Real Science Vs. Media Science

Not sure where this graphic came from, but it’s one of the best bits of journalism I’ve seen lately.

On the left – real science.

On the right…

…NPR’s, and the rest of the media’s, version of “science”.

I should do a similar one for journalism and “journalism”.

30 thoughts on “Real Science Vs. Media Science

  1. Emery uses time-honored leftist tactic. Make stuff up when debating. From Worldmeter: Average deaths per million in USA: 764. NY: 1749. CT: 1335. MA: 1500. RI: 1206. ND: 1009. SD: 728. MN:532. WI: 455. You can look it up.

  2. Fools be fools. I feel sorry for the innocent bystanders, though — health care workers and family members.

  3. More unchecked, mindless threadjacking. Great job, Mitch. Thank you for hosting a blog that condones and encourages trollbots.

  4. Mitch, the Emery Collective isn’t even capable of responding to one of its threadjacks. You have two examples of such right here in the previous 5 comments.

  5. E’s 11:45 is an example of the “science worshiper” method (e.g, correlation == causation).

  6. Science and math are pretty close. I mean, there’s a Technology and Engineering in between, but I’m going to say that they all focus on “this is what is, not what I hope it to be”. Repeatable results and standards are a theme.

    With that said, here is author Larry Corriea (former auditor/CPA) explaining red flags and statistics in regards to the election. He had also asked on Facebook if other people, with actual auditing experience, had ever seen as many red flags. The answers are pretty humorous, and the process is along the lines of scientific method.

  7. Shaking, I have yet to see the “red flag” test applied to the 2016 election.
    People seem to be assuming that “red flags” in elections are abnormal. Maybe they aren’t?

  8. Mitch,
    Emery is not here to engage in any rational discourse – that would validate you, your blog and the majority of your commenters. Emery is here in the service of the murderers he admires (and one way or another pay his wages) with the sole purpose of degrading and devaluing you and your content to the point where your readership will decline or descend to a level best exemplified by paddyboi – the goal being to devalue a platform that has measurable impact on regional political thought. You should treat him appropriately.

  9. That chart also was posted on Healthy Skeptic, Kevin Roche’s website full of information about Covid. Not opinions, he links to data from studies in medical journals, then explains why it means our response to Covid is wrong, deadly so.

  10. MO – much of the articles/responses are in regards to the amount of red flags. A couple, and it may be an error. But, when they start adding up like this year? Yeah, time to take a look at what’s going on.

    Regarding 2016, IIRC a few people have gone back to that data to take a look and there’s a few districts/counties that start failing the statistical analysis AKA popping up flags. I don’t think they were near as numerous.

    Also, I understand that red flags don’t equal evidence. But, in order for that red flag to get investigated, they’ve got to be able to look at the data. And, until the campaign can access that data they’ve got no actual proof. Which is (in my opinion as a non lawyer) totally assinine. In order to access the evidence to find the proof, you have to show proof?

  11. Emery,

    As golfdoc – an actual medical doctor – pointed out, ND is running around 40% of New York’s per capita death rate.

    And one nation with a higher deaths per million is Peru – which has used its military to enforce a tight lockdown.


  12. The chart on the right should begin with “Progressive Narrative” because all knowledge flows from that.

  13. The chart on the right was used to come up with “CO2 is gonna kill is all..” *Settled Science*

  14. Emery has no “thoughts.” He/she just another troll at this point, threadjacking with cut-n-paste snark from the worst, most ideological, hate-filled lefty web sites & blogs.

  15. In case the trolls miss the point, Feynman explains why science is hard:
    It is hard because it not intuitive. You have to carefully define a problem so that it can be solved by looking only at the scientific data, and then you have to only look at that data.
    Social science, with a few narrow exceptions, is not science. You cannot follow the scientific method flow chart in social science.
    The reasons for this are many. Basically the problem is that human behavior cannot be reduced to observing matter and energy. You can’t use science to eliminate poverty because “poverty” is not a property of matter, it is a human concept. Poverty does not exist in the material universe, it exists in the minds of human beings, and nowhere else.
    One of the greatest insights that I have had is that science represents a sort of safe haven. The problems are discrete. You can, sometimes, get to an absolute truth (at least in describing the properties of matter and energy). But most of the time we human beings are not operating in the safe haven of scientists. Even hyper-rational scientists and mathematicians spend more mental energy dealing with human issues than with science. When two astrophysicists chat they don’t talk about science, they talk about family issues, job & career prospects, hopes for the future, past regrets, etc.

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  17. The NAS data set is for last 7 day period, overall they are not there yet.

    I stand by my post.

  18. Your post is nonsense. Stand by it, hug it, hold it as close as possible, and when you realize you blew it, never mention it again and ignore all references to it.

  19. I must be having a bad Google day. I cannot find the study.

    I can find the FAS website. It’s full of fascinating stuff about nuclear weapons, debt and national security, calls for deplatforming nonconformists. But where’s the data set? Where’s the methodology? Where’s the study?

    I found a tweet with a chart, but no indication where the numbers came from, no explanation why his results are so markedly different from everyone else’s. He’s been making dire predictions of massive deaths for months but they never seem to materialize in the real world. Where are these numbers coming from?

  20. 👆Every day you sound like Rudy Giuliani. Hopefully you’re able to make a more cogent argument in Court than he did yesterday. While we’re waiting for you to complete your investigation…

    So weird how Hunter Biden has basically disappeared from the discourse on the right.

  21. Prosecuting Joe Biden for money laundering and influence peddling will require a court case, which will take time. To ensure that we have enough time, first, we must secure the election to ensure that an honest prosecutor will still be in office. After all, if Biden gets elected, he’ll just have the prosecutor fired to end the court case.

    As he did in Ukraine.

    Say, you don’t happen to have a link to the data set you mentioned in your 9:44?

  22. Trump has more flagged tweets than electoral votes.

    President-elect Biden will be sworn in on January 20 and the only question is how much more Trump is willing to demonstrate the qualities that led to his defeat.

  23. As long as I’m waiting for JD’s investigation…

    🚨 Pennsylvania Court REJECTS a second lawsuit appealing Allegheny County Board of Elections’ decision to count mail-in ballots.

    Trump and his allies are now 1-27 in court post-election.

    In Bucks County, PA litigation, Trump campaign agrees to joint stipulation saying no fraud.

    Winning 🏁🏁🏁

  24. No, not that one. The data set that supports the comment you’re standing by. The documentation proving North Dakota is the deadliest place in the world. That’s the link I’d like to see.

  25. Shorter Emery,
    Leftist Judges toss Trump’s Case.
    I’ve listened to plenty of conservative legal pundits that don’t think Trump’s Cases in Pennsylvania and elsewhere have the possibility of affecting enough votes to change the outcome. They’ve expected that to be the reason for the cases to be tossed. They didn’t expect the Court to accept equal hindrance of both sides is just fine and not a violation of equal protection because it’s equal to be the rationale.

  26. NYC death rate has dropped precipitously, it’s true. It’s because at least 280,000 people have left and Cuomo killed off most of the frail elderly back in July.

    Those still alive are leaving because there are between 600 & 800,000 less jobs today than there were at the beginning of the year.

    Not gonna lie; since many of the rats abandoning the ship will carry a virulent, communicable mental illness into decent, American communities in the South, I wish Cuomo would have swung that scythe with a little more enthusiasm.

    Maybe enlist his brother Fredo to help.

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