It’s All About The Race

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Hi, I’m from the CDC and I’m here to ask you to take a free Covid test. If we detect Covid antibodies, you will be forced to skip the next two weeks of work, banned from restaurants and stores, your kids’ school be closed, and everyone you know will be under the same quarantine. Would you like to take the test?
No, get the hell away from me.
It’s because I identify as Black, isn’t it? Hater.

Joe Doakes

Why, it’s almost as if those expeditions were testing for social compliance more than Covid.

20 thoughts on “It’s All About The Race

  1. The Strib article is awful. It should be used in journalism schools as an example how NOT to write a news story.
    It’s focus is the interaction between people in outstate MN and CDC & MN health surveyors, and the author interviews not one of the people with direct knowledge of the incidents of supposed racism. Not one.
    Who is the author of this garbage?
    Jeremy Olson is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter covering health care for the Star Tribune. Trained in investigative and computer-assisted reporting, Olson has covered politics, social services, and family issues.
    Jeremy Olson & his editors should be fired.

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  3. As of today, even using the phony numbers (rounded to the nearest whole number,) the Covid virus has killed ZERO percent of Americans and most of those were old sick people who were going to die soon, anyway.

    It is not a public health crisis, it is a political hoax.

  4. Ourworldindata today tells us that your chance of dying of covid, today, in the US is 21 times your chance of dying of covid in Sweden (which had no lockdown).

  5. What really should have set the bullshit alarm in Olson’s mind is writing this ‘graph: “We found that our white teams had a very different experience, a much more positive experience, but I think from our perspective it’s ridiculous for us to contemplate that,” [assistant state health commissioner Dan Huff] said. “We choose who is doing this survey on their professional qualifications.”
    Huff’s position, BTW, is political. His background is not medical, it is in “public health.”
    The line Huff is pushing is that sending people into a small Minnesota town, in unmarked cars with out of state plates, and having these people go door to door asking strangers to answer health questions and volunteer for an invasive test, only met with resistance when the people were noticeably Hispanic or Black.

  6. Some parents of school children in Wisconsin are catching on that Covid is a hoax with devastating long-term consequences.

    One student tested positive for Covid in the school. He must be quarantined. Every student “in contact” with him also must be quarantined. In that school, Administration interprets “in contact with” to mean the three kids who sit in front of him in class, the two beside him, and the three behind him. All out for 14 days.

    But high school students don’t necessarily have the same kids in every class – one “positive” kid can take out eight students from English class, eight more from Math, eight more from Science. And if you’re quarantined, you’re not only out of class, you’re out of sports. The entire varsity team could miss the rest of the season and playoffs.

    Parents of kids on championship teams or hoping for an athletic scholarship have pulled their kids out of school to keep them eligible to play. I talked to some of them over the weekend. They know their kids aren’t at risk of dying, only of having their futures stolen. You wouldn’t believe the anger and bitterness.

  7. JD, not to bang on lawyers, but isn’t what you described the logical conclusion of a society that can bring suit for anything without consequences – especially when “the process” is nearly as onerous as any eventual judgement?

    And it’s all multiplied by 10 for political gamesmanship and by another 10 for the ignorant fear exhibited by the “dumbest, weakest, whiniest people in our society”.

  8. I don’t understand the shock. It’s not that hard to imagine some parents would intentionally insist their sick kids go to school. Some people are willing to do the right thing only insofar as it’s not an inconvenience to them.

  9. But that’s the whole point, E. The kids aren’t sick.

    Testing positive is not the same as being admitted to the ICU. And sitting next to a kid who tested positive is nothing at all.

    For this, you’d have kids give up their chance at a college athletic scholarship?

  10. Door knock: “Hi we’re here from the government to assess your families health.”

    Me: “I need to get more and bigger dogs!”

  11. “For this, you’d have kids give up their chance at a college athletic scholarship?”

    Check your privilege, Mr. White bread, country club.

    Black kids have near 24% failure to graduate rate. The ones that do manage to graduate have a grade 7 grasp of reading/writing and a grade 5 grasp of math.

    And that was when the were (supposidly) going to school every day.

    These kids being kept at home will not be able to properly tag their gang territory, read the box of ammo to ensure they’re stealing the right caliber, or weigh out grams of crack. The vibrancy is bound to escalate. Will the newspapers have a daily body count update?

    All because a bunch of leftist monsters need a crisis to get their Alzheimer’s patient elected into office.

    How much more evidence does anyone need to realize the Democrat party considers racial minorities as just so much fodder to use and discard like trash?

  12. I find it very funny that no Democrat party apparatchiks have caught the virus and even funnier that homeless people all over the country that aren’t wearing masks or social distancing, aren’t dropping dead by the hundreds. Last week, there was a media lie about “three reporters on the White House beat, tested positive for the virus”, yet we have heard nothing since. Who are these super spreaders? We need their names! We need to know everything, because, you know, that whole thing about the public having the right to know something. That is, unless it’s some crime committed by Democrat minions. Then, no one needs to know.

  13. This is the headline to the Strib article Joe Doakes links to:
    COVID-19 surveys halted in Minnesota amid racism, intimidation.
    The article is 991 words. The Pulitzer-winning writer (Olson) never interviews any of the people who have reported racism or any of the people who were supposed to have been racists. It is all second-hand quotes from Walz political appointees, aka “hearsay.”
    It is, in other words, pure junk. Garbage. Shibai.

  14. Thanks Mr. Doakes for the hearty laugh this morning.

    BTW I know Dan Huff from when I used to go to the same church. He’s a very nice fellow. The church proudly flies a “Black Lives Matter” sign, has an active anti-racism committee, focuses on all kinds of alternative theology, and is about to close for lack of members/money. What were the odds.

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