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  1. I deplore the historical ignorance of today’s youth. The correct phrase to use when compiling a blacklist is: “Are you now, or have you ever been, a Trump supporter?”

    And the proper phrase to use when announcing the blacklist is: “I have here in my hand a list of people that were known as being members of the Republican Party and who nevertheless are still employed.”

    We have traditions for a reason, people. You can’t just go around throwing out traditions. That’d be like saying boys can use girls bathrooms . . . okay, bad example, it’d be like saying the governor can ban religious worship . . . okay, another bad example, but you get my point, right?

  2. I recall a time when the Mitchkateers all harrumphed in lockstep with a President W Bush who said “those who do not support our message, provide comfort to the enemy.” So much for your claims of unity/disunity.

    I also tell you there is a difference between dissent, and dissent which relies on and even worse, endorses a false premise that wide-spread fraud is on-going (when it is not), and so argues for disunity to support that false premise. In other words, you are excusing keeping the country polarized by accusing the other side of falsity when they say, “enough with the nonsense, we need to move ahead.” Nice projection, but it is still you who are in the wrong. If you had a shred of evidence of this fraud – and I support your right to argue a lie – I’d have more sympathy for a claim of hypocrisy by the left, but you don’t. You have every right to make the claim, but accept the consequences, you are sewing destruction of faith in our electoral system. Asking us to accept that conduct is the height of hubris, not to mention hypocrisy.

  3. I deplore the historical ignorance of today’s trolls.

    The correct phrase to use in relation to allegations of election fraud was stated by Tom Foley (D) Speaker of the House who said: “The seriousness of the charge mandates that we investigate this.” He explained further, “Even though there is no evidence,” he said, “the seriousness of the charge is what matters.”

    In this case, the charge is Democrats stole a Presidental election. That’s about as serious as it gets. An investigation is necessary, according to long-standing historical precedent set by Democrats. Additional background here:


  4. This is the political equivalent of asking someone, when did you stop beating your wife? Actually it’s worse, this is actually scary and as people have mentioned before, they Right hasn’t even started to fight back yet and you better hope it doesn’t get to that. Because if we all do it will make what happened this summer look like a damn picnic in the park. You poke the bear enough it will wake up and maul your ass. Stop poking leftists, you dont know what you are starting

  5. I embrace the reprobate’s hatred, and encourage them to take steps to immediately implement their plans for retribution. Take no prisoners, you trash humans.

    The media’s complicity in this attack on our voting franchise, and by extension on Democracy has red-pilled millions of heretofore milquetoast “conservatives”. Deplatforming, demonetizing and censoring mainstream conservatives that command wide, loyal audiences, to say nothing of the outrageous treatment Jack Dorsey handed the President of the United States, pushed the needle further.

    Once a few highly placed Trump supporters come under direct attack, and a few lose their jobs, the table will be set.

    I’m writing tonight from Charlottesville VA, where a couple of friends and I are spending the night before joining hundreds of thousands of pissed off real Americans in DC tomorrow. This town is jam packed with our people, and we are feeling quite invigorated.

    Tomorrow should be quite the show of strength. I hope the reprobates ignore it completely and stay the course.

    The best is yet to come.

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  7. Like the antiTrumper’s who comment here, the most noticeable feature of their words is their unhinged hatred for Trump.
    I could not live in this country if I thought that half my fellow citizen-voters were evil Nazi-like caricatures of human beings. Apparently the Dem political leaders can.

  8. Trump remains largely silent on the pandemic.

    That’s odd — usually he’s loudly telling us various lies about it.

    I guess he’s too busy pretending to have won an election.

    The states are on their own till January —Trump isn’t going to lift a finger.

  9. “I’m writing tonight from Charlottesville VA, where a couple of friends and I are spending the night before joining hundreds of thousands of pissed off real Americans in DC tomorrow.”

    I just saw on television about 25-50 people @ the MarginalMAGAMarch in DC.

    Where are the other 999,950 people?

  10. “I’m writing tonight from Charlottesville VA, where a couple of friends and I are spending the night before joining hundreds of thousands of pissed off real Americans in DC tomorrow.”

    They’re trying to get a count of how many people are at the MarginalMAGAMarch in Washington; but every time they reach 270, someone screams for a recount and they have to start over.

  11. You sound scared, Emery.
    Maybe you are worried that you got the 2020 election as wrong as you got the 2016 election & the Russian collusion hoax?
    Take a chill pill, dude. You’re going to give yourself a nervous breakdown.

  12. Wew lads!

    Just got back to the hotel.


    I don’t know how many people were here, but CNN is gonna have a hell of a time saying it was Less than 1/2 a mil.

    But the best part came as we were headed out, when a pack of filthy Emery’s snatched the hat off one of my friends wife’s head.. I had the pleasure of dragging one of them down the street by his filthy hair until it came loose from his head.

    My friends and I mopped up. We retired to a bar with a couple scratches, and had many beerz and laffs.

    This shit is just getting warmed up.

  13. Met some folks from California. They drove 2 days to get here.

    Biden’s voters couldn’t crawl 3 blocks from their crack houses to cast a vote.

    Who wins?

  14. Some have talked about getting “scalps” in political battles, but I as I get ready for a shower, in my glove, I find I actually have little clump of antifa hair with skin still attached.

    I may well it on E Bay

  15. We had planned on leaving first thing tomorrow, but the consensus is this shit is just too good to miss.

    We’ll hang around for awhile tomorrow.

