A Democracy, If We Can Keep It

The weekend before last, I spent the better part of an hour on the NARN with Walter Hudson​, a longtime friend of the show (and someone who needs to be back on the air, one way or another).  It’s one of the the better hours I’ve had on the air recently (and I’ve been proud of a lot of my recent shows).  

Which isn’t to say it was an easy subject to talk about.   

What IF this society’s differences are irreconcilable?  

Dennis Prager points out – mostly correctly, I think, that Americans are more divided today than they were in 1861 [1].   How do we know this?  Because when the South split off, they formed a government that wasn’t a whole lot different than the one in DC.

But for four decades,  “the Great Sort” has been going on.   Americans have grouped themselves socially, economically and especially politically into at least two (I think actually three of four) major blocs, that not only have very little in common with each other (which isn’t all that new), but whose “rules” have made honest conversations about those issues impossible.

Part of America thinks – and is painstakingly training a new generation to think – that America, and Western Civilization itself –  the nation and civilization that have brought more well-being and humanity to this planet than any other in history, combined – are evil and rotten to their core, and needs to be completely rebooted, by means that are, depending on who you ask, more or less revolutionary and intolerant of dissent.   It’s not just “Anti”-Fa and the other militant revolutionary groups, either; some of our biggest, most respected institutions have been dragged on board.  The New York Times has gotten full force behind not only the perversions of the “1619 Project”, but the idea that journalism itself needs to abandon its traditional role of “putting out the facts and giving the consumer the info they need to make up their own minds”, but to use their outsized bully pulpit to directly affect current events.   That part of America believes that the Constitution – the contract that joins the several states together into a federation – is outdated at best, evil at worst, and needs to be radically overwritten, with the electoral college and the deliberative Senate and gun rights eliminated, and the majority disinhibited from absolute rule.   They  pay homage to the politics of Europe or the Pacific Rim nations, Japan at best, China at worst.  

Part of America, sorry to say, believes that America’s first priority is prevailing over that first America.   President Trump tapped in to that anger, and a lot more,  four years ago, and might just do it again.  We’ll see.  

And part of America believes that America, imperfect as it (like all creations of man) has had its problems, and (say some of us) has strayed from its best political instincts over the past 100 years, but on balance has still been far and away the greatest bringer of freedom, of human dignity and the prosperity that make freedom meaningful, in all of human history, and has been the primary driver in the fact that the 21st century, so far, is the best time in history so far to be a living human being.  

These divides aren’t “new”, per se.  But Blue America’s intolerance for the rest of the country started becoming a serious problem after the 2000 election.   And the other Americas started paying it back after 2010, when the establishments of both parties teamed up to slander the Tea Party – the most egalitarian, civil mass movement in recent history – back into the shadows.    (Wanna know where Trump came from?  Shut up about Racism, Putin, Xenophobia and Misogyny – millions of good-hearted Americans saw what coloring inside the lines and playing nice got you).  

So – how do 2-3 societies that neither trust nor care for each other get along?  

The *right* answer is “recommit this nation to Federalism – the system of checks and balances and shared but countervailing powers, from the federal down to the local levels, that made a “nation” of thirteen very diverse states possible in the first place.   Of course, that first America doesn’t want to share power – the idealistic among them say “it doesn’t move America forward”, which shows the complete failure of civics education in this country over the past forty years, from a conservative perspective.   The “revolutionary” part of that first America sees federalism as a bug, not a feature – if they know anything about it at all. 

The wrong answer?  Civil war – which would not be like 1861-65, with 2-5 groups of state withdrawing into their separate camps and starting over as nations.   Although we may wish it were that simple.  “Sorted” as America is, it’d much more likely look  like Bosnia or Kosovo or Rwanda than Gettysburg and Appomattox.

The “right-ish” but likely fantasy answer?  A civil divorce, with the 2-5 Americas staging an orderly breakup, each writing their own Constitution, each forming a new nation and rebooting the idea of (at best) self-government.   That’s not going to happen – between the masses of people who mindlessly chant “we settled that in 1865, you traitor” and people in Blue America eventually realizing that Paul Krugman was full of, er, privilege and that the prospect of having to import all the food and materials that they currently get for domestic prices?   And after that, when the “red” parts of “blue” states try to get out of the inevitable vassaldom (as, indeed, parts of California are already proposing)?    Elegant and easy as it seems – I’d love to see the US281 Corridor and the rural west turn into an energy and food superpower – it’s just not happening without a fight.  See the previous paragraph. 

