    After regathering himself, the Governor – I mean, the Captain – issues the immortal words, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

  5. bikebubba on November 17, 2020 at 8:43 am said:

    It strikes me that what we have in government circles is a refusal to acknowledge that the biggest issue with spreading this virus is the “idiot factor” leading to “superspreader” events nicely hidden from authorities.
    Not so fast, bikebubba!
    Ever notice that aren’t any plain ol’ “spreader” events? Or “low spreader” events?
    If you have a hundred funerals, and one becomes a so-called “superspreader” event, shouldn’t you be told that only 1% of funeral gatherings resulted in the spread of covid-19? The 99% of funerals that did not become superspreader events are just as verboten by the covid tyrants as the 1% that did.
    Do not reward politicians and bureaucrats who think it is their duty and their joy to inflict suffering on the people.

  6. No doubt that there are ordinary spreading events, MO. But if indeed the big concern is superspreader events, shouldn’t the response be one that deals with known idiot factors? Not one that drives people who would otherwise be doing a bit of social distancing into idiot factor events?

    That’s what I’m getting at. The current measures are well designed to avoid ordinary spreading events in situations where people are otherwise compliant with regulations. They will, however, tend to drive people to “idiot events” because their need for personal interaction and contact does not disappear.

  7. But if indeed the big concern is superspreader events

    There’s no concern for the actual event, super or not. It’s merely a label to implant in the subconscious of the dumb, like fascism or far right-wing. Once the label sticks, it can be used as needed without thought.

  8. jdm, I wish I could argue vociferously with you, but if my hypothesis is that they don’t understand the psychology of idiots, yours is that they don’t care, and both hypotheses work. I dare say that yours is even scarier than mine, because if they don’t care, that admits the possibility of just being evil.

  9. Yes, evil, bike, their hypocrisy and a whole lot of the comment(er)s here (special shout-out to JD and MO) is what got me to this point.

    Moreover, it would all be a fine conspiracy if they weren’t telling you to your face what they’re up to.
    > Archbishop Vigano warned us that global elites would use
    > the pandemic to start the “Great Reset.” Here’s the Prime
    > Minister of Canada admitting the pandemic “has provided
    > an opportunity for a Reset.”

  10. jdm,

    Yea and Prince Charles, Macron and even chameleon boy Boris Johnson have said the same thing. Just in case, you may want to do what I did. Convert about 50% your IRAs to physical gold and silver. If the left wing bastards get their way, the U.S. dollar will be supplanted by the Chinese Yuan, which would have already happened had SHillary Clinton would have won in 216,

  11. So, to fight the spread of covid and deaths from covid, some governors are “locking down.”
    In practice this means limiting the capacity of public places, because this is an area where where governors have more authority.
    So they close restaurants and bars and stop public gatherings in commercial settings or state property.
    But what is the evidence that the type of social gatherings they are forbidding are sources of covid spread?
    None. It doesn’t exist. There is not science that says that your getting a sit down meal at a restaurant (verboten) is more likely to spread covid than your getting gas & a donut & coffee at gas station.
    None. It is a delusion that has enslaved our politicians and media and “public health experts” because they think that flailing makes them look good.

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