  16. Hahaha! Every one is pissed because after intense debate, my bloody hair clump has been judged an authentic scalp. Square inches are not a factor; a scalp is hair with skin attached, no matter how small.


    Now, the young Turks are headed out to see what they can do to top me. I’m done for the night though. Will report tomorrow.

    (btw, it occurs to.me that I wish I could send that cunt a bill for a rad hair cut.)

  17. “I don’t know how many people were here, but CNN is gonna have a hell of a time saying it was Less than 1/2 a mil.”

    Wow — thousands flock to a million MAGA march. No wonder they think Trump won, they can’t do basic math.

    For Trumpalos its about the performance art not substance. Think of the Trump supporter as a cat. And Trump is a laser pointer. The weak/gullible mind is easily mesmerized.

  18. On our way back, we met some Georgia boys at the Waffle House. Hale fellows well met.

    One them had a cell phone video of a female Antifa cockroach (it may have been female, it’s hard to tell) sucker punching a guy in the back of his head. He turned around and knocked her tfo; it was hilarious.

    Antifa was throwing urine at people yesterday; can you imagine the depraved state of mind that takes?

    They attacked old people and folks they found walking by themselves. When they attacked my buddy’s wife, they didnt realize how many of us were together. They tried to run, but we were not going to let them take that hat.

    They don’t even reach the level of human trash; they are filthy insects.. It was good to know so many got their asses kicked.

    I’ve seen estimates between 5 and 800,000 real Americans from all over the country converged in DC to let the reprobates, and their media co-conspirators know they failed. We know what they did; we saw the cheat and we will not abide it.

    When we get home, the work starts.

  19. I know every pundit was predicting this destructive meltdown as Trump clung to power but still it’s truly astonishing to watch.

    I for one quite enjoy it. It makes it so much better.

  20. Hundreds of thousands of angry people converge to protest, and not one building was burned and there was no looting.

    That’s the difference between civilized American citizens and mentally ill, America hating, leftist vermin.

    Besides the loathing the Democrat party, the most common topic being discussed yesterday was loathing the leftist social and “news” media.

    Everyone I spoke with was in agreement we will not reward the reprobates with our viewer, or readership. It looks like Rupert Murdoch’s moonbat son has single handidly destroyed his fathers biggest achievement; Fox News is finished.

    The owners of Parler, Gab, Rumble, Bitchute, One America News and Newsmax are about to become very wealthy people. 73 million new, loyal customers is every entrepreneur’s dream.

    Hopefully, they will use their wealth and power to help us destroy the Democrat party and their degenerate members.

  21. Play stupid games — Win stupid prizes 🤡

    Biden will be sworn in on January 20th and the only question is how much more Trump is willing to demonstrate the qualities that led to his defeat.

  22. Emery seems to believe that the electoral college has voted and had its vote certified, lol.
    His fundamental misunderstanding of how elections work is what made him claim, before election day, 2016, that Hillary would win in a landslide! A LANDSLIDE!

  23. I know that it’s amusing that Trump is going to lose by the same margin — 306 votes in the EC that he won by in 2016, but in reality it’s **extremely** distressing that Biden had to win by 5 million votes just to get the same number of EC votes that Trump got when he lost by 3 million votes.

  24. More incomprehensible blather from Emery.
    I suppose if you are a member of the nutso club they give you a decoder ring.
    Emery forgets that he predicted and electoral college landslide for Hillary back in 2016.
    I haven’t.
    Poor fellow just can’t keep his mouth shut.
    I have no frikkin’ idea who will be sworn in as president of the US in January of 2021. Emery thinks that he does know what the future holds.

  25. You can almost feel sorry for the Old Sniffer. He has no clue of the massive fraud thats going down. The Dems have him just doped enough to put enough sentences together to tell the blacks what to do. And he’s up there thinking;

    “I did it. I beat George! I, I finally won the Senate…but why is Lonnie Anderson on the stage, and how did she get so tan in October? C’mon maaan, let’s arm rassle.”

  26. Fifteen red states with a population under 35 million have 30 Senators and California (a blue state) with a population of 39.5 million has 2 Senators.

    Wyoming with a population of 579,000 has the same amount of political power in the Senate as California with a population of 30.5 million: each Wyoming voter has as much representation in the Senate as 122 Californians. *

    *When the Constitution was approved, no state has more 10 times the population of any other (certainly not 122 times the population). The idea the smaller states should have equal power to the larger states in the Senate made sense. Today, it is a blight on our Democracy to give the citizens of several states 100 + times more representation in the Senate than the citizens of California. The US Senate is an affirmative-action program for white, rural, Christian conservatives, who have an increasingly powerful veto over America.

  27. has as much representation in the Senate as 122 Californians.

    By design. Or should California, with its regional priorities and values, dictate daily life for Iowa?

    When the Constitution was approved, no state has more 10 times the population of any other (certainly not 122 times the population). The idea the smaller states should have equal power to the larger states in the Senate made sense.

    @Emery: What’s the magic ratio where we invoke the “tyranny of the majority”? Legislation originates in the House of Reps, which is based on representation by population. Senate representation was designed as a check, along with the three-fifths compromise, against the most populous states (states permitting slavery at the time) ramming legislation through.

  28. 👆When both political parties are affected enough (negatively) by the EC I suspect they’ll be some changes proposed.

  29. Ah, that ratio goes down a LOT when you exclude residents here illegally, aided and abetted by Sacramento. Just sayin’. People who do as much damage to the country as California liberals ought not be rewarded with lots of Senators to go with the representatives they’ve stolen from the rest of the country by using censii of illegals.

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