The middle way?   As Walter puts it in the third segment up above, it’s time for Americans who care about freedom to start making it count, where they live. 

Stop acquiescing to your schools teaching your kids crap – by pulling them out, if need be, with whatever sacrifices that entails.  

When your local business defies Governor Klink’s hamfisted diktats, show up when Keith Ellison’s goons come out with their papers and show them what “defending freedom” really looks like.  

Start taking freedom seriously – vote for candidates, ESPECIALLY locally and the state legislature, who actually care about freedom, and are chomping at the bit to start rolling back the madness at city hall and in Saint Paul.    If you don’t know who I’m talking about, then ask.   State Senate candidates like Alexander Buster Deputie – an immigrant from a war-torn country – and Diane Napper, who being from Philadelphia is about the same – are two great places to start.   

Buy a gun (yes, I know – they’re scarce.  There’s ways to get around that.  And while all my guns fell in the lake, and they terrify me anyway, I do remember a thing or two).  Learn to shoot.   Join your local gun rights group.  Show up.  Be one of those numbers that terrify society’s ninnies.  Because this is one area of the culture war the good guys are winning, these days.  On all individual liberty issues, we can’t just “win” – we need crush it.  

If you’ve got a representative who’s already made their stand for freedom – a county commission that’s declared themselves a Second Amendment sanctuary, a libertarian/conservative City Councilperson who’s made a dent in a DFL cesspool, a sheriff who’s said they’re not going to enforce Governor Klink’s latest “bring me a shrubbery!” outburst, a state legislator who’s fought the fight and has the smear pieces in the media to show for it?  Don’t just vote for them.  Call them to thank them.  And then ask them how you can help. 

 Because it’s when good people see that there are other good people – other people who want that third America, above – that we start pushing the cultural needle back out of the red. 

The alternatives?   Ongoing collapse, or that First America taking power. 

But I repeat myself. 

25 thoughts on “A Democracy, If We Can Keep It

  1. I heard Tyler Kistner on the other conservative radio station this morning. He’s running against lying, do nothing, in the pockets of Big Pharma, Angie Craig. He’s a former Marine and has a great message. In fact, Mitch, if you can get him on the show, he would be a good interview.

  2. Sorry, forgot to add that Glenn Beck has been on this all week on his radio show and will cover it again tonight on his Blaze platform.

  3. Hold on there, buddy. You say

    “Buy a gun … Learn to shoot. Join your local gun rights group. Show up. Be one of those numbers that terrify society’s ninnies. Because this is one area of the culture war the good guys are winning, these days.”

    But all your guns fell in the lake, and your terrified of them anyway? I see what you’re doing. You’re covering your ass in case any Stasi read this after the fall. But how are you gonna be one of the numbers that terrify society’s ninnies when you are too terrified of the ninnies to even stand up on your own turf?

    When was the last time YOU showed up in person to protest in favor of a thing you like, or counter-protest against a thing you don’t? You got a radio show, right? When was the last time you used it to organize your listeners to action?

    You don’t have the right to tell anyone else to show up until you do. At least that’s what I think.

  4. Great thoughts Mitch. Especially regarding the fantasy of 2 to 3 Americas. The 2 to 3 types of Americans you discuss are (in my observation) split between urban and rural as well. So, in the case of MN, which new America does it become?

    That question is my criticism of all those that think this is a solution (as you said, a fantasy). And, likely someone with no ability to think things though. My questions for someone advocating it are: What if the area you live in becomes a country you don’t want to live in? Who takes on all the debt from the current USA? The assets? How do you disengage the currencies? What time frame are you expecting all this to happen in? What happens when your plan doesn’t work out?

  5. SMH, that’s the problems for other americas. Here in Texas, we will can only benefit if we jettison blue coastal riff-raff.

  6. After the Soviet Union was dissolved, and Ukraine declared it’s independence, they formed the Commonwealth of Independent States to divide assets, weapons and debt and also hash out future commerce between them. We would not have to disengage currencies right away.

    Now it’s true that Russia soon invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea by threat of force. Ukraine helped them by unilaterally destroying the considerable nuclear force they inherited. That’s a lesson for us; don’t trust the bastards.

    If the area you live in becomes a country you don’t want to live in, there could be a exchange program set up. Property values are frozen at the time of the split, and exchanged between people moving from one country to the other. Property owners that are unable to reach a deal because of inequities of migration for instance, could be recompensed by their new country upon proof of loss.

    All this has been done, several times and could be done again. My question for someone advocating against it are” “Do you think a large scale armed conflict between several factions will be easier or less costly?” Because we already have small unit actions happening now.

