Welcome To The Handbasket. Capacity: Everyone.

When Conservatives warned the trans-gender fashion craze would result in Boys using the Girls locker room, Liberals assured us that was tin-foil hat crazy talk, would never happen, we only said it because we were such hateful bigots.

New case: N.H. v. Anoka-Hennepin School District No. 11, No. A19-1944 (Minn. App. 9/28/20).  A Boy who remains anatomically a Boy, but who identifies as Girl, must be allowed to use the Girls locker room.  Preventing him from doing so is discrimination.

The words “Hell” and “Handbasket” keep coming to mind.

Joe Doakes

There’s an old saying, attributed to Gandhi, about swimming against the current: “First they ignore you. Then they mock you. Then they attack you. Then you win”.

If he were alive, conservative, and dealing with the modern left today, it might read more like “First they pretend you don’t exist. Then they say you’re paranoid. Then they take power. Then you go underground or go to jail”.

17 thoughts on “Welcome To The Handbasket. Capacity: Everyone.

  1. The thing that bothers me most about this is not what people who actually have gender dysphoria will do. What bothers me most is the question of what people who are, or should be, on Megan’s List do with these permissions. Or, for that matter, how many high school locker rooms would become informal trysting rooms if you can’t just tell a boy to get out?

    Right now, I am very thankful that my kids are in sports where they do not need to shower in a communal locker room.

  2. BB – I had similar conversations back when this was the hysteria of the day. It isn’t the occasional, actual, transgender that is the problem for most people. It’s the sickos that can now be sickos without breaking the law.

    Plus, are we seeing that “slippery slope” that was warned about back then yet? The one where if this is normalized, next thing normalized is pedophilia? Nothing to see there at all, move along.

  3. I think that I posted this incident before, but when the whole bathroom thing came up when Obama’s goons implemented it, I had a pretty heated discussion with a woman defending the action. I asked her if she would feel the same way if her pubescent daughter was exposed to a guy that said he was a girl. Silence. Then, I dropped the mic by asking her if she would shower in a school locker room with one. Again, silence, but the stunned version. With all of the issues that girls go through in school, I can’t believe that any woman would want to add that traumatic experience to the pile.

  4. Not to minimize the concerns in the post or the comments, but for many years now kids have not been taking showers. Heck, they won’t even get naked in front of other kids anymore. Don’t believe me? look at the difference in behavior between the youngin’s and old folks in a locker room at a health club.

    There’s little point in building showers in schools anymore.

  5. JDM – I grew up in an era of stainless steel poles with about 6 showerheads per pole. I think those are probably outlawed now – too many hurt feelings reports filed.

  6. JDM: I shudder to think of the smell from wrestlers and football players these days. That noted, even changing for a sport, which one does for just about everything but especially for wrestling, swimming, volleyball, gymnastics, and football, can be problematic. You must get naked to put on the equipment for these sports.

  7. You must get naked to put on the equipment for these sports.

    What’s wrong with the stands and corridors? You transphobic racissss prude!

  8. smh, I remember those poles. The spray was like needles.

    I didn’t want to jack the thread, but I just thought it worth mentioning that bi- or even multi-gender showering may not be as big a problem as it is thought to be.

    That said, however, men who claim to to be women to use the women’s bathroom right after a girl has gone there *is* a real problem. Boy, those Obama years sure were something, eh?

  9. shaking;
    Those poles are still in use in the Bloomington schools as have been since I went through them and they are still being used. My brother in law is a swim coach and he makes all of his swimmers take thorough soap showers before they go to the pool. He has one of his assistants in each locker room to enforce it. Actually, that has been a state health department mandate since 1968.

    I also don’t agree on the frequency of co-ed showers at the junior high and high school levels. Both genders are pretty insecure being naked in front of the opposite sex. I also doubt that it even happens that often in college dorms.

  10. There’s an old saying, attributed to Gandhi, about swimming against the current: “First they ignore you. Then they mock you. Then they attack you. Then you win”.

    I had to look it up. Apparently there is no record of Gandhi ever uttering these words.

  11. What’s wrong with the stands and corridors? You transphobic racissss prude!

    :^) Same thing, I guess, as my thoughts about skin-tight uniforms for cross country and track. There is only so much of my body that I am willing to let strangers see. And really, that’s precisely the problem with opening locker rooms to the transgender (and those who will pretend to be transgender).

  12. “Boy, those Obama years sure were something, eh?”
    Wait until we see a really ugly shooting war, with female soldiers being excused from combat but with feminists still demanding that females make up half the combat officers.

  13. Sooner or later our Hillaries and Stephanopoulis’s are going to figure out that religion is not a bad thing — once you get rid of the Protestants. They wouldn’t mind a modern version of the 15th century Catholic church, with it’s acceptance of corruption, it’s leadership by people firmly tied to earthly status and power, and especially its sale of indulgences.
    After all, now all they can do is kill you. If they revived the late Medieval Catholic Church, they could damn you for all eternity.

  14. Maximum, it strikes me that my objection to opening bathrooms to the transgender is also precisely why you don’t want to sex-integrate the armed forces. Well said. Agreed as well that the Clintons are all for religion, as long as they’re the ones defining and operating (and ignoring in their own lives) the religio. It was great to be carrying that great big Bible from Easter service (at a church where few people carry Bibles, FWIW), not so great when people reminded them of Exodus 20:14 because of what Bill had done after that church service.

  15. No one can say parents do not know what manner of insane asylum they’re sending their kids to every day. Since there is no protest, organized or organic, the degenerates are within their rights to conclude the parents are on-board.

  16. I can see a time, not far off, when boys are given estrogen to keep them compliant in public schools. They are already being given pharmaceuticals for that purpose. By messing with their puberty, they accomplish 2 goals at once.

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