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  1. I’m surprised that the morbidly obese blob Mikey Moore, hasn’t gotten the virus. Of course, he bunkers into his palatial estate, with 10 foot tall walls around it. Mustn’t risk an unwashed peasant getting in. I’m sure that he can do that, “because a black woman is stocking store shelves”, eh Joe Biden?

  2. Or perhaps you’ll find the internet said “don’t believe everything that King George III read.”

  3. Actually, Jabba the Huckster isn’t that far off in his thinking. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Trump has faked the diagnosis, but if he did it would be for the lulz, because he enjoys owning the libs.

    If you look at the footage of his triumphant return, you can almost detect a smirk being stifled as he turned to salute.

  4. PS, I am sure it was a smirk, and it would be there regardless, because it not hard to get into the lib’s heads, what with all that empty real estate.

  5. Some dhimmicrap wants to launch an investigation into Walter Reed.

    And remember MoDo? (no, I didn’t either) She says PDT “ruined Walter Reed. Is the nothing he can’t ruin (MoDo who?)

    And I don’t know if you guys surf the net much, but a fat sow named Jen Rubin absolutely lost her shite two days ago on twitter, its worth looking up, if the tweets haven’t been taken down. It was pure hysterical lunacy. And she is the bint who used to call herself the Wapo conservative blogger. Lulz.

  6. The best story I heard about Moore, from a guy who claims to have been a high school classmate of Moore, was that Moore was pissed off that all the cute girls wanted to go out with the football players (apparently Moore was a fat slob in HS), so he started a petition to defund the HS football team and give the money saved to starving kids in Africa.
    Don’t know if it is true or not, but I love it because it is so “Moorish.” Come out against something you hate to begin to begin with (HS football), claim the moral high ground (use the money to feed starving African children), AND GIVE YOURSELF THE OPPORTUNITY TO APPROACH THE OTHERWISE UNAPROACHABLE CHEERLEADERS AND SHOW THEM THAT YOU ARE MORALLY SUPERIOR TO THEM!
    My hat is off to you, sir. Well played.
    If true.
    FYI, I will put my hardscrabble, blue collar, po’ white boy upbringing up against Moore’s any day of the week. It is not even close.

  7. Regarding the alleged story about Moore in high school, perhaps he could have saved a bunch of starving kids in Africa by cutting the amount he spent at McDonald’s and such? And I’m sure that if the football team were cut, all the girls would go for the fat kids. That’s what I saw in high school, where our football team was pretty bad. (/sarc off)

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