  7. SMH, also, How do you disengage the currencies? Ever heard of a Euro? And to echo PS, are we dumber then the russkies that we would not be able to orchestrate a split? Let SF, LA and NYC drown in their pool of piss and vomit.

  8. JPA, that brings up another thought. Given the distribution of ideologies, it’s unlikely the new country of say, Fred, would be comprised of contiguous states as was the CSA, but they needn’t be.

    International travel agreements could be reached by which for instance, a Fred citizen of Idaho could travel through the country of Utopia to Fredian Alabama with firearms not legal for Utopians to possess, and Utopians could travel through Fred with mind altering drugs as long as the contraband was in a locked customs container which was sealed at the border. Conversely, a Utopian might be able to travel to Fred to shoot the forbidden scary black rifle on vacation, and female Fredians could travel to Utopia to murder their unborn kids if they want to.

    This stuff could be worked out.

  9. “This stuff could be worked out.”

    No, it could not. Because our country is pure and righteous and yours is wicked and evil so we must destroy you, for your own good. Sing with me, brothers . . .

    Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the State, it will trample out the vineyards where the grapes of wrath await. It has loosed the mighty lightning of its terrible swift hate, its Truth is Marching On!

  10. JPA – It’s all well and good to be in Texas, but I’m sure there’s a few in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio that would want to get out of there. If I didn’t have an aversion to hot, flat places I’d be moving back down there. Regarding the Euro, that assumes that, post split, the new countries want anything to do with each other. Regarding are we dumber than Russians – I don’t think so. But, think of trying to have a debate/discussion with a “snowflake”. Now, imagine trying to deal diplomatically with an entire nation of them. I don’t hold out hope.

    PS – I’m not a fan of large scale armed conflict/ a hot civil war. I don’t advocate for it. I’m saying that getting both/all sides to agree on anything would be impossible. You’d likely have to get 3rd party negotiator, but who would be that 3rd party? UN? Not likely with the Real USA crowd. Israel? The hater’s aren’t going to go for that. Britain? That has me laughing. Canada might be the best bet.

  11. Maybe you’re right JD. Maybe there needs to be a period of destruction, chaos and suffering before the left gets their Anarchy-Communist wings under control. That’s what it took in the former Yugoslavia.

    But I don’t believe that. After all Ukrainians hate Russians and they managed it, and who really won between Serbia and Croatia? What did either gain by trashing their countries? Plus, putting all the weakling manlet stereotypes aside, I don’t believe most moonbats have the stomach for it. Why have all of the Starbucks within 300 miles reduced to rubble when there is a peaceful way out?

  12. SMH, I don’t think our side would be debating/discussing with snowflakes. And if we had to, the armed conflict alternative would be on the table at all times, as it always is. As I’ve said, I really don’t think most of them have the stomach for that.

    Maybe I’m wrong. But I do think we are going to find out sooner or later. Just don’t see us going on together too much longer. (If the BLM/Antifa/Communist wrecking crew continues to invade suburban areas, and the cops continue to stand down, it could really get things going quick.)

  13. Another thought regarding the people that choose to move out of an area – Let’s say I lived in Portland, and when new country boundaries are announced, I decide I want to live in a free country. I put my house on the market. That “For Sale” sign means I don’t think properly/am the enemy. How long does my house survive before it is vandalized and/or destroyed? That yard sign is just a big beacon of hate, since it represents property/wealth, as well as someone exercising freedom. Or, when I’m out of town looking for a new place to move, I come home to find squatters in the house.

  14. headshaker – I once visited the National Monument at Manassas. There’s a farmhouse right in the middle of the battlefield. I remember thinking, “Who’d be dumb enough to build a house in a battlefield?” but of course, they didn’t. One army came from the South, one army came from the North, they just happened to meet at some poor bastard’s farm (the family died in the cross-fire, incidentally).

    That’ll be your house, and tens of thousands like it, destroyed as “collateral damage.” Insurance doesn’t cover it. But you still owe the bank on the promissory note.

  15. What strikes me is that if the left did get their way–in regions or nationwide–you would have a huge issue in that that region/nation would experience the consequences of mass theft from the productive without a coherent opposition to tell them why it wasn’t working out well. I would guess that pretty soon, whatever productive regions were left–independent or not–would be facing invasions from the non-productive left.

    It strikes me that the depth of character to hold a society together seems to be disappearing on the left, if it hasn’t disappeared already. Any society, from a free one like the one we’d like to the USSR.

