And Then…

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

White, Jewish girl from Kansas City pretends to be Black girl from the ‘hood, for her entire career.  

She has a Ph.D.  from U-W, Madison.  Figures.

What do you bet she rode the Affirmative Action express all the way up?  “Black” woman applying to college and then to grad school – guaranteed admission.  “Black” woman doing “research” for a Ph.D – easier grading, more help, less criticism.  “Black” woman academic with excellent grades applying to be college professor – the script writes itself.

The news story compares her to Rachel Dolezal, the White woman who pretended to be Black to get a white-collar job (running a branch office of the NAACP).   True, but oddly, the story makes no mention of Elizabeth Warren, the White woman who pretended to be an American Indian so she could ride the Affirmative Action escalator into a professorship at Harvard.

That’s all fine, this woman confessed, she’s out in the open, and then . . . well, then what?  The college says they can’t comment on personnel matters, which implies she’s still working there.  She didn’t quit?  She didn’t give back the job she gained under false pretenses, the money that should have gone to another, more morally deserving person?

I see the confession . . . where’s the penance?

Joe Doakes

Penance is a form of white supremacy.

Haven’t you been paying attention, Joe?

7 thoughts on “And Then…

  1. Jessica Krug often accused others of “not being black enough”.

    According to Dr. Yomaira Figueroa, an associate, “she gaslit folks I know, was openly racist, & manipulated so many people.”

    Let’s start calling woke for what it is, a mental disease.

  2. That’s good, John. Now let’s talk about the rest of the penance.

    I postulate she got admitted into grad school with lower grades and test scores than other applicants, because she claimed Affirmative Action rights as a Black woman. That means some other person was wrongfully denied admission and had to choose a lesser school or a different career. Where’s the compensation for that victim of her fraud?

    I postulate she got hired as a college professor over other, more academically qualified applicants, because she claimed Affirmative Action rights as a Black woman. That means some other person was denied a prestigious and lucrative position. Where’s the compensation for that victim of her fraud.

    Affirmative action fraud is not a victimless crime. Who compensates the victims?

  3. She has a Ph.D. from U-W, Madison. Figures.

    Public Service Announcement:

    I lost my daughter to Madison. She went in sane, graduated with a mental disorder. My friend is now fighting a battle not to send his daughter to Madison to safeguard his daughter’s sanity. I do not care whether you think your kid can handle it, Madison will corrupt you. Absolutely, and if not irrevocably, for a long time.

  4. NW, I think this is what restorative justice warriors should focus on. Make every Krug, Dolezal, King and Warren repay everything they earned to the institutions and public (a special RJ fund maybe) as their result of their lies and malice. Strip them of all social media history. Let them re-start from scratch. Let’s see how far they get.

  5. Having watched as my college (code name “Ski U Boulder”) mysteriously bypassed highly qualified men for engineering professor positions and mysteriously selected almost all women, yes, I agree; deceit in this regard is not a victimless crime. The men bypassed missed out on their dreams; the students missed out on some excellent instructors.

    In this case, it seems that the students missed out on excellent minority instructors in favor of a JAP. ‘oy.

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