The Answer To Infantile Politics?

More infants voting.

This comes up every couple of years. It usually founders when people remember how ghastly young people are – why “we” have raised age limits for drinking, buying tobacco and renting cars.

But determining the future of a democracy most of them don’t understand and many have been indoctrinated to hate?

Why, it’s almost like there’s a malicious plan…

2 thoughts on “The Answer To Infantile Politics?

  1. First, they fight for 23 as a designate age when kid becomes aware enough of himself to be able to get health care. Then they up the age for alcohol and tobacco consumption because precious snowflakes are too immature at an earlier age to know what they are doing. But by golly, when it comes time to decide the fate of the free world, BRING IT ON! What a bunch of opportunistic, unscrupulous, amoral, manipulative, sanctimonious and hypocritical reprobate maroons.

  2. Leftists don’t seem to be able to win by following the rules, so they change the rules? Imagine the uproar if we once again restricted voting to landowners?

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