  16. JD thinks like me. Yeah, maybe some people are gonna get screwed during a peaceful separation. But if your house gets trashed by Utopians after you move to Fred because they hate you, you will have at least left with all your stuff.

    If they overwhelm your neighborhood in a fight, you’ll lose everything. Besides, maybe you’d have to stay around the old house until it gets sold. If the Utopian government allows their scumbag citizens to attack the decent, civilized citizens of Fred during the separation, well then it might be on. It’s part of the terms.

    I guess I figure if you’re willing to put your life on the line in a fight to freedom, putting your stuff on the line is a walk in the park.

  17. Think about how nice it would be to not be upset all the time, and not to have to live in dread every 4 years. Not to have to worry about losing your job if you say the wrong thing.

    Not to have to just expect your towns and cities to be burned down every 5-10 years as the cost of living with people that hate you. Not to have mental patients making your laws and pedophiles after your kids all the time. Not to have to support, in perpetuity, 30% of the population who think you owe them a nice comfortable life. Not to have to stockpile arms.

    What’s that worth? It’s worth a lot to me.

  18. If the Utopian government allows their scumbag citizens to attack the decent, civilized citizens of Fred during the separation, well then it might be on. It’s part of the terms.

    Dude, it’s already happening. ie cops siding with the scumbags. We already are separated into Utopia and Fred – that ship had sailed. Don’t want to lose your property to appropriation or looting? – get out now when you still have a chance to recoup value.

  19. I live in Fred JPA. The little scumbag contingent here tried to start some sh*t in our capital city back in June. Really didn’t amount to much, couple little fires, but the cops thumped them quick and hard. If SHTF over here, it’s going to be the scumbags leaving, not us.

    We have room for civilized, decent people.

  20. “The Civil War, which would not be like 1861-1865…”. Which brings to mind, I wonder how many of those young “peaceful protest” people even have a clue of what was going on during that period?

  21. Don’t have fantasies that making boiler plate statements about losing your guns in a boat accident (har har!) will protect you.
    In the early days of the USSR, they used a plier to break fingers, one joint at a time, until information, or confession, was forthcoming.
    When Stalin was informed that one of his imagined enemies would not confess, Stalin asked: “How much does the State weigh?” The NKVD didn’t know what Stalin meant. He asked them explicitly about the weight of the buildings, the tanks, the guns, and the people that were the Soviet State. “Can these not crush one man?”
    You ain’t gonna get by on pluck & some imagined humanity & respect for law by the Woke.

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  23. Here is a smart take on our present predicament from James Kirkpatrick that I am 100% in agreement with.

    “Election take – I don’t think Trump will win. I don’t think it’s impossible. I think what we need to do in terms of building local communities (and yes, that means moving for some of you), local financial networks, legal defense groups, and groups outside the GOP are critical.

    I think anyone who says “if Trump wins x” or “if Biden wins y” are assuming a lot. The fact is, we don’t know. There’s a lot of chance, instability, and a wide variety of tactics will be needed. I’m going to do what I think best….

    I advise everyone to have their group of people they can fall back on now matter what, regardless of politics. Tribe up. In terms of politics, if you are proven wrong, it’s not defeat. It’s a victory if you learn from it and it serves our common end. We share one fate.”

    Stop relying on the whims of 150 million people who believe you can be a woman by putting a dress on. Stop putting the lives of your kids (or grandkids) into the hands of crazy people who hate them.

    I don’t know if there’s going to be a shooting war in the US. But if there is or not, you’re not gonna survive the coming years alone.


  24. I see what you’re doing. You’re covering your ass in case any Stasi read this after the fall.


    But how are you gonna be one of the numbers that terrify society’s ninnies when you are too terrified of the ninnies to even stand up on your own turf?

    1. By being part of an electoral majority, or at least a minority big enough to sway thing.
    2. By being part of the what used to be called in naval terms a “Force in Being” – a fleet whose existence kept a larger fleet so concerned that they couldn’t act with impunity. A deterrent.

    When was the last time YOU showed up in person to protest in favor of a thing you like, or counter-protest against a thing you don’t? You got a radio show, right? When was the last time you used it to organize your listeners to action?

    Every Gun Right Rally and Gun Owners Lobby Day, for starters. I did a lot with the Tea Party and counterprotests at the RNC. I ain’t done yet.


    You don’t have the right to tell anyone else to show up until you do. At least that’s what I think.

    I have the right to say anything I want. And I show up to everything I can, that I can get behind.

    As a (former) shooter, it’s generally accepted that it’s best not to go to places where violence is likely, legally speaking.

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