14 thoughts on “Democrat Messaging, Distilled

  1. Trump’s disregard and downplaying of the Coronavirus is painfully evident by simply looking at the numbers. Verifying Trump’s ineptitude through recorded conversations fall in that same category.

  2. The cynicism and callousness of Emery in complicit service to his murderous masters is once again on display. As our resident sycophant apologist devoted to deflecting, defending, denying, and dissembling on behalf of serial murderers (lets name them; Cuomo, deBlasio, Whitmer, Lightfoot, Walz, Malcom, Inslee, Newsom, Pelosi, Schumer, and Harris) whom he knowingly aids and abets in their crimes, Emery is quite aware that the “numbers” he bemoans are the direct consequent result of actions taken by the above named criminals that he defends with lickspittle devotion.

  3. Conservatism is more afraid of their own fever dream of what progressivism is than what it actually is, and have forgotten how to think critically.

  4. Once again Emery falls back on a non sequitur. Emery wishes to direct attention away from his murderous masters and his own willing role aiding and abetting them in their criminal activities.

  5. Trump’s Covid response is what happens when an administration treats a public health crisis like it was a public relations crisis.

  6. Well, Emery, Trump was following “the science”, even as flawed as it was and has proven to be, and the advice of the left wing’s hero, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who learned his “science” from the WHO. The WHO got their “science” from their masters, the Chinese. So, as bluntly as I can put this; POUND SAND, liar!

  7. Scientists aren’t always right.

    They just know more about their areas of expertise than anybody else especially the armchair Epidemiologists posting on SiTD.

  8. Tell me, Emery, did those epidemiologists raise a stink about Democratic governors sending COVID patients into nursing homes, refusing to sanitize the subways, and the like?

    If not, we’re deferring to their expertise….why?

  9. President Trump’s handling of Covid-19 was correct in all respects and there was nothing anyone could have done better. Emery agrees.

    He must, because if he didn’t, he would specify what actions the President should have done differently, and when, and under what authority, that would have made a difference.

    Yes, people died, some of them from this virus, some from other ailments. In a nation of 330,000,000 people, people die every day. So far, the Covid-19 virus has killed ZERO percent of Americans. It is not a public health crisis. It is a publicity stunt, by Democrats.

  10. New Woodward audio from April 13
    TRUMP: “This thing is a killer if it gets you. If you’re the wrong person, you don’t have a chance.”
    WOODWARD: “Yes, yes, exactly.”
    TRUMP: “So this rips you apart.”
    WOODWARD: “This is a scourge. And”…
    TRUMP: “It is the plague.”

    It seems odd how Trump misspells the word “plague” as “hoax” all the time.

    Good thing Woodward held onto those tapes for five months…

  11. Sorry to burst your hypocritical bubble, AGAIN, Emery, but Woodward’s release of the “tapes”, was a big nothing burger. He was trying to sell another garbage book in a very feeble attempt to stay relevant. I have another question for you and the rest of your ilk that are so convinced that masks work. If you were that concerned about the virus, why would you need someone to tell you to wear a mask? Does your mommy still cut your food up for you? Of course, as many of us have said before, your can’t get past your TDS to realize that Trump did follow the faux science that has been proven to be completely false and wrong, but like all true believers, you can’t admit it. By the way, do you realize that suicides and overdose deaths have surpassed deaths from the virus among high school students? And then there is this, from a pretty much non partisan source.


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